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Hi here’s a few of the fantasy premier league questions and answers recently which I thought I would share to  everyone as food for thought


Some very interesting analysis over the three articles – thanks. What about a Villa defender over the next two months? Apart from Spurs in gw8 the fixtures appear fairly comfortable and Vlaar is cheap at 4.4, or would you always stick to the nine teams quoted.


Personally I cant see the Villa defence performing and the next game against Everton after spurs will also be tricky. last year they had the joint least clean sheets with Reading and Wigan and conceded the most goals in the league apart from those 2 teams. They have performed better this season at times but are still one of the worst teams in my mind. Personally I think that Clyne, Davies of Hull, Wilson of Stoke, Williams of SWansea when fit, are better options under £5.0m.

Cheers and good luck


Hey, love the website! Am a big fan! Just a friendly opinion, not sure if its just me but your background color is REALLY hard on the eyes, maybe switch to a more eye friendly one?


Thanks for the comments, I’ve had a few people say that so i’ll take a look at it



Guys look at my line up, i need tips on what changes to make to ensure maximum point accumulation. :D cuz im terrible at this game

jose enrique, coleman, zabaleta
yaya toure, ozil , ramsey, paulinho
rooney, sturrigde, Lukaku


Hi the line up looks pretty good to me.  There are only 2 players I’m dubious about .  YYT maybe the top points scorer at the moment but I have to say i cant see him keeping it up.   Last season in total he scored 6 goals and got 6 assists.  So far he’s got 4 goals and 1 assist in his first 7 games.  Despite only being through 20% of his minutes he’s over 40 % of his returns last year.  Pellegrini plays a more attacking brand of football but YYT if anything is more defensively positioned and so far his returns have been bolstered by some unbelievable free kick goals.    Personally I just cant see him keeping it up but he’s still continuing to return long after I thought he would stop.  West ham away would be a good time to sell as its a tricky game.  Michu would be my straight swap.  He has great fixtures and great underlying shooting stats as well with 2 goals and am assist in his first 7 starts  a reasonable start despite difficult fixtures.

Paulino I also like and he gets into the box and shoots alt, in fact more shots in the box than any player but seems to have a conversion issue in common with the rest of the Spurs team.  however away to villa is a reasonable fixture and I may hold on slightly longer before I would transfer

Good luck


Taken your advice and went for Januzai (HBA > Januzaj), any other suggestions would be appreciated thanks.
Have 1 more FT and 4.1m


Mignolet/Kelvin Davis
Coleman, Whittaker, Shaw
Januzaj, Moses, Özil, Eriksen
Giroud, Suárez, Rooney
(Brady, Chester, Collins)


Hi probably the person I would change in your team would be Whittaker for either a Chelsea, City or Spurs defender. If you could sell Whittaker at £4.2 then Terry (who’s started every game) at £6.3m or Nastasic at £5.5m or Walker at £6.1m (I would just watch AVB doesn’t introduce Chiriches after the West Ham loss before I put Dawson in)

Otherwise everything else looks ok. good luck

I need to sell either Collins (WH) or Y-M (Newcastle) – which one?

Hi Mate, probably YM although they both seem to have lost their place but at least if Collins gets back in you have some chance of a clean sheet as i think the West Ham defence is far better than the Newcastle one and now YM could have Williamson and S Taylor ahead of him



Aguero or Negredo?



I had thought that Negredo would be the better choice given that if Pellegrini played a form of 4-4-1-1 then Negredo would lead the line and Aguero would drop deeper to collect the ball and have less and worse quality shots and therefore worse returns. However it doesn’t seem to have turned out that way. Aguero and Negredo play almost as a pair in fact Aguero had the higher average position from the Everton game. Both have started 5 games but Aguero is well ahead with 4 goals and 3 assists with a fantasy premier league point every 10.5 minutes. This is compared to Negredo who has scored 3 and got 2 assists with a fantasy premier league point every 12 minutes. Aguero is also well ahead in shots per minute, pen box touches per minute and miles ahead in creating chances for others.

I think anything could happen rotation wise so its difficult to factor that in as a swing for either player but if you can afford Aguero he would be my choice

hope that helps and good luck

That’s it hope you found that interesting

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