fantasy premier league clean sheet tips GW16


I’m continuing  our fantasy premier league clean sheet tips GW16 article.  Here we rank the clean sheet prospects for each team in GW15 by comparing each teams defence in gameweek 16 compared to the attacking rank of the opponent.  Both attack and defence ranking use a mixture of actual and underlying stats.  We also give you one of the bookies odds for clean sheets and rank them in order to give you another view.  I hope you find it interesting and useful in deciding the lineup for your team.

fantasy premier league clean sheet tips GW16

Firstly here’s the Fixtures


We go through each team by the clean sheet rank I’ve given them.  We calculated that in a very basic way.  We’ve compared the rank of the teams defence vs the rank of the opponents attack.  As I said it’s a bit basic and it doesn’t differentiate between home and away or recent circumstances.  Thats why we’ve put the clean sheet odds for GW16 of one bookie as another point of reference. We’ve also given you the rank of those odds for each of the teams.  The clean sheet odds are the amount won for £1 invested.  The odds are of Wednesday when I wrote the article.  Hope thats clear.  In ranking the bookies, if the odds are the same for 2 or more teams, I’ve followed my ranking.

FFGeek Clean sheet Ranking for GW16

  1.  Arsenal (2nd ranked defence vs A Villa 19th ranked attack)
  2.  Liverpool (4th ranked defence vs WBA 20th ranked attack)
  3. Man City (3rd ranked defence vs Swansea 17th ranked attack)
  4. Spurs (5th ranked defence vs Newcastle 18th ranked attack)
  5. Watford (6th ranked defence vs Sunderland 16th ranked attack)
  6. Man Utd (1st ranked defence vs Bournemouth 11th ranked attack)
  7. Southampton (7th ranked defence vs C Palace 9th ranked attack)
  8. Leicester (11th ranked defence vs Chelsea 12th ranked attack)
  9. Everton (12th ranked defence vs Norwich 13th ranked attack)
  10. West Ham (16th ranked defence vs Stoke 15th ranked attack)
  11. Stoke (8th ranked defence vs West Ham 7th ranked attack)
  12. WBA (10th ranked defence vs Liverpool 8th ranked attack)
  13. C Palace (9th ranked defence vs Southampton 6th ranked attack)
  14. Sunderland (19th ranked defence vs Watford 14th ranked attack)
  15. Bournemouth (17th ranked defence vs Man Utd 10th ranked attack)
  16. Chelsea (13th ranked defence vs Leicester 3rd ranked attack)
  17. A Villa (15th ranked defence vs Arsenal 2nd ranked attack)
  18. Swansea (14th ranked defence vs Man City 1st ranked attack)
  19. Newcastle (18th ranked defence vs Tottenham 4th ranked attack)
  20. Norwich (20th ranked defence vs Everton 5th ranked attack)

One Bookies odds ranked for clean sheets GW15

  1.  Liverpool  – Clean sheet odds £1.70
  2.  Man City  – Clean sheet odds £1.95
  3. Arsenal  – Clean sheet odds £2.15
  4. Tottenham  – Clean sheet odds £2.15
  5. Man Utd  – Clean sheet odds £2.62
  6. West Ham – Clean sheet odds £2.75
  7. Crystal Palace – Cleansheet odds £2.80
  8. Watford  – Clean sheet odds £2.87
  9. Chelsea  – Clean sheet odds £3.00
  10. Southampton – Clean sheet odds £3.10
  11. Stoke – Clean sheet odds £3.10
  12. Sunderland – Clean sheet odds £3.10
  13. Everton – Clean sheet odds £3.20
  14. Leicester – Clean sheet odds £3.60
  15. Bournemouth  – Clean sheet odds £3.60
  16. Norwich – Clean sheet odds £3.60
  17. A Villa – Clean sheet odds £5.50
  18. WBA – Clean sheet odds £6.00
  19. Newcastle  – Clean sheet odds £7.50
  20. Swansea – Clean sheet odds £9.00


Hope you found that useful.  Again reasonable correlation between my ranking and the bookies odds this week.  Doesn’t seem such a good weekend for clean sheets with only 2 under £2.00.  However taking 9 places to go to £3.00 seems ok.   Last week was a good weekend for clean sheets with 7 to Stoke, Man Utd, West Ham, Leicester, Watford, Bournemouth and Newcastle.  Interestingly I got 3 in my top 10 and the bookies only 1.

Looking at the outliers from the bookies odds where my rank and theirs is different by 5 ranks or over.  There are 4

The bookies are favouring Crystal Palace in their game home to Southampton more than me.  They also favour Chelsea in their away game to Leicester more than me.  I’ll take both of those on.

In reverse I favour Leicester more than the bookies.  I also favour WBA more than the bookies in their away game to Liverpool.  Both of Chelsea and Liverpool have European games and couldn’t score last week against Bournemouth and Newcastle respectively so again I’ll take that on.

Last week my ranking I gave higher chances toBournemouth and Leicester for clean sheets and comprehensively won that battle.

Just a reminder as you can see from the odds that it’s very difficult to predict clean sheets and often there are only 5 or so clean sheets out of 20 teams playing so it’s not a silver bullet.

By the way it’s worth noting that Man Utd have a number of injury issues in defence and it looks like Man City wont have Kompany which has been a real issue for them. This may see a decline in the odds over both in the next couple of days .

Good luck with your selections
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  1. My five defenders match up to the top 5 ranked teams this week (Bellerin, Moreno, Kolarov, Alderweireld, Nyom). Difficult to pick 3 from them!

  2. I need to get rid of Sturridge and Begovic
    My team is Begovic, (McCarthy)
    Wollscheid, Monreal ,Moreno, (Simpson, targett)
    Özil, De bruyne, Hazard, Mahrez(Surman)
    Vardy, Lukaku, Sturridge.
    Any suggestions?
    Was thinking maybe Kane and Courtios

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