fantasy premier league defender tips – GW13 defender and GK player rankings


Here’s our fantasy premier league defender tips article where we give our defender and GK player rankings for GW13. There’s a comprehensive table of stats and player suggestions to help you make a transfer choice

fantasy premier league defender tips – GW13 player rankings 

If the article is a little stats heavy and long winded then there is a suggested players section at the end.

You also might want to see who the top 10 FPL managers I follow are choosing or who are the bandwagons this gameweek.


I’ve firstly ordered the teams by what I think is their defensive strength based on this season’s stats. The stats after that are their:

fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures over a 6 gameweek spell. See our fixture ease article
best cheap secure gametime option and an attacking option so you can compare price.
even potentially cheaper player who needs further explanation which is below the schedule
GK price in as a comparison.
bookies odds for a clean sheet for GW13.
Expected goal information is from the excellent site See our underlying stats article for more expected goals information


 fantasy premier league defender tips


Here’s the schedule in it’s normal format with the additional xGA conceded home and away rankings. It maybe difficult to make out especially on a phone so if you’d rather have access to the original google spreadsheet click on the link

 fantasy premier league defender tips


Man United

 Jones is out again this week, as is Bailly but I cant help thinking that they are the first choice CBs if Mourinho plays a back 4.  Whether £5.4m Smalling starts in that situation remains to be seen.  Until that is resolved it’s heavy cash for security in Valencia who has terrible attacking stats or you role the dice with Smalling

The other alternative is De Gea in goal at £5.8m.  He leads the GKs in total FPL points and only Pope as a starter has a better Points per Match.


 Up until the recently the back 5 was the very expensive Moses, Cahill, Luiz, Azpilicueta and Alonso.  However Luiz has been dropped from the last 2 PL games amid speculation of a falling out.  Away to Liverpool isn’t a time to transfer in a Chelsea player but if Christensen starts in that fixture he could be an option going forward.

He’s started the 2 that Luiz has been dropped for.  It’s 2 clean sheets and very positive reviews as a result.


 If the Clyne long term injury was he sign that Gomez has long term security itself it didn’t materialise with TAA taking the spot.  We may need to switch our attention to Moreno for security although he himself has Robertson as an alternative and Moreno’s nightmare in Seville can’t have helped his situation.  Klopp has said positive things about Robertson’s attitude but he appears to be out in the cold.  If Matip returns this week it may settle the first choice of Klavan vs Lovren after Lovrens recent nightmares. Klavan is £4.3m


It’s questionable whether Everton are even worth considering but if you think there is a possibility of a cheap purchase then you’ll be disappointed that the RB soap opera continues.  Kenny seems to be in the seat at the moment and is £4.3m nd receiving positive reviews.  There’s also Holgate and Martina in the background and the question of a new manager.  One for the brave or those scratching around for cash


As i said last week, ideally you’re looking for a £4.5m defender with a team that is good at home and that’s where you plan their fixtures for.

There are 2 candidates which fit that bill albeit on limited data

Liverpool Moreno

Burnley Mee

Leicesters stats took a bit of a battering against Man City so for the moment I’ve left it at 2 teams

 Unfortunately Liverpool and Burnley are hopeless as rotation partners as they both play home and away in the near future at the same time


Here we look at finding some options for GW13 balancing defensive strength, the next fixture and fixtures ahead. A number of options this week but only at the premium end.

Man Utd – a great time to buy.  See above for more detail

 Man City – With Stones injured £5.8m Otamendi isn’t such an easy rotation for Pep.

 Spurs – Great time to buy.  Only £6.1m Vertonghen for me with the FBs such rotation magnets

 Arsenal – Away from home they haven’t been on form but they face one of the worst sides for attacking at home next in Burnley and then it’s a decent run next.  Mustafi for value or Kolasinac if you’re swimming in cash.

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league defender tips – GW13 defender and GK player rankings”

  1. Hi Geek , thanks for this article and for your amazing site!!

    Can you help me guys?

    DDG (Elliot)
    Jones Trippier Moreno (Mee Fonte)
    Moting Sterling Richarleson Salah (Caroll)
    Luk Kane Vardy
    OR 100K Team value 102.5+0.6 itb 1FT
    I want to do 3 transfers over the next 2 gw
    after this GW bring Morata instead of Luk and maybee switch Jones and Fonte to Kolasinac and Kompany, any thougths or advice?

    • Pretty nice TV. Those transfers look good. Otamendi might be a safer bet with the injury scare around Kompany. Any plans on brining Popgba into the team?

      • Thanks TT!
        I thought about Pog (I am also United fan…) but if I will bring him, its either lose Rahim and don’t have City attack covarge, or instead of Moting (was great in monday) and take chipy instead of vardy (maybe Wilson)..
        But if I do this before Pog price will be unlock I will jave to wait with the defenders raplacments (I do have 2 injuerd defenders..)
        What do you think?

        • Another option is wait with FT after Friady and then bring Morata and Alonso instead of Luk and Joned (No hit needed)..

          • I have Azpi…Agree that Chelsea fixtures look really good. I would have taken Kola this week and use 2 transfers next week , if you are definitely thinking of those 3 transfers.

    • The Stones injury means Otamendi will continue to start (at 5.9) when he returns from suspension, cheaper than Kompany and Walker, I think he’s a good defender to introduce. The midfield looks good, but I agree TT, Pogba is one I might bring in this week for Eriksen to start the dominoes falling in my master plan. Not sure I want to continue with Eriksen, Pogba, just 1 game back looked more dangerous attacking than Eriksen did.

      Up front I might the Morata shout, he too is on my list to bring in. Vardy is a short term play, he’s gone after this week for me. However, good fixtures after GW14 and Spurs. Firmino might, just might be coming back into prominence, had a good UCL, midweek.

      • Thanks Stephen , one thing Kompany is only 5.8… and if I had Eriksen I would swap to Pog, the good problem I have Salah on that price , and Salah will bring more points than Pog in the long term. So maybe Pog for Rahim but I am not shore as I have injury problems in the back

  2. HI GEEK
    I love the last sentence as a Kola owner..”swimming in cash”
    any thoughts about Trippier 5.4PPM great upcoming fixtures and was rested in UCL which could mean that is safe to play in PL.
    Asking as a potential switch for Jones.

  3. Great article thanks, really struggling to work out what to do with my defenders atm as I have both Jones and Bailly (though still somehow managed to pull off a 90 last week, won’t be so lucky this week).

    This is my current team:
    Pope, Elliot
    Azpi, Bailly, Jones, Moreno, Fernandez
    Salah, Sane, Richarlison, Gross, Loftus
    Kane, Morata, Niasse

    OR 500k (so not great) but TV 100.1 with 3.7 itb

    I’m thinking of doing Gross and Bailly to Hazard and Daniels next week. What do you think to that? Has anyone got any better suggestions? I’m also thinking Fernandez to Lowton/Tarkowski in a couple of weeks, would it be wise to double up on Burnley or maybe go Simpson instead? Thank you for the help.

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