fantasy premier league defender tips GW32 – player rankings for Defs and Gks


Here’s our fantasy premier league defender tips GW32 article where we give our defender and GK player rankings for gameweek 32. There’s a table of information and player suggestions to help you make a transfer choice.

fantasy premier league defender tips GW32 – player rankings for Defs and Gks

There’s player transfer suggestions at the end if you want to skip all the stats preamble.

Stats definitions:

I’ve firstly ordered the teams by what I think is their defensive strength based their goals, clean sheets, recent form and xG/shots conceded.

The stats after that are their:

best cheap secure gametime option and an attacking option so you can compare price.
GK price in as a comparison.
bookies odds for a clean sheet for GW32. Those players with a double gameweek have odds for both games.  The lower the better obviously.

Prices are as of Monday 25 March

Gameweek 32 Fixtures

fantasy premier league defender tips GW32

The Schedule

If you want access to copy and paste the schedule here’s the google spreadsheet link which I’ve set out differently if you want to sort different columns

The teams are ranked by defensive strength. Fixtures are not factored in.

fantasy premier league defender tips GW32

Player suggestions

I’ve focused on the double gameweek teams in the order of the lowest total clean sheet odds.  The fixtures next to the team name are the GW32 fixtures with the days they are playing on.  Rotation is the key risk in this double gameweek with a number of distracting fixtures coming up for some of the teams and/or close proximity of 2 games in the gameweek.

The focus of the comments is on a transfer for the double gameweek.

Man City (Sat Fulham A, Wed Cardiff H)

The fixtures are fantastic. However, a semi final of the FA Cup v Brighton on the following Saturday followed by a Tuesday UCL semi against Spurs makes rotation a real risk.  Injuries could be crucial with Kompany ruled out, Stones very doubtful and Otamendi also a doubt.  This could mean Pep has little choice but to play Laporte twice.  I would say that the press conference could be crucial but Peps comments are rarely helpful.  GK Ederson still looks the safest bet.

GW32 Fulham (A)
GW32 Cardiff (H)
GW33 None
GW34 Crystal Palace (A)
GW35 Spurs (H)
GW35 Man Utd (A)
GW36 Burnley (A)
GW37 Leicester (H)
GW38 Brighton (A)

Chelsea (Sun Cardiff A, Wed Brighton H)

Chelsea have a great set of fixtures for the double but with a home game to West Ham on the following Monday in the Premier League and then a Europa League quarter final after that in Prague on the Thursday that’s a decent amount of fixtures in a short space. Sarri has tended to rotate certain positions but still that schedule is not without risk.

Defensively £6.3m Azpilicueta is probably the safest option gametime wise unless you go for £5.4m GK Kepa. Both £5.9m Luiz and Rudiger could be rotated for Christensen.  Luiz has been rested in the Europa League so to me that would suggest Sarri is reluctant to play him twice in a week.   The 2 left backs have been rotated in a manner hard to predict.

GW32 Cardiff (A)
GW32 Brighton (H)
GW33 West Ham (H)
GW34 Liverpool (A)
GW35 Burnley (H)
GW36 Man Utd (A)
GW37 Watford (H)
GW38 Leicester (A)

Man Utd (Sat Watford H, Tues Wolves A)

Man Utd play Wolves on the Tuesday of GW32 and then have 7 days before they play Barca on the following Wednesday in the UCL. They have no fixture in GW33.

For that reason and the chase for a top 4 place means you would think there’s a good chance of a first team lineup in each game.  OGS though does seem to like to use the squad.  Shaw has some injury concerns and is on 9 yellow cards.  Lindelof’s wife is expected to give birth in early April which has been enough for him to miss the Euro qualifiers so you have to think he’s a doubt.  That brings the focus back to either Smalling or De Gea.

GW32 Watford (H)
GW32 Wolves (A)
GW33 None
GW34 West Ham (H)
GW35 Everton (A)
GW35 Man City (H)
GW36 Chelsea (H)
GW37 Huddersfield (A)
GW38 Cardiff (H)

Wolves (Sat Burnley A and Tues Man Utd H)

The fixtures could be better and the distraction and possible rotation in the Tuesday Man Utd game for the following Sunday FA Cup semi final v Watford is the issue with Wolves. This is especially as they have little else to play for except hope 7th brings a European place.

The above makes predicting the lineup for both games tricky.  I would think CB and captain Coady is the safest option.  The wing backs that I’ve highlighted above are probably the most risk of rotation.

GW32 Burnley (A)
GW32 Man Utd (H)
GW33 None
GW34 Southampton (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW36 Watford (A)
GW37 Fulham (H)
GW38 Liverpool (A)

Spurs (Sun Liverpool A, Wed Palace H)

Spurs need to win games given how even a top 4 place looks precarious at the moment.  No fixture in GW33 and then a UCL quarter vs Man City on the Tuesday means they should be playing 2 sets of strong teams. Unfortunately the Liverpool away fixture reduces the attraction and even the Palace home fixture is potentially tricky.  Palace at home is the first game in the new stadium and how the players react to the emotion of that remains to be seen.

The safe pick is probably the GK Lloris or the CB Vertonghen.  The fullbacks are likely to be rotated.

GW32 Liverpool (A)
GW32 Crystal Palace (H)
GW33 None
GW34 Huddersfield (H)
GW35 Man City (A)
GW35 Brighton (H)
GW36 West Ham (H)
GW37 Bournemouth (A)
GW38 Everton (H)

C Palace (Sat Huddersfield H, Wed Spurs A)

The home fixture is somewhat dented by the away fixture. However given their GW33 fixture is on the following Sunday and the fact that they are anything but safe from relegation it would be a surprise to see significant rotation.

In defence £4.4m defender playing in midfield Schlupp is the best attacking option although £5.4m Van Aanholt is also a good attacking option if a little expensive.  Tomkins is the cheapest option at £4.3m.  However, depending on what price you got Wan Bissaka at you may want to keep him although he is an injury monitor.

GW32 Huddersfield (H)
GW32 Spurs (A)
GW33 Newcastle (A)
GW34 Man City (H)
GW35 Arsenal (A)
GW36 Everton (H)
GW37 Cardiff (A)
GW38 Bournemouth (H)

Watford (Sat Man Utd A, Tues Fulham H)

The issue with Watford is that they play Fulham on the Tuesday and then have a very winnable FA Cup semi final v Wolves on the Sunday. Watford have a large squad and Gracia has shown that he isn’t afraid to make multiple changes when he thinks it’s appropriate. The Tuesday fixture v Fulham could be suscesptible to rotation. This is exacerbated by the fact that Watford are safe from any relegation issues although 7th could bring a European place.

The safest option I think is £4.6m GK Foster.  Anyone in the back 4 is asking for rotation trouble.

GW32 Man Utd (A)
GW32 Fulham (H)
GW33 None
GW34 Arsenal (H)
GW35 Huddersfield (A)
GW35 Southampton (H)
GW36 Wolves (H)
GW37 Chelsea (A)
GW38 West Ham (H)

Brighton (Sat Southampton H, Wed Chelsea A)

Brighton play Chelsea on the Wednesday and then Man City on the following Sunday in the FA Cup semi. It’s impossible to think given their league position that they can rotate the key players. However away to Chelsea lessens the attraction.

In defence £4.7m Duffy has the best attacking stats. £4.4m GK Ryan and £4.4m Def Dunk are the cheaper options

GW32 Southampton (H)
GW32 Chelsea (A)
GW33 None
GW34 Bournemouth (H)
GW34 Cardiff (H)
GW35 Wolves (A)
GW35 Spurs (A)
GW36 Newcastle (H)
GW37 Arsenal (A)
GW38 Man City (H)

Fulham (Sat Man City H, Tues Watford A)

Scott Parker won’t throw in the relegation towel until it’s mathematically impossible to stay up.  Given that they have no fixture in GW33 and no other distractions it seems a full team will be out in both matches.

The Man City game seriously diminishes their appeal but Chambers is the best defensive option playing as a CDM if you’re willing to gamble.

GW32 Man City (H)
GW32 Watford (A)
GW33 None
GW34 Everton (H)
GW35 Bournemouth (A)
GW36 Cardiff (H)
GW37 Wolves (A)
GW38 Newcastle (H)

Cardiff (Sun Chelsea H, Wed Man City A)

The fixtures really couldn’t be much worse. £3.9m Def Peltier as a funder for the remaining parts of your team is the only one I would consider although Manga has some attacking potential if you’re feeling really brave.

GW32 Chelsea (H)
GW32 Man City (A)
GW33 None
GW34 Burnley (A)
GW34 Brighton (A)
GW35 Liverpool (H)
GW36 Fulham (A)
GW37 Crystal Palace (H)
GW38 Man Utd (A)

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