fantasy premier league defender tips GW5 – player rankings for Defs and Gks


Here’s our fantasy premier league defender tips GW5 article where we give our defender and GK player rankings for gameweek 5. There’s a comprehensive table of stats and player suggestions to help you make a transfer choice.

fantasy premier league defender tips GW5 – player rankings for Defs and Gks

There’s player suggestions at the end if you want to skip all the stats preamble.  This is the 2nd of our player rankings articles.  You can see the midfielders article here.

Stats definitions:

I’ve firstly ordered the teams by what I think is their defensive strength based on primarily last season’s stats with some tweaking for transfers and this season so far.

The stats after that are their:

fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures to the end of the season. The first figure is GW5-10, the 2nd GW5-7. See our fixture ease article
best cheap secure gametime option and an attacking option so you can compare price.
GK price in as a comparison.
bookies odds for a clean sheet for GW5. The lower the better obviously.

The value risk column refers to some cheaper players with rotation risk.

xG OR, H and A. This is the xG conceded rank for the 17/18 season. The first is overall rank, the 2nd is Home and the 3rd is Away.

Gameweek 5 Fixtures

fantasy premier league defender tips GW5

The Schedule

If you want access to copy and paste the schedule here’s the google spreadsheet link


Player suggestions

Mendy, Man City – An attacking force in the defence competing with Liverpool for the best.  Go for Laporte if you can handle the rotation risk over the UCL games.  He won’t play every game but very few in City colours will

Alonso, Chelsea – Another attacking force.  Could be rested for the Europa League depending on Sarri’s attitude to it

Doherty or Bennett or Patricio, Wolves – An under rated defence who’s xG conceded is only bettered by Liverpool, Man City and Watford.

Cedric, Southampton.  Performing at a level acceptable for the price and has attacking capabilities

Wan Bissaka, Palace – the defence isn’t the same without Tomkins but a cheap price and good fixtures help the pick.

Cheap rotation pairs – Crystal Palace/Wolves and Bournemouth/C Palace both rotate well together.

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3 thoughts on “fantasy premier league defender tips GW5 – player rankings for Defs and Gks

  1. Hi dear Geek , first of all united rank is 5 and Arsenal is 6. Thanks for the great Article.

    What are your thoughts about bringing Arsenal attacking defender like Hector?
    They ranked 6 in your table, they have good fixuters 1/3, he has great attacking stats, and don’t have minutes issues.. I am considering to bring him in this week, non of the contributors has an Arsenal defender in his team.. (I think they will start to get some CS sometime)
    ps. I still don’t have Alonso, only Luiz, brave me… 🙁

    • Thanks for spotting that Yaniv

      I think the Cardiff game wasn’t particularly helpful for the case for the Arsenal defence although their xG conceded was only 0.77. They do have good fixtures and both full backs are very attacking in different ways. Monreal seems to want to hangout in the box Alonso style whereas Bellerin is more assist based. Bellerin has a more sustainable history look about him but Monreal looks very threatening so it’s a difficult choice. If it were me I would go for Monreal but it’s certainly a gamble until you see if their defence can post better numbers cheers

  2. Thanks Geek, maybe it’s arisk I am willing to take, I think it can be a nice differencial…, I still don’t know what I will do this week, have 4 players with a flag (Shaw, Tomkins, Walcott and Zaha) + Ederson rumors about missing the next GW with his coming baby isn’t helpful, we will see what to do by the next days.. I have 2 FT , and don’t want to use WC yet as the rest of the team is finr (8k OR by now)..
    PS I saw your team and you have the same problem 4 players with flag + Austin(+maybe Miki) not sure starters , so I am waiting to see about your moves and thinking this week maybe that will give me a clue what to do..

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