fantasy premier league defenders – how do they earn bonus points?


Should fantasy premier league managers be thinking about how bonus points are earned when selecting defenders or do they just come with clean sheets, goals and assists anyway?

To work this out I looked at the 3 highest scoring bonus point defenders in fantasy premier league ie Baines Cahill and Reid plus Rafael and Shawcross to compare an attacking defender vs one who relys on clean sheets


Has 2 goals and 3 assists. On each time apart from 1 he has earned some form of bonus points

Has 2 clean sheets.  Each one has earned a bonus

He’s scored 21 attacking points vs 13 bonus points


Has 2 goals and 1 assist all earned some form of bonus points

Has 2 clean sheets 1 of which earned a bonus points.

Has sored 15 attacking points vs 8 bonus points


Has scored 1 goal which earned a bonus (also got a clean sheet)

In 4 clean sheets (apart from the 1 above) 2 have earned some form of bonus points.

Has got 6 attacking points vs 7 bonus points


2 goals and 2 assists have seen some form of bonus on 3 occasions

2 clean sheets have seen no bonus points

18 attacking points vs 6 bonus points


No goals and no assists

5 clean sheets have seen some form of bonus on 2 occasions

No attacking points vs 6 bonus points

What does this mean?

Some form of bonus will flow with an attacking return pretty much each time.  However clean sheets will probably only draw some form of bonus 50% of the time.  This is just more credence for looking for attacking players.  Unfortunately previous years of attacking returns don’t necessarily mean they will flow this year and looking at the attacking stats in my game week analysis is the best way of looking for attacking stats see link below to copy and paste in to your browser

Its also worth noting that out of the 9 top bonus scorers that 6/9 are CB’s and 3 FBs.  I personally would prefer a CB as its easier to predict attacking returns from underlying stats but generally I will look to the cheapest one in the team.  However the above info assists when its a close decision or not that clear whos the best option

fantasy premier league – game week 12 – stats analysis – midfielders and defenders






5 thoughts on “fantasy premier league defenders – how do they earn bonus points?”

  1. Speaking of defenders, please suggest me ways to improve this defense –
    Wisdom(injury doubt i think), Williamson(poor form), Hughes(tough fixtures), Gorkss and Cuellar. I prefer not to invest more in them, hence no Baines, Rafael etc.
    What transfers do you suggest knowing that the teams playing at home this week also play the next week at home?

  2. Not really much options given the few funds you have allocated for the defence.

    I would get some funds by replacing 1 of the gk with Cerny then invest in a couple of 5.0 defenders.

  3. There is literally no explanation as to how these players’ bonus points are calculated. In my opinion, it is ruining the enjoyment and any skill factor involved in the game. Example: Sunderland vs Norwich and Arsenal vs Chelsea gameweek 17 2013/14. Both of these games were 0-0 draws but the HOME sides all received the bonus points for THEIR defenders.

    One would expect the away teams’ defenders to get the bonus points in a 0-0 draw unless the home team was way down the league. Have emailed them, but not holding my breath on a reply. Have heard they take ages to respond.

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