fantasy premier league DGW33 – The FFGeek team


Here’s the fantasy premier league DGW33 FFGeek team.  As ususal we’ll give you the transfers, the team selection and the captain pick

fantasy premier league DGW33 – The FFGeek team

After much cogitating the team is unbelieveably same as before.  Here’s the final lineup:


The wildcard transfers

It may look the same but many hours have been involved in tweaking it just to come back to the same point.

At the moment only Simpson doesn’t have a DGW34 double fixture.  However there are only 8 players for GW35.  Add in 2 transfers and that takes it to 10.  1 short of a full team which is a bit unfortunate.  I tried many variations to get to 11 but nothing really stood out.  I think I could have got it if there weren’t talks of Kompany suddenly being fit soon which precluded the Mangala transfer.

I tried many variations on Delaney and Simpson but nothing satisfactory.  In the end all roads led back to this team.  The main person I wanted to get in though was De Bruyne instead of Lennon but that was never going to be feasible.

I’m not wild about this team for GW33 especially with the lack of Man City presence but it looks better for DGW34.

The team lineup

With Man Utd playing Spurs Lingard was always going to be benched.  After that it was just a case of sorting the defence.  Delaney and Robles as the double gameweekers were always going to start.

Both myself and the bookies rated Palace, Leicester and Arsenal the 3 top defences so that was the start there.

The Captain

No issues here.  Lukaku is the easy choice

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50 thoughts on “fantasy premier league DGW33 – The FFGeek team”

  1. I have rated this site and your pragmatic and logical views for some time so was pleased to see I share 13 of the same players on my WC (the two different being Sakho for Simpson and Martial for Mitrovic). Nice to know someone has had the same hours of torture trying to get KDB in as I have!

  2. I am currently going with:
    Hart, Robles
    Simpson, Rojo, Gabriel, Moreno, Bellerin
    Mahrez, Sanchez, Payet, Coutinho, Lingard
    Lukaku, Aguero, Kane
    which gives me 2 double game week players in DGW33 and 12 in DGW34. I can also get 11 players in GW35 without any hits. However I am a bit worried about the gametime of Rojo (I have 0.4m in the bank and can upgrade to Darmian hoever he is not secure either). It is possible for me to get:
    Hart, Robles
    Smalling, Simpson, Gabriel, Delaney, Bellerin
    Lennon, Sanchez, Payet, Coutinho, Lingard
    Lukaku, Kane, Aguero
    This gives me 4 double game week players in DGW33 and 13 in DGW34. However I can only get 10 players in GW35 without taking a hit and I am without the most owned player, Mahrez. Which team should I choose?

    • Unless the player is extremely explosive (i.e Kane, Aguero or Alexis) I would’nt be too scared regarding ownership. Yes Mahrez can get a goal or two, but the way Leicester have been playing recently is very compact and they haven’t been scoring many goals. Go for the second team. In terms of not having a full team for GW35, everyone seems to be running into this issue unless they have a WBA player or triple Pool. I wouldn’t worry so much, just take the -4 on the chin if you feel it is worth it.

    • Iwobi more likely to grab you points, but gametime risk is an issue and as an Arsenal fan, I can see Arsene dropping him in favour of Campbell in one of the two games. Lingard under same pressure with Rooney coming back into contention. I’d opt for Iwobi myself if I had to choose.

    • Perhaps you should see if you have enough players for the following week. Iwobi would be the better choice then. Lindgard’s game time is more secure. Iwobi might be rotated with Campbell or Walcott

  3. Kinda worried about not having Spurs cover as my closest competition has full cover with little changes as they have used their WC.
    O.7 itb, TC in GW 34, no bench boost. WC active
    What do you think of Lanzini to Lennon, Alli to De Bruyne, Kane to Rashford? Cheers

  4. I can get de bruyne in but will have to sacrifice mahrez (as I got him in cheap), martial, and a slightly better defence. I will have 15 DGW players and can get 12 in for GW35. What do you think?? Go with it??

    • I would be hesitant to have 2 Palace defenders though. Simpson in place of Souare might be an option especially considering Leisceter plays Sunderland in Gameweek 33

  5. Can’t bring myself to drop ozil… Why?! Hasn’t returned for few games now.. Is it just because I’m an arsenal fan? Lol. Only around 7 games remaining I need to be more ruthless right? Know there is still tweaking to be done. Any tips would be appreciated. I’m guna sleep on it.

    • Take out Ozil for Coutinho ( he’s a better option considering the fact that he’s gonna have 2 DGWs ). It will give you good amount of cash.
      Take out Targett and bring in Gabriel.
      Take out Mignolet and bring in a cheap GK ( Darlow preferably )
      And then try to take out Rojo for Smalling ( if not then go for Darmain… Darmain is a better option as compared to Rojo )
      And then you can take out Delanay for a Liverpool defender ( Sakho or Clyne are the ones that I would suggest )

      • Liverpool are guna focus on Europa aren’t they? Would coutinho have a lot of game time?
        Cheers for ur advice!

        • Oh, yes you are right. They will focus on Europa League, that’s certain… Though they may get knocked out if BVB beats them, lol :P

          But yeah, they would focus on Europa League… Coutinho may not get much time but I think he will get enough, lol…

          • 20 mins in to the Arsenal game. I messed up haha should of kept ozil in. But then would I of played him?
            Went with this in the end

  6. One final check: Am I good to go (currently 9 gw 35 players)

    Thanks for your help geek you have been phenomenal, and good luck to all for tomorrow :)

  7. Any thoughts?

    Hennessey (Nor, Eve)
    Simson (Sun), Coleman (Wat, Cry) Bellerin
    De Bruyne, Coutinho, Barkley, Sanchez
    Aguero, Lukaku (Captain), Martial

    McCarty, Lingard, Fosu-Mensah, Targett

  8. I am thinking about Sturridge. Will he start or not? He can be a great option if he start though he may not be preferred. Benteke is injured so Origi may get some time as well and at 5.4, he would be a great option if he start all the matches. Most likely, these two will be rotating the striker position and anyone of these two can be a great differential as well.

    Other problem is this Collins. I am thinking to keep him as a differential but I am uncertain whether he will be back by DGW or not. I don’t really trust West Brom or Crystal Palace because of their tough fixtures…
    No idea with whom should I replace Collins.

    • I would replace Collins with a West Brom defender. Say what you will about form, this is a team with a DGW34, SG35 and is coached by Tony Pulis. I repeat, Tony Pulis.

      Plus, Collins might be eased in and would be unlikely to play both matches ESPECIALLY with the FA Cup replay round the corner

    • Replaced him with Ake. Thanks..
      West Brom def is definitely an option but they just don’t have suitable fixtures. Have probably toughest fixtures now…

      I would have gone with Mangala but I am afraid that he may not start plus I am not a big fan of Lingard.. Taking out Mahrez would also mean taking out a certain GW 35 player ( I have 6 players who won’t be playing in this squad in GW 35. That’s bad actually )

  9. What’s the reasoning behind picking a squad with 3 rotation risks, surely the whole point of doing this for DGW is to get all your players playing? Mitrovic, Lennon and Gabriel I’m talking about. For example, you could have Monreal and Ozil for Sanchez and Gabriel, they will definitely start all games.

    Any comments?

  10. I’m stuck between De Bruyne/Sanchez with Rojo/Bell/Mig as my pricier defenders or swapping De Bruyne for Firminio and upgrading to Darmian, Hart etc.

  11. Who would you pick in defence from mangala or a Liverpool defender? I’d like a city defender in but I’m worried about him getting benched? Are Moreno / sakho a better safer choice?


  12. Thoughts? Had to sacrifice by getting Steven Taylor in – is he quite doubtful to start in DGW34?
    And what has been the reason for the move away from Moreno?
    Nonetheless, Bench Boost next week should do me wonders (after changing Delaney to Gabriel)

    • Looks similar to mine that I have just tweaked but better! I would go with that JJ.

      Myself I’m not sure whether to go with mitrovic rather than martial as my defence is really suffering…. Any suggestions?

  13. I am currently 20 points behind the leader in my ML and he has taken 8 points hit for this week. I have activated my WC. He used it a few weeks back. I am taking Daniels in my team just to negate his effect in my friend’s team. Better to go for someone else? I plan to keep Daniels for GW 34 as well.

    Smalling Bellerin Daniels Simpson Delaney
    Sanchez Payet Coutihno Mahrez Lingard
    Aguero Martial Lukaku (C).

    2.6 ITB . Planning to change Delaney to Gabriel for GW 34. Also Martial back to Kane for GW 35. Any thoughts?

  14. After a bit of last minute fiddling. Kept Ozil and Mahrez even though Ozil is losing value. Biggest last minute decision was to get rid of Alderviereld for Sakho and although is losing price I had him at 5.9 so a massive loss (0.6M) if I need to buy him back but hoping if I need Spurs defense – Rose is cheaper and certain starter for rest of season.

    My other decision was t bring in Hart for Darlow as I haven’t a clue which City defence will play but would have to sacrifice Bellerin for Monreal.

    Still got 1.3M in the bank and have 10 DGW players and 10 for the BGW with hopefully 2 transfers to use.

    Good luck all!

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