fantasy premier league DGW34 wildcards – the final FFGeek wildcard team


Here’s a very short fantasy premier league DGW34 wildcards article with the final FFGeek wildcard team including the last couple of changes

fantasy premier league DGW34 wildcards – the final FFGeek wildcard team

Just a reminder here’s my basic stats from last week

GW33 points: 73 (average 36) Total points 1,925 Gameweek rank 205k, Overall Rank: 117k, green arrow 47k, Team Value: £101.7m

I’ve used my free hit team and activated my wildcard this week.

Here’s the final team:

fantasy premier league DGW34 wildcards

My final transfer was Valery out for Vertonghen and Boly out for Doherty.  I have £0.1m in the bank.  I did think about Trippier but rotation even with Aurier injured has spooked me.  You could say the same about Doherty but I think he will make it up over the course and with no FA Cup anymore and 7th a priority hopefully he will play.

Son stays as my captain.  I’m hoping with Alli a doubt and Kane out that he will play.  Lineup was tricky.  It was Deeney vs Alexander Arnold vs Jota and this is where I ended up.

That’s it.  Good luck to everyone.

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If you’re needing to plan your FPL transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

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16 thoughts on “fantasy premier league DGW34 wildcards – the final FFGeek wildcard team”

  1. Can’t shake the feeling Son will be rested for the CL now with Kane injured. Lucas Moura and Llorente might get the nod instead of him.

  2. Why have you left trent in when you could have another Brighton defender and get have four games for a player instead of two one of those being Chelsea? Please answer back I won’t sleep tonight not knowing lol

  3. Bob… why would you want 3 Brighton defenders away to Spurs and Wolves?.. I mean why not a Watford defender for next week? Or a United defender or Southampton? 3 Brighton is just over kill imo…

  4. Exactly, it’s not a free hit team, you need to plan for the last few weeks too. Brighton remaining fixtures are terrible.

  5. Damn, didn’t realize there was an early game this week!!! luckily I’d put in a decent WC team, but was hoping to fine tune it today! Oh well:)

  6. Well that’s just great… Son is on the bench. Hopefully Spurs are 3 up before the hour so that he doesn’t come on and the captaincy transfers to Duffy.

  7. Yep… bloody disaster. Should have just chosen the safe option of Duffy. Was regretting it last night.

  8. Well at least he pinched an assist with the last play of the game. Hat trick for Moura… bumper return for anyone who chose him!

  9. Wow those on Duffy captain and triple Brighton defence have had a shock…

    They will probably pick up a clean sheet in their second game

    • Next time Scott, I want you to make your comments before an event, not after.

      Then maybe we will see who the real moron actually is.

  10. Great input Scott…. it was even better when you came on to give it before the GW started, and not you know, sat on your high horse with the luxury of hindsight. Because that’s the kind of input we all admire.

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