fantasy premier league DGW37 wildcard tips – our imaginary wildcard

Fantasy Premier League, imaginary wildcard

Here’s our fantasy premier league DGW37 wildcard tips article where we pretend we can still use  our 2nd wildcard. It’s meant to give you player picks with more longevity than just the next gameweek.

fantasy premier league DGW37 wildcard tips – our imaginary wildcard

Some background

So I used my wildcard this week and will be using my bench boost this week.

In this article I will assume the wildcard won’t be using a bench boost as you cannot use them at the same time.

So there’s no stats in this but virtually all the players are referred to in my player ranking articles. Links below




and also my replacing Gabriel article

The team

Here’s the team. The team fits outside my meagre budget of £102.9m and is valued around £105.0m using my teams prices.

 Fantasy premier league DGW37 wildcard tips - our imaginary wildcard

Selection discussion

Firstly to try and head off gametime issues I went with as many DGW37 players as I could to give the bench a strong feel if players are rested.


Caballero is a cheap entry into the City defence with the injury concerns to John Stones blocking that route off.  Pickford is a cheap back DGW option if needed


I think there maybe some gametime risk to Alonso but such is his scoring potential I’ve decided better with than without.

Yoshida is a good cheap DGW option.  Vertonghen is the cheapest guaranteed in the Spurs defence although once they have clinched 2nd he will be rotatable.

Holgate is cheap and has a good fixture in DGW37 if neede home to Watford.  Lastly there’s Rob Holding of Arsenal who also has some gametime risk but is just fantastic value


Sanchez and De Bruyne are fairly obvious picks with their incentives for a Champions League place.  Pedro I think is more certain for gametime than Hazard who maybe rested to be fresh for the FA Cup.

Josh King holds his place due to form and fixtures despite having no DGW

Albrighton is a cheap 5th midfielder with a DGW37.


You maybe surprised to see Kane in there considering I omitted him from my player rankings article due to gametime uncertainty.  The player rankings article is based on transfer targets and I felt at that cost if you have 1 or 2 transfers available then the uncertainty made it an unviable transfer.  However in a wildcard situation when you have 15 transfers some Spurs coverage if the title chase goes differently than expected is desirable.

Jesus is an obvious choice.  Vardy is the best of the remaining DGW37 striker goptions

A short article but there’s loads of stats in the player rankings articles if you need more detail on someone

DGW37 Fixtures

fantasy premier league DGW37 player rankings defenders and GKs

 Fantasy premier league DGW37 wildcard tips - our imaginary wildcard

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