Fantasy premier league double gameweek 33 – preparing for double gameweek

Fantasy premier league gameweek 33 promises to be a defining gameweek in fantasy premier league 2012-2013.  4 teams have double game weeks and 1 other will be added after 1 April 2013

So at the moment 4 teams have confirmed double game weeks are




West Ham

Either Chelsea or Man U will have a double fixture in fantasy premier league gameweek 33.

Whoever loses the 1 April quarter final FA Cup replay will have a double game week in GW33 as the winner will play the Semi on the gameweek 33 weekend and therefore have their weekend fantasy premier league gameweek 33 fixture postponed.

In terms of teams not playing WBA and Swansea already do not have games and if Chelsea win the FA Cup game then Spurs don’t have a game and if Man Utd win then Stoke don’t have a game.

Ok with that cleared up lets look at the teams with double gameweeks


GW33 fixtures

Norwich H

Everton H

Post GW33 games look pretty good.  Arguable you would want to sell some one before Man U at home but QPR A Wigan H and Newcastle A are good fixtures

20 Apr 15:00Gameweek 34Fulham (A)
28 Apr 16:00Gameweek 35Man Utd (H)
04 May 15:00Gameweek 36QPR (A)
12 May 15:00Gameweek 37Wigan (H)
19 May 16:00Gameweek 38Newcastle (A)

In my mind 3 Arsenal players for the double gameweek is a good call

Here’s the best picks

1.  The Arsenal defence

Things may become clearer but at the moment its difficult to transfer someone in with clarity that they will be playing. Szczesny is dropped but will hereturn for GW33, definitely not out of the question.  the defence selection is a minefield.  will Sagna be back and selected.  if he is he’s the best bet in my mind.  with veramelen dropped then the CB position is a lottery as there was doubt over whether koscielny or mertesacker was the preffered partner so should vermaeln return then either could be dropped.  The LB position is also unclear with either Monreal or Gibbs having the spot come GW33.  my advice would be to leave this transfer as late as possible which is a bit of a pain given the home game to arsenal this weekend.

2.  Walcott/Cazorla

Walcott has had a drop of form in the last few games but is still my preffered midfield choice and if Utd dont play a realistic captain choice.  cazorlahas the potential to score highly but shoots far to much from outside the box for me to be effective. walcott is a must have in my mind.

3.  Giroud

Worthy of a punt and to be honest I would gamble on him rather than cazorla given the choice.  has consistently shown up in the shooting stats, just needs to get things on target more


gameweek 33 fixtures


Arsenal A

Post gameweek 33 fixtures also look ok with 3 good fixtures and 2 hard fixtures.  You’ve got 2 good fixtures before you need to sell for Liverpool A

20 Apr 15:00Gameweek 34Sunderland (A)
27 Apr 15:00Gameweek 35Fulham (H)
04 May 15:00Gameweek 36Liverpool (A)
12 May 15:00Gameweek 37West Ham (H)
19 May 16:00Gameweek 38Chelsea (A)

The key players for me are

1.  Distin

Unless you’ve got cash to burn for Baines, Distin is the value purchase at £5.3m.  There is definitely a clean sheet prospect in QPR at home and then Fulham at home in GW35 so worth doing in my mind.  Mucha at £4.3m is great value as GK although it seems that Howard will be back for GW32

2.  Fellaini

Not as consistent but still underlying stats wise my best choice from the Everton midfield.  Suspended for 2 games but will be back or GW33.  Osman and Pienaar are the other alternatives who have appeared in the stats from time to time but Fellaini is the preference for consistency of appearance to me despite some positional issues.

West Ham

GW33 fixtures are

Southampton A

Man Utd H

2 tricky fixtures which would make any defensive coverage a waste of time.  Even goals are going to be at a premium.

Here’s the post GW33 fixtures

20 Apr 15:00Gameweek 34Wigan (H)
27 Apr 12:45Gameweek 35Man City (A)
04 May 15:00Gameweek 36Newcastle (H)
12 May 15:00Gameweek 37Everton (A)
19 May 16:00Gameweek 38Reading (H)

3 good home games but too tricky away games with only 2 opportunities to sell afterwards before Man City away.  Value purchases at best are looked for.

1.  Carroll

Hes a ridiculous price at £8.2m but for me the only player i would consider.  2 goals in his last 5 starts is an ok reward but you would really need to be rolling in cash for this one.

2.  Demel

there wont be any defensive returns in my mind but if you’re short of funds and want to take a punt he’s £4.0m and has started the last 4.  he seems to be subbed after 60 as well which gives you the chance for an undeserved clean sheet if they happen to have not conceded at this point.  Jaas at GK could give you some decent save points but is expensive at £5.1 for no CS


GW33 fixtures are

Aston Villa A

Chelsea H

Not the best fixtures as Villa have been better at home but there are definitely goals there if not a clean sheet although they have kept 3 clean sheets in their last 4 (although 2 were against Stoke and Norwich)

Post GW33 the fixtures are

0 Apr 15:00Gameweek 34Arsenal (H)
27 Apr 15:00Gameweek 35Everton (A)
04 May 15:00Gameweek 36Reading (H)
12 May 15:00Gameweek 37Liverpool (H)
19 May 16:00Gameweek 38Swansea (A)

Not great fixtures and only 1 chance to sell so loading up would be a mistake for me.

Here’s my picks

1.  Berbatov

A shining light amongst the lack of alternatives.  The highest PPG player for Fulham and the only one who’s come anywhere near the underlying shooting stats during the season

2.  Reither

I don’t think there will be any clean sheet points but if you agree Reither is definitely the best choice although rather expensive at £5.0m.  He has got a goal and 2 assists in his last 3 so you do have some attacking prospects

Man Utd

GW33 fixtures assuming they lose FA Cup Semi final

Stoke City A

West Ham A

Should they win the Stoke game will move.  Too relatively tricky games.

Here’s the fixtures after gameweek 33


22 Apr 20:00Gameweek 34Aston Villa (H)
28 Apr 16:00Gameweek 35Arsenal (A)
04 May 15:00Gameweek 36Chelsea (H)
12 May 15:00Gameweek 37Swansea (H)
19 May 16:00Gameweek 38West Brom (A)

A juicy home fixture against Villa in gameweek giving 2 games to sell but after that its not straightforward.  Also if they have won the league early all sorts of rotation could be going on

Here’s my picks

1.  De Gea

the best representative of the defence although 2 away games will be difficult to obtain clean sheets from even if they are 2 of the poorer attacking sides. De Gea definitely has the most gametime security at the moment

2.  RVP/Rooney

Pick one definitely.  neither have  great underlying stats but bother maintaining returns with RVP 2 goals and 2 assists in his last start and Rooney 5 goals and 2 assists in his last 5 starts.  Personally I’m still for RVP as the most furtherest forward compared to Rooney but either give me much comfort.


Again assuming they lose to Man U they will have 2 games in gameweek 33.  These would be

Spurs H

Fulham A

Definitely games with goals although clean sheets maybe difficult to obtain

Here’s the post gameweek 33 games

21 Apr 16:00  Gameweek 34  Liverpool (A)

27 Apr 15:00  Gameweek 35  Swansea (H)

04 May 15:00  Gameweek 36  Man Utd (A)

12 May 15:00  Gameweek 37  Aston Villa (A)

19 May 16:00  Gameweek 38  Everton (H)

Not great fixtures afterwards particularly the next game

Here’s my picks

I’m not going for defenders as a gametime security comes at the high price of Ashley Cole at £6.4m and I’m a little dubious about the clean sheet prospects

1.  Mata/Hazard/Oscar/Lampard

In Matas last 6 starts he’s got 3 goals and 2 assists but his stats haven’t been that convincing but is the most consistent performer over the course of the season.  Hazard has really come to the fore in the last 3 games although thats only translated in to a goal and assist.  Oscar is a bigger rotation risk and although has promised alot from his underlying stats hasn’t delivered.  Lampard has only got 1 goal in his last 3 scored in the 4 prior to that.  He’s producing excellent underlying stats  to boot.

its difficult to pick at the moment. Gametime security, consistency and level of returns plus underlying stats gives no conclusive answer but overall I would go for Mata. 2 good games to go before that to change your mind.


Here’s my order of priority for transfers in with similar choices bracketed together

Walcott (subject to injury doubt)





De Gea


I hope that gives some food for thought.  My next article would be my potential wildcard team for gameweek 33 which is when I intend to use it.