fantasy premier league double gameweek 37 confirmed – Plus the UCL and Salah


Here’s a short article just to tell you what you probably already know anyway in that fantasy premier league double gameweek 37 has now been confirmed.  It is now shown on the FPL site.  We look at that plus a few talking points from what was a quite incredible UCL quarter final match between Liverpool and Man City as well as the Mo Salah potential injury.  

fantasy premier league double gameweek 37 confirmed – plus the UCL and Salah

Firstly as expected the remaining postponed games were all put into fantasy premier league double gameweek 37 as anticipated.  you can see my fixture ease article to see who’s ranked with the best fixtures

Here’s the fixtures from the FPL site.  Hopefully it’s easily viewable as it’s quite long, although obviously you can go to the site itself

fantasy premier league double gameweek 37

I personally find it easier to digest on my DGW/BGW fixture tracker which hopefully you’re not sick of the sight of which, at least, I anticipated DGW37 correctly

fantasy premier league double gameweek 37

What are the implications of the Liverpool Man City UCL quarter final first leg

If you some how didn’t know Liverpool won the first leg 3-0.

There were a few reasons for ignoring Man City in GW32 and GW33 wildcards.  One was probably an expectation that they would win their UCL quarter final v Liverpool.  That would mean a concentration on the UCL and heavy rotation with the league won in GW33 or GW34.  The likes of Zinchenko and Diaz would then be regular features in the team.  That and no DGW34 plus the large squad leading to massive rotation that would make them a difficult team to predict.  That’s despite a DGW37 that you can only dream of home to Huddersfield and Brighton.

Now City’s progress after their 3-0 loss to Liverpool is doubtful at best.  Assuming they win the league in GW33 or GW34 and go out of the UCL the desperate need for mass rotation is surely not there.  Doubtless he will still do so given the amount of games Sterling, De Bruyne, Otamendi and Aguero have played but he doesn’t need to go mad.

Those wildcarding in 36 or the ability to free hit in 37 may have a sense as to what team will be played and could be in a big advantage.

Those without a free hit who were using Liverpools game v Bournemouth as a virtual double in 34 will be more concerned if they go through.   Klopp will surely be more mindful of rest and rotation.  GW35 would be just before the first leg semi and rotation for any Liverpool player is surely a risk if they go through.

In addition their GW37 game v Chelsea will be just after the 2nd leg and GW36 just after the first leg.  Those trying to find a place for their triple captain chip and thinking of triple captaining Salah home to Stoke in GW36 will now be a bit more wary and maybe look for alternative options.


Salah was subbed by Klopp on 52 minutes.  Here’s what Klopp said after the game:

“About Mo, I don’t know. He came to the sidelines and said he felt, sometimes, something.

“That was enough for me to not even ask the doctor how he is, but to take him off the pitch.

“After the game I asked him and he said ‘no, it’s fine, I will be good’. But now we have to wait for the real diagnosis and not Mo’s self-diagnosis.

Salah injured longer term would free up significant funds for say the purchase of Kane.  Short term would be more of an issue.  I for example would sell him at £9.9m and have to buy him back at todays price of £10.7m subject to any future price drops.

In current form he will be a captain favourite, subject to rotation fears, in 35 and 36 away to WBA and home to Stoke respectively.  Even without double gameweeks his ability to score big, his ownership and his captain favouritism makes him a player not to sell lightly.  Personally I’d like to hear more but I guess the prognosis at the moment injury wise is positive.

Liverpools potential progression in the UCL and Liverpools fairly certain top 4 status has meant he has become more rotatable potentially.   Klopps remarks above show that taking chances with him are not going to happen and I guess that could extend to playing in games they should win without him as he could potentially be injured.  He’s played alot of games in his first season back in the PL and unlike Italy there’s no winter break.

The semi finals of the UCL, if they progress, look likely to be v Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich.  There’s no gimme fixtures there.

Hope you found that useful.

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