fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – updated schedules plus a hypothetical scenario run

So here’s our latest fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks article.  Here we update our blank schedules plus run hypothetical FA Cup results to the end of the season to see how that could play out in terms of doubles and blank weeks

 fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – updated schedules plus a hypothetical scenario run

By the way you could see my original calendar article here and the previous blanks and doubles article with this link


So if you’ve not read an article up to now it’s worth stating quickly that a double gameweek is where a team plays twice in a gameweek and a blank gameweek is where premier league fixtures have been removed.  Both result as PL games clash with FA or EFL Cup games.

Here’s what I think is the likely timetable, if previous precedent of not clashing with European matches holds up

GW25  – Double –  Everton and Man City

GW27 – Blank – Everton, Man City, Chelsea Brighton

GW31 – Blank – FA Cup quarters clashes

GW32 – Double – FA Cup postponements

GW33 – Blank – FA Cup semi clashes

GW35 – Double  – FA Cup postponements

This is what I’ve put forward as a possible use of Chips

  fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks

The up to date blank gameweek 31 and 33 schedules

So here they are with the up to date information after the 5th round draw.  The fixtures in green will definitely be on as both sides have been knocked out of the cup so no clashes.

Firstly for GW31

  fantasy premier league double gameweeks

Secondly for GW33

fantasy Premier league double gameweeks

At the moment Bournemouth, Burnley, Liverpool, Leicester and Huddersfield have fixtures in both GW31 and GW33

Hypothetical scenario

Here I’m going to make some assumptions about the FA Cup results up to the semis and see how that plays out with the doubles and blanks

The 5th round draw and results

Bristol City 🆚 Shrewsbury/Wolves
AFC Wimbledon 🆚 Millwall
Doncaster 🆚 Crystal Palace
Middlesbrough/Newport 🆚 Man City
Chelsea 🆚 Man Utd
Swansea 🆚 Barnet/Brentford
Portsmouth/QPR 🆚 Watford
Brighton/West Brom 🆚 Derby

I’ve assumed the following teams win:

Wolves, Milwall, C Palace, Man City, Chelsea (as per bookie odds), Swansea, Watford, WBA

Assumed quarter finals fixtures and results

I used a number randomiser and came up with the following quarter final draw:

Swansea v Millwall
Wolves v Watford
Chelsea v WBA
C Palace v Man City

I then assumed the winners would be and therefore the semi finalists:

Swansea, Wolves, Chelsea and Man City.

How would the blanks look in this scenario?


emier league double gameweeks

An additional fixture of Brighton v Cardiff is added.


fantasy Premier league double gameweeks

In this scenario 3 additional fixtures would be added.

The following 8 teams would now have fixtures in both GW31 and GW33.


How would double gameweeks 32 and 35 look

Firstly I am going to assume that the fixtures from GW31 will go to GW32 and GW33 will go to GW35.  That wasn’t the case last season and with the semi finalists known after GW31 the postponements could be mixed and matched for maximum TV viewing.


Original fixtures

Fulham v Man City
Brighton v Southampton
Burnley v Wolves
C Palace v Huddersfield
Leicester v Bournemouth
Man Utd v Watford
West Ham v Everton
Cardiff v Chelsea
Liverpool v Spurs
Arsenal v Newcastle

GW31 Postponements added

Everton v Chelsea
Man Utd v Man City
Spurs v Palace
Watford v Southampton
Wolves v Arsenal

The following teams would have doubles:

Everton –  West Ham A Chelsea H
Chelsea –  Cardiff A Everton A
Man Utd –  Watford H Man City H
Man City –  Fulham A Man Utd A
Spurs –  Liverpool A Palace H
Palace –  Huddersfield H Spurs A
Watford –  Man Utd A Southampton H
Southampton –  Brighton A Watford A
Wolves –  Burnley A Arsenal H
Arsenal –  Newcastle H Wolves A


Original fixtures

Arsenal v C Palace
Bournemouth V Fulham
Cardiff v Liverpool
Chelsea v Burnley
Everton v Man Utd
Huddersfield v Watford
Man City v Spurs
Newcastle v Southampton
West Ham v Leicester
Wolves v Brighton

Postponed fixtures

Chelsea v West Ham
Man City v Cardiff
Wolves v Man Utd

The following teams would have doubles:

Chelsea –  Burnley H West Ham H
West Ham –  Leicester H Chelsea A
Man City  – Spurs H Cardiff H
Wolves  – Brighton H Man Utd H
Man Utd  – Everton A Wolves A
Cardiff  – Liverpool H Man City A

So which teams would have doubles in GW32 and GW35?

Man City
Man Utd


So what does this mean?

So firstly remember the above hypothetical scenario is exactly that.  Hypothetical.  However, it does help for illustration purposes.

On the blanks front it shows that potentially GW33 at least doesn’t look that scary and that planning in advance, rather than using a chip, for GW31 and GW33 shouldn’t be that problematic.

Your team leading up to GW31  could be 3 Liverpool players plus 4 of the likes of Rashford Pogba Aubameyang etc meaning your starting 11 up to GW31 would only need 4 from the likes of Burnley and Bournemouth etc.  You would still have to carry 8 of the Burnley Bournemouth etc players in your squad of 15 up to GW31 but hopefully as 4 would be permanently on your bench it shouldn’t be too disruptive.  Your starting 11 in GW31 though would obviously be 3 Liverpool players plus 8 from the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth etc.

Secondly GW35 will be a minority double if the postponements follow the quarters and semi clashes.  That won’t necessarily happen in my view as the TV companies may want to maximise viewing schedules.

Obviously if Chelsea get to the semi finals of the FA Cup, which is a big if, another double will be needed as they have the EFL final postponement still to be fitted in somewhere so 3 postponements are needed into 2 vacancies.  If this is desired there will be no fixture date postponement announcements until after GW31

If you don’t have a wildcard you could prepare for GW31 and GW33 as I mentioned above and then free hit in GW32 for the big double.  However transitioning from 33 to 35 would be difficult as none of the teams with doubles in 35 would have fixtures in GW33.  That means you could have 4 bench players in GW33 plus 3 transfers maximum for GW35.  Not the end of the world for hopefully the benefit you got out of an early wildcard.

If GW35 is limited as it is in the illustration it does make me think that the triple captain could be of more use then the bench boost.  Otherwise it doesn’t particularly change my 2 options at the moment apart from maybe holding off the triple captain for GW25.

I hope you found this helpful.  Rob Reid has used his 2nd wildcard and I’m hoping he will be coming up with an article on his plans to deal with the blanks and doubles.  The same for Costas Chari

I don’t pretend to be any expert on the blanks and doubles so please leave your comments on anything I’ve got wrong or anything else you think is helpful.  All will be welcome.


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24 thoughts on “fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – updated schedules plus a hypothetical scenario run”

  1. I think it’s better to put the odds to qualify and not to win , for example Chelsea odds is 1.8 and United is 2.0, or am I wrong?

    • Yaniv

      It is better to do that. I didn’t see those odds in the list below. Thanks I’ll use those in future


  2. 3 from Liverpool and ‘4 from the likes of Burnley and Bournemouth etc.’… that would be a team of 7? Do you mean that?

    • What I mean is that leading up to GW31 team you could have 3 Liverpool players in the starting lineup and 4 non GW31 players such as Rashford Aubameyang and Pogba etc . So therefore leading up to GW31 you would only need a maximum 4 starters from the likes of Burnley Bournemouth etc in your starting 11 which means in the run up to GW31 it’s not too bad a sacrifice.

      Obviously to have a full starting 11 in GW31 you would need 8 players from Bournmouth Burnley etc plus the 3 Liverpool players but as 4 of those can be on your bench in the run up to GW31 it’s hopefully not too disruptive

      Does that make more sense? Sorry If I didn’t explain it properly

  3. Rob. Yes. Aguero is the premium to bring in for 25 purely for the straight swap to Auba for the three super duper fixtures starting in 26. He is the clear cut premium captain choice in 27. If the focus is on sterling/sane/kdb, getting auba in would be tough.

  4. Rob… that is exactly what I am doing. But I am also taking a -4 this week to upgrade Martial to Son. I already have Pogba and Rashford so he has to go. Luiz to Kolasinac next week.

    Harry… Geek is also including his 4 bench players to bring it up to 11.

  5. Hey mate, love your site. Just thought I’d point out the first two fixture tables for gw31 and gw33 are actually both tables for gw 31.

  6. Does the triple captain chip on a DGW counts for both matches or only one of them?
    I heard contrasting answers about this one.. thanks

  7. I think there could be a case for TC this double GW.

    I believe City will bounce back against Arsenal and if they win, I think the Pep roulette could calm down for the Wednesday night game against Everton as they need that momentum again. With this theory, say Sterling scores against Arsenal, I think his chances of playing against Everton is high. Same goes for Sane and Aguero.

    As a Sterling owner, I’m tempted to put TC on him. FH in GW 33 and BB in GW 35.

    Any thoughts on this strategy as I used my 2nd WC?

  8. Ian synott, they sound like nice transfers. I have to go Aguero as I can’t get sane unless I sell Pogba. I’ve still got Richarlison who needs to become son at some point but can’t this week obviously. What’s your strike force out of interest, must be a cheap 3rd striker ?

  9. Guys, this site is very helpful and informative but my head is spinning a bit. It’s the first time I’ve done FPL, being a TFF man myself. I’m doing ok (7500), still have all the chips, but I think all these different scenarios are going to find me out. I don’t have a clue what to do. I’ll keep reading, though. Thanks

  10. Rob… my strikers are: Aguero (back to Auba next week), Rashford and Jimenez…
    I have an exit point for Richarlison at GW29 after the Cardiff game… Options are Fraser or Jota. I will bench him for GW27 as dumping Luiz looks more pertinent that GW.

  11. Obviously if Chelsea get to the semi finals of the FA Cup, which is a big if, another double will be needed ==> when is the potential DGW for Chelsea ??

  12. With only one Liverpool player (+ Lovren) and no-one else definitely playing in GW31 I can only get a decent team if Chelsea lose (I have Hazard and Luiz) or there are a couple of shock results in my favour.
    With Hazard getting me nothing atm I think my best option is WC week 30, week 31 and BB week 32. Leaves me at risk of injuries and week 33 might be tough but it does mean I don’t lose points with a sub optimal team for several weeks. That then gives me the option of getting Aguerro for Hazard (and Ward Prowse for Ings) to get the TC this week with Aguerro, the other option would be to leave TC to week 35 (in your example Chelsea, City and United all have good double fixtures that week)

  13. I always believe the optimal way to play the chips is to bench boost during a DGW having played a wildcard the prior week. This maximises the number of players that you get points from as you can ensure your entire squad play twice.

    Doing that in the second DGW is less enticing as there will be fewer teams playing twice.

    So my thought is to WC week 30, Free hit week 31 then bench boost week 32. Another benefit to this is also not having to transfer sub optimal players in for weeks 25-30 just to prepare for week 31.

    Week 33 is tricky but there will be more fixtures than in week 31 and so getting a team out should be easier.

    Sound foolish?

    • Hi Matt thanks for thecomment. I definitely think it isn’t ideal having to put players in just due to their GW31 status. When it comes to GW31 itself 3 will be Liverpool players, 4 would be bench players who don’t have a game in 31 (at the moment) such as the likes of Pogba Aubameyang and Rashford. Those 7 will feature regularly in the lead up to GW31. That means you only need 4 starters from the Burnleys Bournemouth etc which you possibly would need to as part of a mixed value squad anyway. The other 4 will be on your bench in the lead up or be transferred in at the back end. The issue comes in the transition where you bench is not part of that group such as I have as Hojbjerg. In addition though the 5th round is before GW27. gw26 FOR ME WILL BE Aguero to Aubameyang so it’s possible more teams will be available for future transfers

      It definitely isn’t ideal though but that has to be balanced off with the main issue for the alternative you and Yaniv have outlined of the transition between 33 and 35. Here’s what I said to Yaniv about his strategy which is similar to yours. Hope that helps

      Thinking this through and using my hypothetical scenario where I assume winners of the 5th and quarters and then move them uniformly to GW32 and GW35

      In my scenario using the scenario above, 10 teams would have doubles in 32 and then 5 would have blanks in 33 so if you matched those teams you could put a decent team together for blank 33. When you transition to 35 none of those 5 teams will have a double 35 by my calculation and only 4 teams will have doubles in both 32 and 35 none of which are the 5 blankers in 33.

      Obviously you would have at least 4 bench players from 33 with a double in 35 plus 2 transfers which would give you 6 double gameweek 35 players.

      One other thing is that the gap between 31 and 32 is 2 weeks so I don’t think the postponements will be announced until after 31 so the TV companies can maximise their revenue with the best fixtures in the best place. Therefore I don’t think at 30 you will be able to pick which fixtures will be postponed to 32 and which will be postponed to 35. You wont know who the semi finalists will be so your wildcard set up to maximise 32 would involve a few assumptions.

      It depends on whether those factors outweigh having to prepare in advance a team for blank GW31 where in my view most people, including myself, will need some luck in the 5th round to get a team of 11 out due to the interruption of dgw25 and blank 27 as an interim focus.

      I hope that all makes sense. I’m not pretending to be an expert on this at all so willing to take any comments or people pointing out where I’ve gone wrong Cheers and good luck this week

  14. I agree Matt, thanks for your post. The benefit of not having to transfer in sub optimal players weeks in advance is underrated.

    You’ll also have the benefit of choosing an entire 11 in GW31 with up to date stats (if sub optimal players were transferred in early they may not be the best choice by the time GW31 comes about – form/injuries).

    • James I agree that it isn’t ideal. I put a long reply to Matt which you may find interesting cheers and good luck this week

  15. Matt & James – I also have the same plan with the chips. Thoughts on Triple Captain? Are you playing your TC this week or leaving until GW35 out of interest?

  16. I was 50/50 on making a Man City player TC this GW – mainly due to Arsenal and Everton’s leaky defences and the expansive football they play.

    I decided to TC Aguero in the end because I’m in a cup competition against an opponent in the top 11,000.

    BUT if I had Sane I would TC him over Aguero. I think he’ll get more minutes and has a higher ceiling.

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