fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – monitoring potential blanks GW31 & GW33 (updated for Sundays games)

Here’s our 2nd fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks article.  Before the 1st fourth round FA Cup tie tonight I thought I would produce a schedule so we could monitor the 2 potential blank gameweeks of GW31 and GW33.  I’ll update them as the weekend goes on.  Now updated for Sundays games.

fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – monitoring potential blanks GW31 & GW33 ( Now updated for Sundays games)


This article is all about which games are staying in GW31 and GW33 as both teams have been knocked out of the cup and postponements are not required.  Until the 5th round draw is made predicting which teams will stay in the Cup and therefore benefit from DGWs is pointless and misleading.  The 5th round draw is on Monday 28th January.

After Sunday’s games the games in GW31 and GW33 guaranteed to be on are:


Bournemouth v Newcastle

Burnley v Leicester

Fulham v Liverpool

West Ham v Huddersfield


Bournemouth v Burnley

Everton v Arsenal

Huddersfield v Leicester

Southampton v Liverpool

Teams with games in both

Bournemouth – Wilson, Fraser

Burnley – Barnes

Leicester – Vardy, Pereira

Liverpool – Alisson, Alexander Arnold (when fit) Gomez (when fit)  Salah, Mane, Firmino

Huddersfield – no one.  Maybe Lossl

A few introductory words

First of all you might find it useful to read my background article on the fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks as well as my fixture ease article where I talk about the upcoming blank GW27

However, in very short terms blank gameweeks are where fixtures are removed due to clashes with FA Cup and EFL Cup and can’t be accommodated within the same gameweek.  When they are removed from a gameweek this creates blanks.  When they are postponed to  another gameweek teams end up playing twice, hence the term double gameweek.

The caveat on everything is that we predict doubles and blanks on the basis that games can’t be located to midweeks where there are European cup games irrespective of the teams or even English team involvement in those European games.  There have been exceptions but not many.

Here’s a potential timetable:

DOUBLE GW25 – Everton v Man City means both clubs have a DGW.  Man City (Arsenal H, Everton A).  Everton (Wolves H, Man City H)

BLANK GW27 – EFL finalists postponements – Everton v Man City postponed and Chelsea v Brighton postponed.  No location for the latter game yet

BLANK GW31 – FACup quarter finalists postponements

DOUBLE GW32 – potential location for postponements

BLANK GW33 –  FACup semi finalists postponements

DOUBLE GW35 – potential location for postponements

Without going into detail initial thinking on chip strategy is:

WC = wildcard, FH is free hit and BB is bench boost.

fantasy premier league double gameweeks

I do talk about strategy in my early FFGeek team article.  Things could become alot clearer after the 4th round FA Cup games and the 5th round draw which is on Monday 28 January 7pm on the BBC.

GW31 below is important as my thinking at present is to navigate it with transfers rather than any chips.

By the way I haven’t done any work on what to do without a WC or FH.  Rob Reid has used his wildcard and I’m hoping he will provide some guidance as he navigates them with his team.

Gameweek 31

 Now updated for Sundays games

GW31 is where the quarter finals will be held and the quarter finalists fixtures postponed.

So this schedule outlines in bold the GW31 fixtures.  The intention is to show which fixtures won’t be affected by postponements. Fixtures  that are safe within that gameweek and will go ahead as both teams have been knocked out of the FA Cup are in green.

Remember GW31 conflicts with the quarter finals so we still have to navigate through the 5th round FA Cup to see which fixtures will remain. Those fixtures will be drawn on Monday 28th January at 7pm on the BBC.

The schedule shows the GW31 teams 4th round opponent and the win odds and draw odds assuming a £1 stake.  If the team was knocked out in the 3rd round it says OUT.

So for example Man City play Burnley at home in the FA Cup.  Man City are £1.06 to win and the game is £12.00 to draw. Man City play Man Utd in GW31.  Both teams would need to be knocked out either in the 4th or 5th rounds of the FA Cup for the fixture to go ahead.

Remember this is more about monitoring which games are left in GW31 to help plan for that.  We need the 5th round draw to more accurately estimate double gameweeks.

Now updated for Sunday’s games

fantasy premier league double gameweeks

Gameweek 33

 Now updated for Sunday’s games

GW33 is where the semi  finals will be held and the semi finalists fixtures postponed.

This is for the postponed semi finalists fixtures.  I did this although there’s no need to think about it particularly as for certainty there needs to be a 4th round, 5th round and quarters before it crystallises.

Here it is anyway.

 Now updated for Sunday’s game

fantasy premier league double gameweeks

I’ll update this over the weekend

 Now updated for Sunday’s games

Hope it all makes sense and is correct.  I have no special knowledge in this area I’ve just tried to join the doubts and make sense of the potential situation based on past precedents.  If I have made any errors please tell me in the comments section.  It will be gratefully received.

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22 thoughts on “fantasy premier league double gameweeks and blanks – monitoring potential blanks GW31 & GW33 (updated for Sundays games)”

  1. Hi
    GW 31: Spurs vs C.Palace – this fixture will certainly be postponed since they play each other in 4th round.

    Great article – thanks!

    • Not true as there’s also the 5th round to be played before the Palace vs Spurs game and so the winner of that fixture could be knocked out then before the quarter finals in GW31.

  2. Super articles. Relatively new to FFGeek, but clearly the best fantasy site. Have you already used your triple captain chip? If not, wouldn’t that best be used in one of the double game weeks?

    • Hi mate. Thanks for the nice comment. Ideally I would like to use the triple captain in a double gameweek. However, you can’t use the triple captain at the same time as another chip and at the moment I have a WC or FH or BB allocated to those gameweeks.

      If there is a DGW25 then I will likely use it on Hazard. If not then it becomes trickier. Hope for another DGW if 3 re needed if say Man City/Chelsea gets to the fa cup quarters, semi and EFl final or if there is some weather or other reason. My last use is probably Salah in GW36 v Huddersfield cheers

  3. Well one of either Bourn V Newcastle or Watford v Saints is a certainty for GW31. And you would have to imagine Burnley v Leicester will happen too. All a guessing game after that but I think at most there will be 2 more match ups GW31 for a total of 5 games max. Only the 5th round draw will makr the situation a little clearer unless there is a string of replays.

  4. Hi geek , have you consider my option 3? WC on gw 30 preparing the team for gw 32 the biggest dgw where you can find 15 good players with dgw (in this time of the season I can see less rotation than GW35. So WC in 30, FH in 31 where the biggest blank gw, BB for gw 32, and TC in gw 35
    Just a different thought after I remember in last year big DWG I think it was 35 where most of us used BB there were big rotations..

    • Thanks Yaniv

      When I thought about that I thought the WC would work well for DGW32 and still have a decent team for DGW35. I thought though that the transition from 32 to the blank in 33 would be too difficult.

      However once the draw for GW5 has been made I will do a simulation of what could happen to see how things fall and if that changes my opinion

      Welcome your thoughts on this though

      Cheers Yaniv and thanks for the comment

    • If Chelsea have a DGW25 I probably will triple captain Hazard. The other options is if another double is created by weather or if one team reaches the EFL final and the FA Cup quarters and semis and they need to rearrange another fixtures.

      Lastly there’s Salah home to Huddersfield in GW36

  5. Hi Yaniv, you are the manager I follow the most. I do like your option a lot. It avoids having to weaken your side planning up to the blank GW31, a free hit in GW31 guarantees 11 players centred around the favourites in a very small number of games, it sets up lots of doubles in GW32 with the biggest double week and less rotation too. A blank GW33 might be a concern with many of the GW32 players not involved. There is also an International break between wildcarding in GW30 and the double GW32 which stretches the gap even more and adds quite a lot of space for injury potential ? I do like the option though a lot !!!

  6. Thanks very much Andrew! I really appreciate your comment.. I will love to hear geek thoughts about my option

    • Hi mate no it hasn’t and it can’t be considered until the teams in the postponed fixtures avoid replays


    • Yes but the FA Still have to make a decision to bring the games forward rather than back to GW25. To me it makes sense to bring it forward as they will have to create a spot if one team gets to the EFL Final, and the FA Cup quarters and semis but they didn’t do that last year so we will see. cheers

      • With Brighton drawing in FA cup then there is no Chelsea DGW25. I wonder would there possibly be City v Everton tho, with neither of them drawing? Unlikely I would think…

  7. So City and Everton do have a DGW25… how to plan this? Hmmm… I already have Richarlison and Laporte.. so I think swapping Auba for Aguero and captaining him up is the logical move with Auba being away to City that week. No need for any other transfers in. Thoughts?

    • I think it’s a fine move (but not a must have move), I wouldn’t do another swaps, as there is not a guarentee that Kun will play both matches, as they have Chelsea 4 days later, so I think Kun will only play Arsenal, and this is tricky if to Captain him vs Arsenal if it’s his only game he plays… As for City assets, they have Arsenal (h) and Everton (a) in 25 , 26 they have Chelsea (h) and 27 blank, so if a player plays only Arsenal and Chelsea they do have very bad fixuters for 3 game weeks…

  8. Cheers for the comment Yaniv. I am thinking maybe Aguero in is not such a must do move now, was thinking it as a shield more than anything. However, with regards to Arsenal.. playing them at home is not such a bad fixture. There defence is troublesome to say the least and now they are without Sokratis so it will only be worse.

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