Fantasy premier league – the early Bandwagons and sinking ships for gameweek 8

Here’s my view on the Fantasy premier league  early GW8 bandwagons and sinking ships ie the 5 most transferred in and out players in the gameweek so far.  Remember that you transfer in early at the risk of injuries to your players over the international break.  Also players can still only go up and down by £0.3m over this break irrespective of the longer period

The Bandwagons


Scored 2 fantastic goals and was the best player on the park for United away to Sunderland and he was only £4.6m last night (now £4.7m).  The 2 goals were also backed up by great shooting stats even if he was a little trigger happy from outside the box.  Next 3 fixtures at least are pretty good

Southampton (H)
Stoke City (H)
Fulham (A)

Game time is a risk with Young, Valencia, Nani and Giggs all flank players with much more experience.  However sometimes you have to take a punt and for me the upside of a £4.7m player in a Top 4 team has upside thats worth the risk.  70k people have already taken the plunge.  One of which was me


Scored in all 3 games since joining Everton and although the stats weren’t at their usual mind boggling level they were good for the opposition.  Will continue to put them away not matter what the opposition in my mind but there are some definite good ones coming up.  A Buy for sure

Hull City (H)
Aston Villa (A)
Tottenham (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Liverpool (H)
Stoke City (H)


I thought about him before my last forwards “ones to watch ” article but didn’t put him in as he seemed to have scored on very little shots and that looked like maybe it wouldn’t continue.    However it definitely wasn’t the case against Cardiff and he had great shooting stats.  5 goals in his last 3 starts says it all.  While there’s Sunderland away in GW9, the 3 around that are Liverpool H Chelsea H and Spurs A so for that reason I’m still in the holding off.


6 goals and 2 assists in his first 7 games. A definite yes although I personally prefer Suarez.  Fixtures are reasonable as well.  A definite Buy

Newcastle (A)
West Brom (H)
Arsenal (A)
Fulham (H)
Everton (A)
Hull City (A)


Continues to rise with 2 goals and 2 assists in his first 7.  Playing in an advanced position centrally and heavily involved in the play.  The partnership with Lukaku will not only see an end product to his chances created but also help seal his place which is looking more nailed on each week.  A definite Buy

Hull City (H)
Aston Villa (A)
Tottenham (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Liverpool (H)
Stoke City (H)


The Sinking Ships


Dropped by Pardew after showing that his version of tracking back was to jog at a snails pace so he could see the opposition full back lay on the assist.  Returning to the team won’t be helped by the great result at Cardiff which he only succeeded in getting 4 minutes of game time.  A sell for me


At the moment it’s my intention to hold on for 3 more games to see if there is an upturn and transfer when United play arsenal and Everton play Palace.

The weekend was disappointing in that he had 2 chances to score including a 1 on 1.  The next 3 fixtures are good though so I’m not losing faith just yet.  has had great shooting stats , even better than last year.  The real killer is Rooney taking free kicks which has diminished his assist potential.  these he was racking up in any in any barren spells last year.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for selling especially as he will lose the full 0.3m, given the other options available at the moment but for me I’m holding on over the next 3 fixtures

Southampton (H)
Stoke City (H)
Fulham (A)


Out for 4 weeks so a definite sell unless you’ve really got a good squad and think you can hold on as he is one of the better cheapie midfielders


In retrospect it wasn’t surprising he was dropped given Defoe’s form in the Cups and his inability to put the ball in the net in open play which was definitely an overall issue for the goal  shy Spurs team.  Defoe however didn’t do much and it wouldn’t surprise me if he returned to the team for the next games away to Villa and home to Hull.  However given the other options available I probably would be selling as well


How quickly things change.  Wasn’t he in the bandwagons a couple of weeks ago.? Playing as a withdrawn striker behind RVP and getting very little shots in he is a risky buy for me.  Especially as RVP has pens.  3 goals and 2 assists in 6 games with good fixtures to come doesn’t seem a reason to panic  sell for me though.  Personally iI think there are better options  although I’m not sure I wouldn’t give him 3 more games if I owned him

Southampton (H)
Stoke City (H)
Fulham (A)

That’s it good luck to everyone with injuries over the international break.  Especially if you’re using your free transfers

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8 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – the early Bandwagons and sinking ships for gameweek 8”

  1. I had the worst possible start as well. I used the wildcard and did lot of changes in the team. I am slowly but surely creeping up now (last 3 weeks).

    • Hi Mate, probably YM although they both seem to have lost their place but at least if Collins gets back in you have some chance of a clean sheet as i think the West Ham defence is far better than the Newcastle one and now YM could have Williamson and S Taylor ahead of him


  2. Guys look at my line up, i need tips on what changes to make to ensure maximum point accumulation. :D cuz im terrible at this game

    jose enrique, coleman, zabaleta
    yaya toure, ozil , ramsey, paulinho
    rooney, sturrigde, Lukaku

    • Hi Farouk, you havent put your subs up but I have to say i cant see that much wrong with your line up.

      There are only 2 players I’m dubious about . YYT maybe the top points scorer at the moment but I have to say i cant see him keeping it up. Last season in total he scored 6 goals and got 6 assists. So far he’s got 4 goals and 1 assist in his first 7 games. Despite only being through 20% of his minutes he’s over 40 % of his returns last year. Pellegrini plays a more attacking brand of football but YYT if anything is more defensively positioned and so far his returns have been bolstered by some unbelievable free kick goals. Personally I just cant see him keeping it up but he’s still continuing to return long after I thought he would stop. West ham away would be a good time to sell as its a tricky game. Michu would be my straight swap. He has great fixtures and great underlying shooting stats as well with 2 goals and am assist in his first 7 starts a reasonable start despite difficult fixtures.

      good luck

      Paulino I also like and he gets into the box and shoots alt, in fact more shots in the box than any player but seems to have a conversion issue in common with the rest of the Spurs team. however away to villa is a reasonable fixture and I may hold on slightly longer before I would transfer

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