fantasy premier league – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team GW6


Here’s our fantasy premier league article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW6. We look back at gameweek 5,  transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking

fantasy premier league – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team GW6

I think this could be the shortest article I’ve ever written as I have no desire to dwell on the last gameweek

Gameweek 5 

Here’s my GW5 team selection article btw

GW5 points: 49 (average 47) Total points 333, Gameweek rank 2,251k, Overall Rank: 109k, red arrow 69k, Team Value: £101.3m

I can think of very few gameweeks I’ve enjoyed less.  What possessed me to put Alonso in instead of Hazard I’ll never know.  That’s it, I don’t want to even think about the gameweek now

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league

Transfer options

The Aguero and Mendy potential injuries will dictate what happens this week.  That plus the other problems I could do anything from wildcard to no transfer

Captain options

I’ll probably captain Salah.  I won’t be putting a poll up to Thursday due to getting information from the Champions League so the poll is as based on  up to date information

Lineup before transfers

fantasy premier league

That’s it.  Sorry about the brevity but I’d rather just forget about the gameweek

Also see our underlying stats article and fixture ease article

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fantasy premier league 

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17 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team GW6”

  1. Geek, unlucky… how can you say why you didnt get hazard you would have to sac mane or salah who still posted great stats whilst blanking. Consider yourself unlucky!

    • If Alonso got 20 points he would have needed a goal, a clean sheet, 2 assists and 2 bonus points so what I said above would pale in comparison to that scenario!

      Cheers and good luck this week.

  2. Sounds like you are hurting just as much as me after a shocking gameweek . I wildcarded and very happy with my team on Saturday morning only for my big players to let me down. This week was all about hazard and whether you had him or not. Disappointing it’s upset you so much that you can’t do your full summary of the week because this is one of my favourite articles of the week on the geek site…just shows there is always a kick in the teeth around the corner just when we are all purring about the week before

    • Sorry mate. It’s one of my favourites to write as well normally. I wasn’t in the greatest frame of mind this morning (I do know it’s a game btw for anyone reading) so not sure it would have been worthwhile reading anyway. Cheers and good luck this week

  3. Tits McGee here.

    Bet you and that Sadler fellow are cursing the day you didn’t take Tits McGee’s advice on Hazard now eh.

  4. “This week was all about hazard and whether you had him or not.”

    Perhaps for most but not for all.

    78 No Hazzard, Captained Aguero, All Chips unused

    • Hi Greg

      Are you quoting me? I didn’t say that in the article.

      there were some other players such as Fraser, Arnautovic, Silva, Doherty and King who scored well who managers could have had that would have negated it

      cheers and good luck this week

  5. I took a 4 point hit to get Wilson & Alonso in. The only way to get Hazard in for me would of been to sell Mane/Salah and at the time that wasn’t an option for me, yes in hindsight would of been awesome if had dropped Salah as I don’t think he’s in the right frame of mind atm (not great against PSG) but that’s football, all the stats didn’t really back up getting Hazard in regardless and the way Alonso has been playing wouldn’t of surprised me to see Alonso score a hat trick lol chin up we go again

  6. I played my wildcard and transferred Salah for Hazard, amongst others. Was happy it worked out but will be tracking Salah as I think he’ll find form soon

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