fantasy premier league – early GW21 transfers made

In the end I resisted the early fantasy premier league January wildcard and just made 2 transfers for GW21.

fantasy premier league – early GW21 transfers made

I transferred out Ivanovic for Coleman (no I didn’t own him I bought Jagielka instead???).  I transferred out Flanagan and bought James Chester to fund it.  In the end I wanted to leave it as the fixtures didn’t look that bad and I’ve got at least 7 players I’m happy with after the 2 transfers .  I also would like the opportunity to put in Aguero and Ramsey potentially if they are fit at the end of the month.  Early transfer is definitely a risk with the FA Cup and 9 days until the next gameweek.  Unfortunately Coleman was going up in price so I had to strike tonight.

Here’s the full team in draft for the gameweek



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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – early GW21 transfers made”

  1. Great website! My team is
    Coleman, Mertesacker, Fonte, Chester
    Hazard, Walcott, Silva, Navas(short term)
    Saurez, Negredo
    (Ward- Prowse, Chamakh, Whittaker)
    Silva or YYT?
    Cabaye or Lallana?
    Is Baines an option?

    • I would go Lallana, but you may want to wait till your WC to bring him in. The fixtures for SOTON get pretty good from week 24 onwards, although they are not bad now to be fair.

      My view is that Erikson may be a better option for now given all 3 are a similar price.

      Silva over YYT at their current prices. Personally I have YYT, but that’s only as I bought him at 8.7 so he is better value for me.

      Baines is a little too expensive for me, I would just stick with Coleman.

      Adebayor is a decent option for the short-term. Not really worth a 4 point hit to get him in however.

      General comments on your team:

      – Team value looks a tad low on first glance. Not entirely sure why this would be, perhaps as your not making good long-term choices and sticking to them. More likely it’s a timing thing, where your buying players closer to their max price than the minimum.

      – Avoid 3 players from any 1 team if possible. Especially if you have more than 1 player in any one position, as you currently do in midfield. The thinking for me is that you want to be picking players who are involved in a large percentage of their teams goals (40%+) and you’ll struggle to find 3 of those in any given team….by definition!

  2. Good work, personally I would never take a hit for a defender, but that’s a personal choice.

    I’m sure you don’t have unlimited time, but here are some ideas for articles over the next week or two:

    – Wildcard strategy options (when should they take it etc).
    – Wildcard picks split by positions.
    – Ones to watch.
    – Good / Bad fixtures (short-term / following the WC)

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