Fantasy premier league – the early GW9 bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s the fantasy premier league early GW9 bandwagons and sinking ships ie the 5 most transferred in and transferred out fantasy premier league players for gameweek 9

The Bandwagons 


Would have got the goal if the ball hadn’t inadvertently hit Lallana’s calf along the way and has been a part of the stupendous Saints defence this year.  5 clean sheets in their first 8 games.  Add a goal and an assist plus 7 bonus points and its obvious what the attraction is.  At £5.3m he’s no longer a home rotation though and he’s in for every game.  Southampton have 3 good fixtures next with Fulham H Stoke A and Hull H next but then its Arsenal A and Chelsea A.  Personally I would pay £0.8m less and get Clyne but it depends on your financial situation.  If you’re swimming in money he is the attacking and bonus force that you should go for but if not Clyne is the better option.  Whatever though the Saints defence is definitely a BUY


Despite not really scoring many goals historically and having very few shots since he joined Arsenal Ozil went for 2 shots and 2 goals against Norwich and its now an incredible  2 goals and 4 assists in 5 games.  Plays high up the pitch supporting Giroud and has the ability to unlock defences like no one else.  i’m still unsure if he will do much apart from assists and whether that alone will justify his price but with palace next he still remains a buy.  Arsenals real test will come after that though when they play Liverpool H and Man Utd A .  Its still a BUY for me


Scored a lucky goal with a cross but was a major threat in the game against Villa after his heroics for England.  That now seems to have resolved his gametime issues in that he seemed like he was keeping the RWM spot warm for expensive new signing Lamela.  However it is only 1 goal and 1 assist in his first 7 games and he doesn’t really have any shooting or creating chances underlying stats to at least say he’s unlucky.  He is good value at £5.6m compared to the rest of the Spurs midfield but for me its a gamble too far but if you are going to take a punt then Hull at home is a good time to do it.  Unfortunately with Everton A Man City A and Man Utd H in the next 5 that’s even more reason for me to hold off  and monitor him


2 goals and 2 assists in his first 8 although he has got all these and returned in all of his last 4.  Although he doesn’t really have any stats to speak of he does get high up the pitch in the penalty area centrally so is consistently in a position to return.  was like this last year though and was disappointment.  However a worthwhile punt given a good run of fixtures and with Fulham H Stoke A  and Hull H this is a good time to start although its a short window with Chelsea and Arsenal away after that.  Still worth a punt for me


At £11.1m he’s very expensive for someone who will be rotated with the champs league coming up but in this form even as a sub he could be a consistent returner.  For me his class is such that he’s worth buying even with that risk.  Chelsea A next so i would probably aim for GW10 and home to Norwich

The Sinking Ships


Dear me, you get rested with a trip to Moscow coming up in mid week having just been involved in 2 WCQs in South America and suddenly you’re top of the transfers out.  fantasy premier league managers can be very unforgiving.  However, it has been 4 games in a row now with no clean sheet for City and with Richards fit Zabaleta is as rotatable as any of the City defence except Kompany who I think will play virtually all premier league games when fit.  The problem is that Zabalea is the most expensive City defender at £6.4m so if you’re going to be rotated then why not go for someone cheaper like Nastasic at £5.5m.  However, Zabaleta does have the advantage that he is the first choice RB, who knows at the moment who else apart from Kompany is first choice.  However if you own him then HOLD him the City defence will come right.  If you own no City defender Kompany when fit is still the best option and if you want to gamble then Nastasic as the cheapest.  Zabs a HOLD for me


Too inconsistent and its now 4 games with no returns and no underlying stats of any sort to give us hope.  With Chelsea and Spurs after Sunderland A next he’s a SELL for me after the Sunderland game


It was an extremely disappointing blank for me in the context of 4 goals scored against one of the worst defences in the league.  however up until the Michu had the best underlying stats of any midfielder and 2 goals and an assist in his first 7 difficult fixtures.  He now hasn’t returned in his last 3  but has West Ham H, Cardiff A,  Stoke H and Fulham A in his next 4.  A definite HOLD for me


He’s never really struck me as a Rodgers player, too many long diagonals lumped forward so I’m surprised he’s played as much as he has.  Injured now with no return date and with Liverpool not having a clean sheet in 5 its understandable that people would ditch him especially as Rodgers has a ready made replacement in Cissokho.  However with WBA H next and Fulham H 2 games after that i would probably wait for any news before selling.  the Liverpool defence hasn’t been that great results or underlying stats wise but it still has potential there so i personally would show more patience unless you’re team is completely fine apart from him.


With 4 goals and an assist in his 8 games it seems pretty harsh to have sold him after 1 game when he didn’t return especially when in the rotation mad world of man city he’s played 90 minutes every game.  However as you know I wouldn’t buy him.  He plays too deep and just doesn’t get into the box enough for me. He’s also never scored more than 6 goals in a season and for me will run out of steam as he just doesn’t have the fundamentals of a good fantasy premier league midfielder.  With Chelsea next I would sell but I probably would never have bought anyway

Thats it. hope it gives you some food for thought in any early transfer decisions. Remember its European week so any players involved carry injury risk

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16 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – the early GW9 bandwagons and sinking ships”

  1. Hi!

    This is my team:
    Mignolet (Moore)
    Dawson – Coleman – Fonte (Wilson) (Turner, Cardiff)
    Oscar – Walcott – Eriksen – Michu (Januzaj)
    Lukaku – Suarez – Giroud

    1.1 in bank.

    What transfer would you make?

    I´m thinking Eriksen to Silva (Just have enough money for it and need to do so before any of them change in price).

    I want to wait until after this GW though but that might meen i cant afford it later on.

    • Yes – Eriksen – SIlva is a good choice.

      Your other Options would be to upgrade your defence. Terry / Clyne would be my picks if you can afford.

    • Hi I think the Eriksen to Silva transfer is a good one. I believe he’s going to drop in price tonight as well. Not a great fixture to do it. Another option would be Ramsey. Breaks all traditional rules but you cant argue with results

      Hope that helps

  2. Hello there.. This is my current team and Im having a low point team for gameweek 8. What changes should I make.. I do really hope for your answer as I am confused to make the beneficial transfer for my team.

    Mignolet (McGregor)

    Zabaleta – Coleman – Enrique (Koscielny , Fonte)

    Ramsey – Eriksen – Yaya Toure – Oscar – Bacuna

    Sturridge – Lukaku – Giroud

    • Hi MUHAMMAD I don’t think there is any need to panic. I would personally try and get Michu in for Eriksen or YYT. Personally I think Eriksen will play against Hull rather than Holtby but that’s not guaranteed and he is struggling. I think YYT will burn himself out and stop returning given his deep position. Chelsea as opposition is a good time to sell. Michu may have stalled with no return in 3 but his underlying stats and fixtures are so good I think it will come right. Silva is another good option in my mind as City’s creative force but obviously with a tough fixture this week.

      Hope that helps and it goes well this game week. Still 30 gameweeks to go!

  3. Guys this is my team
    Ivanovic Cole fonte
    Oscar ozil Ramsey amalfitano
    Suarez Remy giroud
    Last week I had lukaku in my team..i made a mistake by making him captain…now I have replaced him with Remy… Who should I put as captain??

    • For me, I would be looking at one of your Arsenal players because they play against Palace. Any of them are good choices but I would choose Özil.

    • Hi Raja

      Giroud would be my captain away to Palace. Maybe Ozil as an alternative but Giroud if it was my team.

      Hope that helps

  4. Hi !
    My team:

    Boruc or Mignolet?
    Dawson Lovren Mertesacker (Ivanovic Davies (HULL) )
    Ozil Ramsey Paulinho Januzaj (Morrison)
    Rooney Sturridge Lukaku

    Should I change Rooney with Giroud, Suarez or Aguero?. Or should I replace one of them with Lukaku?

    Should I change Davies (HULL) with for example Fonte??
    And should I think about changing Mertesacker after some time?

    I have 1.0 in the bank and one free transfer.

    • Hi John, I wouldn’t change Mertesacker before the Palace game although afterwards I think City are a better bet than Arsenal for a clean sheet.

      I would probably change Rooney for Giroud as the Palace game could be a bloodbath with Giroud the main beneficiary.

      I think that Davies is a reasonably good option as they seem reasonable at home. I think going for Fonte is a bit much, then having 3 Saints defenders. Rat £4.5m or Reid £5.0 of West Ham are good options as would Chico for fixtures at £5.0m.

      I would play boruc this weekend


  5. Heya, Admin or any fantasy Guru here, help please;
    me squad

    Boruc (Mcgregor)

    is this squad good enough to get points? i just played my wildcard cuz i messed up big time, n it was time to wake up. Please i have an active wildcard, so can anyone suggest a formidable starting lineup?
    Any help here? :)

    • hey there Farouk–
      i’m no expert or anything ,but before i play my wildcard i always look at the top 7 or 8 teams in the overall standings of FPL site [which is what i play ] …i make note of the players they all have in common and then i spend time looking at the upcoming fixtures and make any necessary adjustments/or selections of personal preference.
      cheers !

    • Hi Farouk, Only players I don’t agree with are firstly Remy due to tough fixtures. Lukaku will be a better option for me or Bony if you fancy a bit of a fixture punt. I think there are better cheapies than Mutch such as Amalfitano, Januzaj or R Morrison or even Barkley and Brady at a slightly higher price. I also think Faye is a gametime risk when Chester returns although there really aren’t many options at this price. If you can go to £4.5m then Rat looks a good option.

      Good luck!

  6. My team is:
    Ivanovic, Fonte, Shaw, Coleman
    Siggy, Ozil, Ramsey
    Suarez, Giroud, Aguaro

    Bench is: Brady, Turner (Car) & Ross Barkely..

    Is siggy my weak link? and Turner for that matter?
    Seems a 3 pointer most weeks..

    • Hi martin

      I wouldn’t transfer out Siggy before a home game to Hull. He should start. There also doesn’t seem much point in transferring out Turner for another cheapie to sit on your bench. A Spurs defender, say Dawson, home to Hull would be a good bet if you can afford it otherwise I would save your transfer to next week. If you really want another transfer Rat of West Ham could be an option although he would end up on your bench as well

      Good luck!

  7. Hi,

    I need to move Eriksen on. My choices are Silva,Hazard or Oscar. As of now i am leaning towards Hazard. Is this the right move?

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