Fantasy premier league – early transfer made

I’ve just made an early transfer in the Barclays fantasy premier league format.

I’ve transferred out (£4.5m) Ravel Morrison and transferred in (£4.5m) Ross Barkley.

This is correcting the wrong I made when selecting my initial team and putting Morrison in as my cheapie midfield punt.  It’s a bit of a pain as I did want to transfer out one of the Chelsea players due to fixtures and I hate transferring early.

Here’s my reasoning.

My £4.5m gamble Morrison didn’t play at all on the weekend.  Whereas Barkely played a starring role in the draw with Norwich.  I say that although his shooting and underlying stats weren’t that good but he played well overall and Martinez was glowing in his praise afterwards.  H does look like he is one of the few players who can score from outside the box given his venomous shot

If I didn’t make the change Barkely, who already has 42000 transfers in this gameweek, could have gone up in price and I wouldn’t have had the ability to swap him direct with Morrison.

I think Morrison now has a difficult road to get in to the team. Downing, Carroll (when fit) and Jarvis will be the front 3.  Nolan will be nailed on in the midfield 3 and then Diame and Noble are the most likely partners there.  The situation is further complicated by the excellent game Joe Cole had.

However, Barkelys selection isn’t without risk either.  He played principally as Gibson was injured and to play regularly would have to oust either Gibson or Osman. I think its possible to oust Gibson as Fellaini in the deep CDM role does take on some of the work that Gibson did last year.  Barkley also showed alot of tackling energy in the game to cover that role.

I don’t think the trade is risk free by an stretch but sometimes you have to take measured risks.  Last year I didn’t trade Sterling in due to risk of other players replacing him and this time I was determined to take a few more risks.  The position is derisked by my team having Kim in there who hopefully is a nailed on selection for my midfield 4th player rotation with Barkely

Anyway that’s my theory.  Hope it works out and someone doesn’t get injured in training or the other 2 games this week!

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6 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – early transfer made”

  1. Did the Exact same, took cleverly out and brought in Barkley. Planning on saving up 2/3 transfers and some spare cash for when Suarez becomes available. Thoughts on Jumping the gun next week for Welbeck post Chelsea game?

  2. I have Koscielny in my team. Will his red be overturned? Because he made contact with the ball 1st. I dont want to have to waste a transfer on him if he is still able to play next week.
    Cheers from the Land Down Under ;)

    • Barkley!

      Keep ivano he likes scoring in the big games and ditch him gw3. Coleman wont score everyweek hes had his goal for the season :)

      2011-2012 22games 0goals
      2012-2013 29games 1goal

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