fantasy premier league – fixture ease schedule – GW2

Here’s my GW2 fixture ease schedule for  fantasy premier league  

In very simple terms the table ranks the next 6 fixtures in terms of “easiness”.  The team at 1 in the table will have the 6 easiest fixtures and the team at 20 the 6 hardest fixtures.  Its worth noting that the schedule is more for the attacking ease as its difficult to cater for both goal potential and clean sheets in all cases.  Ease is determined by the rank of the defence the team will be facing.  See my article “rating the defences”  (in the fixture ease category)  where I rate in order each teams home and away defence

I’ve then done the table again for GW3 and GW4 so you get a slightly longer perspective

Also when you buy and sell always look at actual fixtures as a common sense test.  A team may be ranked low on the fixture ease schedule because the last 4 of the 6 are hard but the next 2 could be Crystal Palace and Aston Villa so don’t sell at this point.

Fixture ease rank and trending


Fixture Ease ranking schedule for 6 games from GW2(Next game in brackets)
TeamGW 3 next 6GW4  next 6
1Newcastle (W Ham H)16
2Hull  (Norwich H)74
3Liverpool (Aston V A)31
4Cardiff  (Man City  H)49
5Man City (Cardiff A)918
6Spurs (Swansea H)62
7West Ham ( Newcastle A)1216
8Southampton ( Sunderland H)1910
9Arsenal (Fulham A)53
10Fulham (Arsenal H)28
11Norwich (Hull A)1413
12Stoke (Crystal P H)1114
13Everton (WBA H)1011
14Sunderland (Southampton A)1715
15Swansea (Spurs A  )87
16Aston Villa (Liverpool H)1617
17WBA (Everton A)1820
18Man U (Chelsea H)155
19Crystal Palace (Stoke A )1319
20Chelsea (Man U A)2012

Here’s some of the side that have a continuing run of good fantasy premier league fixtures.  Remember Chelsea and Villa have a blank GW3

Newcastle:  No one at the moment in my view

Hull:  Needs more games to assess but Koren,  Brady and  Graham as a 2 years ago form gamble

Liverpool:  Sturridge, Coutinho and  Henderson the gamble

Tottenham:  Soldado,  Bale if he stays

Arsenal:  GW3 and GW4 fixture improvement Walcott or Giroud unless striker bought

Cardiff:  Cornelius when fit Kim Whittingham gambles