Fantasy premier league – Fixture ease schedule GW6

Here’s my ranking of the next 6 fantasy premier league  fixtures from game week 6 onwards plus in brackets how the next 6 fixtures will look like from  GW7  GW8 and GW9.  Now you can see the fantasy premier league  trends in fixtures coming up.

I just want to re-iterate my apologies for what a mess the table looks like on the site.  I will try and sort it out for the next game week.

I’ve added the link to the post before at the bottom of this post this so you can get a full explanation of how it works.  In addition you can see:

1.  The next fantasy premier league fixture

2.  The “don’t sell  this team” which follows my rule that you should never sell a player from a team which has an easy game next (obviously injury permitting)

Also when you buy and sell always look at actual fixtures as a common sense test.

By the way, in my mind there isn’t enough data for this fantasy premier league season yet to integrate this season in to the analysis.  I’m not planning on doing this until after GW6 at the moment.

Fixture ease rank and trending


GW6 fixture ease                                  GW7 nx6  GW8 nx6  GW9 nxt 6

1.  Everton (South H)                                                   2                     1                     7

2.  Man City  (Fulham   A)                                           1                     10                  8

3.  QPR  (West H H)                                                        6                     13                  14

4  WBA  (AVL A)                                                              9                      17                 11

5  Reading  (NEWC  H)                                                   7                     4                    2

6  Arsenal (Chelsea  H)                                                  5                      5                      13

7  Southampton (Everton A)                                        4                   8                  3

8   Liverpool (Norwich  A)                                             8                   12                   19

9  Wigan (Sunderland  A)                                             13                    6                   10

10  Swansea  (Stoke A)                                                    10                    18                      15

11  Fulham (Man City H)                                                3                  9                   16

12  Newcastle  (Reading A)                                             16                    3                     4

13  Stoke (Swansea  H)                                                     11                    8                    1

14  Norwich  (Liverpool   H)                                            17                  15                   9

15  West Ham  (QPR  A)                                                     12                   14                  20

16  Sunderland  (Wigan  h)                                               18                    11                  5

17  A Villa  (WBA H)                                                          20                   19                     17

18  Tottenham  (Man U A)                                               15                   16                     12

19  Chelsea  (Arsenal  A)                                                    19                   20                   18

20  Man U  ( Spurs H )                                                         14                    7                    6


So from this schedule the most compelling teams to have players for short and long term fixtures are:


Everton –  Jagielka Fellaini, Pienaar, Jelavic

 Southampton – Lallana, Puncheon, Lambert

Reading – Guthrie, Pogrebnyak

Close but less so

Man City – Lesscott   Nasri when fit, Aguero Tevez

Arsenal – Gibbs Gervinho Cazorla (maybe)

Captain planning

However having players to fill the captain slots is also important.  Heres the fixtures that will probably make up our captain choice


Round 6
Everton V Southampton

Round 7

Man City v Sunderland
Chelsea v Norwich
Spurs v Villa

Round 8

Liverpool V Reading
Man U v Stoke

Round 9

City v Swansea

Round 10

Tottenham v Wigan

Round 11

Arsenal v Fulham

Round 12

Man City V Aston Villa

Norwich V Man U

Round 13

Tottenham v West Ham

Man U v QPR

Round 14

Man U v West Ham

Wigan v Man City

Tottenham Chelsea and the 2 Manchester Clubs then Arsenal feature the most prominently in this so keep a presence of these teams.

Dont sell! 

Heres the dont sell list for this week due to a good home fixture

1.  Everton v Southampton

2.  Stoke v Swansea

3.  Sunderland v Wigan