Fantasy premier league fixtures – a fixture ease schedule for Defs and GKs


Here’s our fantasy premier league fixtures article with a Fixture Ease Schedule to the end of the season for defensive players and goalkeepers. Here we look at the teams and players with the best fixtures from an defensive players perspective over the remainder of the season including all postponed games.

Fantasy premier league fixtures – a fixture ease schedule for Defs and GKs


I’ve taken the overall picture of an average of actual goals and expected goals from games played to date and made a general adjustment for home and away. This will be less volatile than basing a defence or attack on separate games home or away.

I have a fixture graphic below which I’ve colour coded for difficulty. It is just to improve the visual aspect of the schedule and the factors I’ve talked about above, rather than the just the colours, are basis for calculation.

Player values are as at Tuesday March 24

A fixture ease schedule for defensive players

See our post for a fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences for the remaining outstanding fixtures to the end of the season. There’s defender and goalkeeper suggestions below.

The graphic orders the fixtures in the same order as the FPL site does for individual players of those teams. How these fixtures will be allocated in the end is anyone’s guess at the moment. There could be gameweeks days apart or double or triple gameweeks. Or none at all as the UK enters into a lockdown. Who knows at this stage

It’s worth stating that 10 fixtures does tend to lead to more equalisation than say 6 fixtures as 10 is less likely to see a run of complete good or bad fixtures. It’s also worth saying that an extra fixture in that case makes a difference.

fantasy premier league fixtures

Defensive player stats

Here I’ve picked out the 6 teams with the best fixtures.

PPM is their 19/20 points per match from the FPL site

Manchester City

Hard to pick a defender due to rotation

£6.0m Ederson  – PPM 3.3

Aston Villa

Very poor defence so I would ignore


£5.3m GK Lloris – PPM 4.2

A defender is difficult. Aurier has been a sub in 2 of the last 3 games and the others have little attacking potential and are over priced for the clean sheet potential


£5.3m GK Schmeichel – PPM 4.1

£5.0m Def Soyuncu – PPM 3.7

£5.5m Def Chilwell – PPM 4.1

Manchester United

£5.4m GK De Gea – PPM 3.6

£5.3m Def Maguire – PPM 3.1

£5.3m Def Wan-Bissaka– PPM 3.3

West Ham

£4.9m GK Fabianski – PPM 3.7

£4.3m Def Diop – PPM 2.3

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