fantasy premier league fixtures – an update on Project Restart

Here’s our fantasy premier league fixtures article where we take a look at the current issues before the crucial Premier League meeting on Monday 11 May.

fantasy premier league fixtures – an update on Project Restart

 I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

The Basics

The Premier League clubs as a general rule are committed as a principal to finishing off the 9 gameweeks left in the season.

There is an initial timetable of:

return to full training on May 18

Commence fixtures June 12

Conclude season end of July

However there are a number of issues to resolve before that can happen.  There is also an announcement by the Government on Sunday the 10th of May which the Premier League will have to take into account for their plans. Following that the Premier League clubs will meet to discuss a number of issues on Monday 11 May.

The issues

The meeting doesn’t seem like it’s going to involve a formal vote on the issues which, timing wise, is cutting it pretty fine considering the timetable above.

Neutral venues

It seems to be accepted that neutral venues, preferably away from housing, will hold the games rather than each teams home grounds.  This seems principally because of police fears that crowds will gather outside games. There seems to be some push back recently in the media on the basis that it shows a complete lack of trust and respect for supporters ability to follow rules and be policed.  There are some voices against neutral venues, mainly from the bottom 6 teams,  with Brighton and Villa heading the disgruntled.

The fixture list

The idea is that the fixture list will take place in the order that it was suspended.  That means from GW30 although it does bring into question where does Man City v Arsenal fit in which was the last game of GW29 which never got played.  There is also the other EFL final clash postponement of Aston Villa vs Sheffield United, but that didn’t have a fixture date as of the suspension.  Rest days, staggering of fixtures etc will all be discussed


As is the way of football these days nothing will happen without the approval of Sky and BT and I imagine there will have to be a sweetener in it for them to get behind the plans as the product they are getting are very diluted compared to what they paid for.  I imagine that will mean additional games for TV which will feed in to the staggering of fixtures.

The Government have talked about all free to air games to avoid people going to others houses to watch games.  I don’t know how that’s supposed to work though with Sky and BT.


With full training happening supposedly on May 18 finalising the training protocols needs to happen.  This maybe affected by the Governments Lockdown announcement on Sunday.


Those Clubs seeking to void the season to avoid relegation will be reminded of the financial cost of it being voided.  There have even been reports that the clubs involved have been threatened with relegation in any void of the season to try and keep them onside.  Relegation being scrapped is not on the agenda although could be raised.  It’s unlikely Sky or BT will agree in my view to this.

Out of contract players

How to avoid the likes of Willian being out of contract on June 30 is another issue to be discussed.

Other points:


Not sure if this is on the agenda but FIFA have put forward a proposal for 5 subs to compensate for a more crowed fixture list.  The Premier League can accept it or not.  That wouldn’t be ideal from an FPL point of view.

Player consultation

Players will be consulted during the week after the Monday meeting.  There is talk of some players refusing to play due to risks over friends and family which will need monitoring.  Personally I can’t see how any plan can work unless there is player and key entourage quarantining at least during the fixture period, if not the contact training, until the end of the season.

Other European Leagues

Of the supposed big 5 leagues:

In France Ligue 1 has been cancelled.

In Germany the Bundesliga will resume behind closed doors on the 16th May.  How this progresses could be crucial for the Premier League progression.

Spain’s La Liga is looking to start on June 20

Italy’s Serie A is looking to restart but has yet to agree a sate with issues over the medical protocol

How will Fantasy Premier League work?

For whatever reason, whether deliberate or unavoidable due to technological limitations, there is an incredible irony that the fixtures seem likely to play out in the order that they would have.  So if the Fantasy Premier league site had just paused the site they could now switch it on and play it out in the order that it was intended.

I’d like to think the technology was more advanced than that and there was some master plan behind them continuing the gameweeks  but I’m just not sure.  The fact that Live FPL can give us live points and overall rank updates and the  fact that the fantasy premier league site doesn’t despite the obvious advertising opportunity it would bring says alot.

So I really don’t know what’s going to happen.  I’d like to think we could just stop at GW38 and rewind back to GW30 but what about all the transfers made?  As long as it’s not 9 gameweeks rolled into GW38 as I feel that would be a total lottery and incredibly damaging to the popularity of the FPL game going forward.

Next update

I’ll do an update after the meeting on Monday

 outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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  1. If it IS everything rolled into gameweek 38, do I play my bench boost for that gameweek (and my wildcard right now for that matter)

    • That’s the question… Definitely makes sense to use bench boost if all the games are in gw38, but expect if the fpl site ended up adding extra gameweeks the bench boost used would be lost with 0 games played. So bit of a gamble, hopefully we’ll know before the gw38 deadline

  2. Yes, if everything is rolled into one gameweek then FPL will lose all credibility as a game because of the strategy employed by a lot of people who have saved their BB, TC and 2nd WC.

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