fantasy premier league forwards GW38 player rankings – UPDATED FOR GOALSCORER ODDS


Here’s our fantasy premier league forwards GW38 player rankings article. There’s a table of stats to help and a spreadsheet that can be filtered how you like to help you make a transfer choice.  UPDATED for goalscorer odds

fantasy premier league forwards GW38 player rankings – UPDATED for goalscorer odds

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This article after Tuesdays games and do not include stats from the rest of GW37+

This is the 3rd article in the player rankings series. There’s also defenders and GKs rankings and midfielder player rankings

All the stats are from the free site understat


I’ve ordered the players by their underlying stats ranking when I convert their xG and xA over the season into FPL points for goals and assists. That figure is adjusted for the average minutes played over the last season.  Players with current penalty responsibility get that included in their stats.  Those currently without eg Rashford don’t

I’ve then provided a range of different stats to help you choose which player is the best for a transfer in.

Stats definitions

Form s/10/5. These are the form rankings for season, for the last 10 gameweeks and the last 5 game weeks. They are the average minutes adjusted rankings once the xG and xA are converted into FPL points. The lower the number the better the ranking.

Av minutes: The average minutes played over the season. Non appearances aren’t counted.

PPM – the fantasy premier league sites points per match.

ATGS: the anytime goal scorer bookies odds for GW38 for £1 invested.  These aren’t out as I do the article and neither are team to win odds so I’ll fill it in later.

VFM: A Value for Money calculation by dividing the theoretical season goal and assist points by the players value. The higher the better.

The GW38 fixtures

fantasy premier league midfielders GW38

The schedule ranked by midfielders underlying stats over the season – UPDATED for goalscorer odds

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.

The schedule is not adjusted for Fixtures.   Approx 40% minutes required

Commenting on a few players and teams for GW38+

Here I’ve tried to pick out a few players with Value for Money ratings of 10 or above who have good fixtures in GW38+.

Arsenal v Watford

Aubameyang is quite lowly rated for the price but this is the sort of game he could easily pick up decent points

Palace v Spurs

Kane has come right towards the end of the season

Everton v Bournemouth

Calvert Lewin ranks poorly and has been a huge disappointment recently

Man City v Norwich

Jesus qualifies and it’s just a selection question as he has played GW36, GW37 and the semi final .  He’s had low minutes over the season which may just see him sneak in.

Newcastle v  Liverpool

Firmino over the season has been good but recent stats poor

West Ham v Villa

No striker for that game

Burnley v Brighton

Wood works for me in this fixture

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