fantasy premier league free hit GW32 – a first draft free hit team

Here’s our first draft fantasy premier league free hit GW32 team.  We also talk through the different teams with 2 games in the gameweek and the player options and limitations with them.

fantasy premier league free hit GW32 – a first draft free hit team

The basics regarding the free hit

Here’s a few copy and pastes from the fantasy premier league site regarding the free hit chip.

You can make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.

The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, is played when confirming your transfers and can’t be cancelled after confirmed.

After playing your Free Hit chip, at the next deadline your bank balance and squad is restored to as they were at the previous deadline, with any player price changes in the previous gameweek reflected.  Any change to your bank balance whilst the Free Hit chip was active will be lost.

When playing your Free Hit chip, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual 1 free transfer the following Gameweek.

The teams with 2 games

Man Utd (Sat Watford H, Tues Wolves A)

Man Utd play Wolves on the Tuesday of GW32 and then have 7 days before they play Barca on the following Wednesday in the UCL.  They have no fixture in GW33.  Wolves away is no easy fixture although they may benefit from some rested players in preparation for Wolves Sunday following FA Cup semi final v Watford.

For that reason and the chase for a top 4 place means they seem a decent shout to play a full team in both games although OGS does seem to want to use the squad.  Midfielder £8.9m Pogba and £7.6m Forward Rashford are the attacking options with £5.1m Lindelof the best of the attacking defensive options.

Watford (Sat Man Utd A, Tues Fulham H)

The issue with Watford is that they play Fulham on the Tuesday and then have a very winnable FA Cup semi final on the Sunday. Watford have a large squad and Gracia has shown that he isn’t afraid to make multiple changes when he thinks it’s appropriate. The Tuesday fixture v Fulham could be such a day. This is exacerbated by the fact that Watford are safe from any relegation issues although 7th could bring a European place.

The options are £4.6m GK Foster, midfielder come forward £5.6m Deulofeu and £5.9m forward Deeney

Fulham (Sat Man City H, Tues Watford A)

Scott Parker won’t throw in the relegation towel until it’s mathematical and given that they have no fixture in GW33 and no other distractions it seems a full team will be out in both matches.

The Man City game seriously diminishes their appeal but £5.5m midfielder Babel and £6.4m forward Mitrovic are the best options.

Wolves (Sat Burnley A and Tues Man Utd H)

The fixtures could be better and the distraction and possible rotation in the Tuesday Man Utd  game for the following Sunday FA Cup semi final v Watford is the issue with Wolves.  This is especially as they have little else to play for except hope 7th brings a European place.

£6.8m Forward Jimenez and £6.1m midfielder and Jimenez’s strike partner Jota are in the form of their life.  £5.4m Doherty is easily the best attacking option although £4.6m Boly and £4.3m Jonny are also reasonable cheaper options.

Chelsea (Sun Cardiff A, Wed Brighton H)

Chelsea have a great set of fixtures for the double but with a home game to West Ham on the following Monday in the premier league and then a Europa League quarter final after that in Prague on the Thursday that’s a decent amount of fixtures in a short space.  Sarri has tended to rotate certain positions but still that schedule is not without risk.

£10.9m Mid Hazard is the obvious option and in attack everyone else is either rotated, offers little in attack or is a substitution magnet or all of the above.  Hazard just isn’t cheap for someone in pretty ordinary form but I feel compelled to consider him given the fixtures.

Defensively £6.3m Azpilicueta is probably the safest option gametime wise unless you go for £5.4m GK Kepa.  Both £5.9m Luiz and Rudiger could be rotated for Christensen and the 2 left backs have been rotated somewhat randomly.

Brighton (Sat Southampton H, Wed Chelsea A) 

Brighton play Chelsea on the Wednesday and then Man City on the following Sunday in the FA Cup semi.  It’s impossible to think given their league position that they can rotate the key players.  However away to Chelsea lessens the attraction.

However I would be surprised if £6.3m forward Glenn Murray played both games and £6.7m set piece man midfielder Gross is an injury risk.  In defence £4.7m Duffy has  the best attacking stats.  £4.4m GK Ryan and £4.4m Def Dunk are the cheaper options

Man City (Sat Fulham A, Wed Cardiff H)

The fixtures couldn’t be much better.  A semi final of the FA Cup v Brighton on the following Saturday followed by a Tuesday UCL semi against Spurs screams rotation.

£11.8m Forward Aguero and £11.6m Mid Sterling are the most explosive players and have shown ability off the bench.  £7.5m Mid Bernardo Silva has been praised to the hilt but the lineups are a lottery.

Cardiff (Sun Chelsea H, Wed Man City A)

The fixtures really couldn’t be much worse.  £3.9m Def as a funder is the only one I would consider

Spurs (Sun Liverpool A, Wed Palace H)

Spurs given their precarious form and no fixture in GW33 and then a UCL quarter vs Man City on the Tuesday should be playing 2 sets of strong teams.  Unfortunately the Liverpool  away fixture reduces the attraction and even the Palace home fixture is a potential banana skin.

These 2 fixtures probably make a defensive option risky and question the returns of the attacking players.  £12.5m forward Kane though can score against anyone.  Other than that £8.8m attacking mid Alli is the best option for me.  Son has been but his form has fallen through the floor.

C Palace (Sat Huddersfield H, Wed Spurs A)

The home fixture is somewhat dented by the away fixture.  However given their GW33 fixture is on the following Sunday and they are anything but safe it would be a surprise to see mass rotation.

In defence £4.4m defender playing in midfield Schlupp is the best attacking option.  Forward £6.9m Zaha (injury risk needs monitoring) and the £6.3m midfield penalty taker Milivojevic are probably the best attacking options.

Overall view

Rotation wise I feel that Man Utd, Brighton, Cardiff, Spurs and Palace probably have the best chance of 2 reasonably similar teams for both games.  Unfortunately all of them have at least 1 fixture which lessens the attraction of that fact.

Chelsea and Man City have the best fixtures by some distance but City especially are a big rotation risk.  Chelsea maybe less so as he tends to manage it in certain areas and the top 4 pressure is really on them.

Wolves and Watford have games 2 days apart and follow it up with an FA Cup semi which given they are both safe from relegation with only the possible reward of 7th place to play for means rotation risk is heavy.

That leaves no team that you would really say has a perfect scenario and it’s a case of picking the least of 10 evils and hoping for the best.

The first draft team

Unfortunately my team value of £102.0m isn’t ideal.

So I’ve decided everyone in the team will be players with 2 games and I’ll ignore my Liverpool players given they at least have a tough game on paper v Spurs.

Chelsea’s fixtures meant for me mean Hazard and a defender were worth the rotation risk.  Azpilicueta probably has the least competition but at £6.3m is a step too far so I’ve started with David Luiz.

Man City’s fixtures scream 3 players so I’ve gone all in  for Ederson,  Aguero and Sterling.

Next is Man Utd who should play something like a full strength team twice so I’ve gone all in again with Rashford,  Pogba and Lindelof.

So that was the easy part.  Given the selection so far Kane is out of the question.  I like Alli alot but not the Liverpool away fixture so I’m parking that for the moment.

So now I’ve gone to fill in my reserve places. Given everyone will play 2 games I only need one player who I’m happy to step in if needed to get points.

For the moment that player is Wan Bissaka.  Bench GK is 3rd choice Palace GK Speroni.  Bottom of the outfield bench is £3.8m Bournemoth defender Simpson.

The last bench player is £4.2m CDM Southampton’s Romeu.  That leaves me with 3 players and £17.6m.

This is where it gets really tricky.  Despite the 2 game gap and the semi I decide that Jimenez’s form is just too good to ignore and he goes in for the final forward spot

2 spots £10.8m left.  It seems difficult not to have a Palace player in the team with Huddersfield first up and with Palace performing so well at City and Liverpool so I’ve gone for penalty taker Milivojevic.

With my last £4.5m I’ve gambled on Wolves Captain Coady who I hope will play both games.  I think the Wolves wing backs are too risky so he becomes the only choice left.  The fixtures aren’t great and he has little attacking potential.  Having thought about it though I put Coady on the bench and Wan Bissaka in the lineup.

That’s it for the moment.  Things will undoubtedly change.  Feedback appreciated and there hopefully will be more teams from contributors to come.

No Watford which is a shame given they play Fulham.  I’m also a big Deulofeu fan.

Here’s how it looks after the free hit has been activated.

fantasy premier league free hit GW32

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22 thoughts on “fantasy premier league free hit GW32 – a first draft free hit team”

  1. Nice team and thanks for all the hard work you put in.

    IMHO you are wasting 0.7m with Coady on the bench. As everyone in the starting 10 has 2 games, surely nobody will play zero mins twice, meaning your subs will be unused and you should minimise value on the bemch. This means 2 players at 3.8m (Simpson and Conolly) plus a MF at 4.2m. (as you currently do). If there are any doubts on players fitness during the week you can make a change at the 11th hour to restore confidence in your starting 10. This is a one week team, it’s not as if you’re stuck with the bench fodder in your squad for weeks.
    The 0.7m may not sound like much but with a stretched squad value such as yours, (I am too!) it could make a difference. eg upgrade Luiz to the more game-time assured Azpilicueta.

    I am in a similar boat to you and have a very similar core team. My main decisions are around Kane or no Kane and whether to keep Mane or not (if I don’t opt for Kane. No Kane would allow for Mane or a premium alternative as well as premium GK and DEF’s, but Kane can destroy anybody on his day. His almost guarantee of 2×90 mins is really tempting also. I will no doubt stew for the whole international break then at the last minute make a decision, which will turn out to be a bad one! :-)
    How do you feel about the chance of Jimenez being rested against Man Utd?

    Thanks again Geek, great work with the site.



  2. Once I’ve activated the free hit chip am I able to alter the team up until the deadline? Or do I have to choose all the transfers before selecting the free hit chip?


  3. I’d consider Kepa instead of Ederson, Laporte instead of Luiz. Seems “safer” from rotation risk. Really like Deulofeu instead of Milvojevic but I think both Wolves and Watford will prioritise the fa semis over 7th place.. but I think I’ll go with Deulofeu as I still think he has more chance to return than Milvo even if he gets to start only one of these games. Hopefully he gets half an hour or so in the other.

  4. I have pretty much the same core team
    Im stuck on my last transfer for the last midfield spot if anyone can help.

    1. Milivojevic
    2. Jota
    3. Deulofeu

    Who will pick up the most gameweek points?

  5. I think Jota and Deulofeu will play once with Wolves and Watford prioritising the fa cup just a few days after the second games, and Milojevic will play twice. He also has pens.

  6. I’ve gone for the following:





    Whats your take on the squad? What would u guys change?

  7. Wonderd about this too:

    Once I’ve activated the free hit chip am I able to alter the team up until the deadline? Or do I have to choose all the transfers before selecting the free hit chip?


  8. PSA: pretty sure this is well documented so you may already know but Lindelof’s (insanelt smoking hot) wife is 38 weeks pregnant so I would probably avoid him in your free hit for rotation risks. Also, Shaw is on 9 yellows. So I guess Smalling or DDG are the ‘safest’ picks for MUN D.

  9. Samuel & Rdb,

    Can you guys please read the first 2 paragraphs of this article? Why are there people keep asking about the same question over and over again in almost every Geek’s article? It have been answered by helpful commenters multiple times.

    • Hi Kent,

      I think they want clarification on when you are able to activate your free hit, as it states you can make unlimited transfers, but it doesn’t state if you have to make the transfers before activating the free hit.

      I can confirm for both Samuel and Rdb that you are able to make as many changes as you like after activating the free hit.
      When activating the free hit, this message is prompted:
      “These transfers will be active for Gameweek 32 (30 Mar 11:30).

      You are proposing to play your Free Hit! This allows you to make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline, your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.”

      Hope this was helpful.

  10. Robin, I would worry about your Watford players getting rested. Particularly Deeney, there is no way I can see him playing both matches. Jiminez could also be a risk. Otherwise it looks good

    I’ve gone for a first draft of:
    Alfonso, Otamendi, Wan-Bissaka
    Sterling, Hazard, Pogba, Babel
    Aguero, Rashford, Batshuayi

    Main worries with this are Alonso/Otamendi/Sterling not starting both games, will monitor over next week to see what is said in press conferences

  11. Settled on the following free hit team for now. All 11 playing twice. So no Liverpool. Avoided Wolves ahead of the cup semi with big rotation risks. Gone 3 Man Utd, 3 Man City, 3 Chelsea, and 2 Palace , with one eye on Palace v . Mili is on pens and Batshuayi three goals in last five.

    Lindelof, Luiz, Alonso
    Pogba, Sterling, Hazard, Milivojevic
    Aguero, Rashford, Batshuayi

    Bench fodder cheapest available as they won’t be needed unless anyone plays zero minutes of both games.

  12. Andrew… have you considered Schlupp over Milivojevic?… 8 of Mili’s 9 goals this season were penalties I believe, and he has only 1 assist all season. So unless Palace are awarded a peno, you are pretty much looking at a maximum of 4 points for him over the 2 games.
    Schlupp on the other hand is in fine form with 1 goal and 3 assists in his last 4 games. He is a winger classed as a defender so gets the added bonus of a 4 pointer for a clean sheet… which against Hudds at home is a good possibility. And he is only 4.5m.

  13. with the uncertainly of not knowing if Deeney or Jimenez will play both games and them both playing Man united would it not be better to only go with two forwards and one cheap bench forward and upgrade the bench defender ?ive done this and got another Chelsea defender in

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