fantasy premier league free hit team and the original FFGeek team cloned from another


Here’s where I got to with my accidental fantasy premier league free hit team.  I also decided to take one of the alternate FFGeek teams and turn it into my original team.  I thought that might be helpful for people tracking my teams so they can see how I navigate through the up coming blanks and doubles via 2 teams.  1  with the free hit chip and also 1 without the free hit chip

fantasy premier league free hit team and the original FFGeek team cloned from another

The free hit Team

So I don’t want to make an over the top  drama out of what my wife calls “pretend football” but thanks for the nice messages for people who feel my pain regarding the accidental use of the free hit chip.  I may have made a little much of it using the word disaster as in the context of real life, it really isn’t but I appreciate the messages.  Especially to the contributors and even more so Alex, Joe and Rob for helping with the free hit team.

The free hit team stage 1

So first I put together the non brainers.

So here they are:

fantasy premier league free hit team

Sorting the bench

The next stage was to pick 4 cheap players for the bench.  I wanted these guys to play within reason.  Here were the choices I made:

Dummett Newcastle Def £4.2m, Kelly C Palace Def £4.2m, Carroll Swansea Mid £4.3m Elliot Newcastle GK £4.1m and McBurnie FWD Swansea £4.5m.  I decided that I would go for midfield and 4-4-2 rather than 3 premium or a cheap striker.  3 of the 5 shoud play if needed.

That’s 5 you may have noticed for a bench of 4 but with Newcastle home to Swansea I deemed Dummett good enough to start.

At that stage I only had 2 spots left in midfield.

Liverpool/Man City or no Liverpool/Man City

In my head I’m not sure if this is going to be a 1 goal game or a 4 goal game.  So I had to decide whether to include 2 very highly owned players in Salah and Sterling or not.

This is a tough fixture for both teams so it did present an opportunity to swerve it and put the funds somewhere else. The favoured teams are this week Spurs, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal.  I would have loved to put Sanchez or Ozil in but Ozil is a doubt and I just can’t put £11.8m of Sanchez in my team with all the transfer noise going on.  I’m just not sure if he will start and how he will play even with the midweek rest.

So I ended up with a conservative choice of  Salah, Sterling and Christensen vs a slightly less conservative  Salah, Richarlison and Alonso

At the moment I’m taking the cautious route and going for the latter.

The thing is I’m happy with my rank and the choice after this accident is to ignore the Man City Liverpool game in the hope f finding points elsewhere or take the cautious route and at least neutralise 2 highly owned players in Sterling and Salah.  I’ve taken the cautious route.

So here’s the team as it stands:

fantasy premier league free hit team

So what I have I gained?

Here’s how the starting 11 is different than my original team assuming I made the Jones and Lingard transfers

Lukaku  instead of Morata

Hazard instead of Richarlison

B Davies instead of  Otamendi

Foster instead of Adrian

Dummett instead of Arnautovic

It doesn’t look like a huge upgrade when you look at it like that but I’m sticking with it unless I change my mind later before the deadline.

The Alex/Joe and Rob Free Hit Team

Here’s the team that FFGeek contributors Alex, Joe and Rob very helpfully put together for me.  I don’t think I could have afforded Son and Alonso so would have had to be Richarlison/Arnautovic.  My team ended up quite similar.

fantasy premier league free hit team

The original FFGeek team cloned

You may or may not follow the alternative FFGeek teams articles where I have 4 teams with different playing strategies.

Well I thought it would be useful for readers to see how I would have navigated the potential blanks and double gameweeks coming up with my original team and with the free hit chip available. I talked about the potential blanks and doubles in my recent article which I’ve just linked.  Also if you use my team for your work league as a guide you still have something to work with.

Now I had to take a 28 point hit (can you believe I was actually able to mentally do it!)  to make them the same but I’m not going for rank its for the reasons I’ve just mentioned.  I didn’t use my wildcard as that would just negate the navigation of blanks and doubles.

The points spread between players is different and I’ve had to replace Gomez with Moreno due to funds shortfall but it should still be helpful.

That team will join my main FFGeek article as the cloned team.

Here it is for this week:

fantasy premier league free hit team

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league free hit team and the original FFGeek team cloned from another

    • Dear Geek I hopre you changed to Son… BTW I moved to total or 1,322 , and in the geek leauge OR of 15!

  1. Hey geek sorry to hear about your unfortunate free hit . I’m looking for a cheap mid what do u think Carrol or Maitland-Nyles

    • Hi Sdawg I’m not sure what you’re saying here. The free hit team is the result of me accidentally hiting the free hit button. There was no wildcard involved

      Reply again if I’m missing something


    • Hi Trev I’m not sure from this comment which team you’re talking about so I’ll dela with both.

      The free hit team is a team for 1 week only. The imaginary wildcard team is 1 with more longevity and for the upcoming gameweeks. Therefore they will be fundamentally different.

      The cloned team was a team I changed to be exactly the same as my team before the accidental free hit. It will be there to help people navigate through the upcoming blank weeks if they have all their chips intact. As I did before the accident. Also if people are basing their team on mine they have a team in its original state to use as a reference point. Using the wildcard rather than taking the hits would have negated that exercise.

      I hope that makes sense. Hope your gameweek is going well and good luck today


  2. Unlucky with the free hit! Do I take a 8 point hit and transfer out Alonso and morata to get Kane and a under 5 mil defender. Any thoughts? Morata hasn’t been great recently!

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