fantasy premier league game week 11 – Sundays match analysis

Here’s  the fantasy premier league game week 11 Sunday analysis.  Man City v Spurs, Chelsea v Liverpool and Newcastle v West Ham

Man City 2 Spurs 1

scorers and assists 

Goals scored
Yaya Toure

Goals scored

Line up commentary:   Kolarov started in midfield.  Nastasic started instead of Lescott.  Silva started and Aguero and Tevez were up front.  Adebayor started for Spurs.  the rest of the team was predictable.

brief match comments:   A messy game where city struggled to break down spurs who showed little ambition and were poor on the break.

possession: 55% Spurs

match shots:  16/8 to 6/2

defensive stats:  Great defensive stats from City. If only they didn’t have this set piece problem.  Poor stats from Spurs

best shooting stats:  Aguero and Bale

most chances created:  Silva by a mile

most forward midfielders for each team:   Silva and Bale

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:  Silva and Adebayor

player commentary:    The defence will get loads of stick but the stats were good and clean sheets will continue.  Nothings changed though,  only Kompany and Hart are assured and with the fixtures not great that level of investment is questionable.  Tevez had a pretty ordinary game and it really looks like Aguero and Silva are the best attacking options with the only caveat being Aguero rotation.  This should reduce with them being effectively out of the champs league although I could see him rested for the Villa home game next week.

No one stood out in a game that Spurs showed little ambition and didn’t counter attack with any great effect.  Bale had ok shooting stats but in reality was poor.  Adebyaor no different neither was Dempsey.  Another difficult game away to Arsenal beckons next week and there could be some sales if he gets no return for the 3rd consecutive week.

Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

scorers and assists  

Goals scored

Goals scored

Line up commentary:    Azpilicueta started at RB.  Luiz was ill, Cahill dropped and Ivanovic started at CB with Terry.  Bertrand was at LB for the injured Cole.  The rest was predictable.  The Wisdom dilemma became no clearer when both Johnson and Enrique started.  Carragher filled in for Skrtel at CB.  The rest of the team was as expected except for Suso on the bench

brief match comments:    Chelsea should have had the game wrapped up but Liverpool came back strongly in the 2nd half.

possession:  Liverpool 52%

match shots:  12/3 to 9/5

defensive stats:   Chelsea had very good defensive stats.  Liverpool’s were poor.

best shooting stats:  Torres had the best shooting stats followed by Suarez.

most chances created:  Hazard and Mata

most forward midfielders for each team:   Mata and Hazard.  Sterling

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:  Enrique and Mata

player commentary:  Mata continued his run of returns even though his stats were ok without being anything to write home back.  The same can be said for Hazard except back a bit.  The defence stats wise performed well.  Its just the fixtures that aren’t great which holds back investment.

For Liverpool the defence was poor and Chelsea should have won easily.  The question over Wisdom was not resolved and he would be a gamble for fantasy premier league managers going in to their good fixtures.  Attack wise there’s really no other option apart from Suarez.  His stats weren’t up to his usual fantastic standards but now he seems able to score.  A must have now the fixtures are getting good.

Newcastle 0 West Ham 1

scorers and assists  

Goals scored

Line up commentary:     Ferguson came in for Anita and Cisse started were the only things to note on the Newcastle team sheet. For West Ham O’Brien started instead of Demel who was fit.  The rest was as expected.

possession:  Newcastle 52%

match shots:  14/9 to 10/5

defensive stats:    Not great stats from either team.  Newcastles were poor.

best shooting stats:   Nolan Ben Arfa Cabaye

most chances created:   No one to mention

most forward midfielders for each team:    HBA and Nolan

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:   Carroll Cabaye

player commentary:   Another blank from Ba with pretty ordinary stats thats for sure.  HBA and Cabayes stats were ok but questionable whether you would have them in your team even with the fantastic fixtures as neither are goal scorers.

Another incredible clean sheet from West Ham.  Stoke at home must give another chance for one but after that surely away to Spurs united and home to Chelsea will end that run.  I still wouldn’t buy.  Nolans incredible shooting stats, 2nd only to Fellaini just keeps going.  again after Stoke the fixtures are just too hard and I still wouldn’t buy.

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  1. Off the back of this weekends results so tempted to make knee jerk transfers in my Sky FF Teams ( only got 20 and 15 left though for each team respectively ) I fell into this trap last year and was desperate for transfers in the last ten games of the season .. Tempted to drop Tevez, maybe for Berba or Suarez, tempted to ditch Hazard and/or YY Toure for maybe Bale and Fellaini, tempted to replace Kightly … What to do?!?! I am doing well in my Sky paid leagues to date (2nd and 7th respectively out of 25 Team leagues) … am I best to hold and monitor with above players? Or transfer in form players and take the transfer hit? …. Thoughts …

  2. At the minute I’m thinking Michu out, Fellaini in, Kightly out and then a filler defender for about 4mil due to the price difference … Will make my midfield Hazard, YYT, Fellaini, Nolan and Cazorla … any idea on a defeat 4mil filler defender? … I’m happy with my midfield as above … You’re input is always greatfully appreciated … I literally check your site 3/4 times a day everyday ! … :) …,

    • James, thanks for the comments. I agree with the transfer. I would stick with a stoke defender. Cameron is probably the best choice at around £4m. If you dont fancy them then the only other player I would go for is Bassong of Norwich

      good luck!

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