fantasy premier league game week 18 – the early week bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s the current low down on the most transferred in and out fantasy premier league players so far in game week 18

Tranferred in

Ya Ya Toure

I have to say for me personally I don’t see him as  a fantasy premier league player.  Doesn’t shoot enough and when he does its from distance and doesn’t create enough chances.  Has never got near my shooting stats tables or chances created.  Is 7th in the points scored by midfielders though and has scored in 2 consecutive games and is home to Reading, but not for me.  I would go for Silva over YYT if you wanted a City player every time.  He’s also going to the African cup of nations starting no later than GW22 so not for me.


After not having a game in GW17 this is obviously a reaction to sales or people waiting to purchase him who postponed until after the blank.  Has shown good shooting stats recently and prior to GW17 was in the overall season shooting stats and in the last 6 even with difficult fixtures played to get there so deserves consideration. 2 goals and 2 assists in his last 2 games covered up a spell of 7 games with no returns.

Chelseas next 7 are a bit of a mix and I’m not sure I would be running to transfer him in against other options but has the potential given his stats against tricky opposition.  Here’s the next 7


23 Dec 16:00Gameweek 18Aston Villa (H)
26 Dec 15:00Gameweek 19Norwich (A)
30 Dec 13:30Gameweek 20Everton (A)
02 Jan 19:45Gameweek 21QPR (H)
12 Jan 15:00Gameweek 22Stoke City (A)
20 Jan 13:30Gameweek 23Arsenal (H)
29 Jan 20:00Gameweek 24Reading (A)

Its a probably better options for me but I wouldn’t criticise people for transferring him in


Again the same comments apply for Mata as they did for Torres as to why he’s getting so many fantasy premier league managers transferring him in.

Mata isn’t currently featuring in my stats tables but has the added complication of rotation etc to distort his returns.  So I did a quick comparison between his stats and bales and in terms of pen box touches and shots in the box and shot accuracy Mata is way behind.  Mata’s average position is behind Bales.  Mata creates more chances for others though although that can be an illusory stat.  His stats though are very similar to Cazorla’s who is someone you want good fixtures for.  Mata has shown the ability in the past this season to produce good stats no matter what the opposition but for me I would rather have Bale when he’s fit and Cazorla as his next 4 fixtures are definitely better

22 Dec 12:45Gameweek 18Wigan (A)
26 Dec 15:00Gameweek 19West Ham (H)
29 Dec 17:30Gameweek 20Newcastle (H)
01 Jan 17:30Gameweek 21Southampton (A)

Although the West Ham fixture maybe postponed  due to Tube strikes if you saw my news catch up this morning.  Returns wise you cant argue though as has returned in 8 of his 13 matches and is the 5th top points scorer in fantasy premier league.

So its another other options are better for me

Transferred out


Being transferred out at a rate of knots after his 3 match ban which starts this week.  Hard to argue with selling someone who’s got a 3 match ban. It may depend on your selling price vs buy back price though whether as a fantasy premier league manager you want to sell.  I would sell him at £7.5m and have to buy him back at £7.9m which is not great.  However such is the rate of sales that the gap will narrow very quickly I imagine.  Its a sell for me


After 6 games with no return, an upcoming game at Liverpool, no Ruiz, a deeper position, no game in GW19 potentially due to Tube strikes plus  the form of Ba and Benteke etc its no surprise he’s been sold.   Funnily enough the underlying stats have held up prior to GW17 even with incredibly hard fixtures.  After the Liverpool game the fixtures are reasonable though.

22 Dec 17:30Gameweek 18Liverpool (A)
26 Dec 15:00Gameweek 19Southampton (H)
29 Dec 15:00Gameweek 20Swansea (H)
01 Jan 12:45Gameweek 21West Brom (A)
12 Jan 15:00Gameweek 22Wigan (H)
19 Jan 15:00Gameweek 23Man City (A

I’m a little undecided on Berba due to all the conflicting information and wanted to do an article on him but have n had the chance as yet.  i have to put him in the undecided box for now I’m afraid.


The 4th top scoring midfielder s back where we started with him.  Great shooting stats but just cant finish.  It seemed he had rid himself of this when suddenly back it all comes and its been no returns for 4 games.  Personally I’m keeping the faith for 1 reason only and thats fixtures.  Here’s the next 6

22 Dec 17:30Gameweek 18Fulham (H)
26 Dec 19:45Gameweek 19Stoke City (A)
30 Dec 16:00Gameweek 20QPR (A)
02 Jan 19:45Gameweek 21Sunderland (H)
13 Jan 13:30Gameweek 22Man Utd (A)
19 Jan 15:00Gameweek 23Norwich (H)

Apart from Stoke and Man U away they are a fairly juicy set of fixtures.  I wont be considering selling him until the Utd game away and I personally would not consider selling him before a home game against Fulham





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