Fantasy premier league game week 19 – stats analysis – forwards

Here’s the fantasy premier league underlying stats analysis for game week 19 for forwards.

  So just to recap on how the underlying game week stat analysis works now.  I’m essentially going to concentrate on the shooting stats for the all matches plus the last 6 fantasy premier league games and the last game week.  I’ll do this in a division between Strikers and Midfield in 2 posts.  This will give you a good idea of who’s got the best underlying stats in the shooting area.  Although I think these stats are very secondary to shooting, as an additional bit of info I will give the best chances  created in all matches and the last 6.  The stats are subjective with an interpretation of shots, shots  in box and accuracy

I will then look at the shooting stats for defenders.  I’m  not going to look at chances created as I think the link between that and assists is even more difficult for defenders.

Heres a few things Ive added over the last few weeks

1.  There’s starting to be enough data and variations in game time that I’m taking in to account shots and chances per minute which means there maybe some variations to last week.

2.  I’ve included the fixture ease ranking that the 6 games applies to.  This will show the context of there stats.  For example if someones 6 games included Utd, City and Arsenal being in the top 10 will be more impressive than if they played Reading Saints and Wigan.

4.  On the all matches ranking and the last 6 shooting stats list I’ve added “CC” next to their name if they’re also in the last 6 chances created top 10.  That will let you easily see if they have another string to their bow of assist potential (however unreliable  the correlation is)

I wont analyse the player implications for these stats in this article but in the “ones to watch” articles they will be an integral part


All matches

Top 10 shooting stats all matches

1.  Suarez  CC

2.  Ba

3.  RVP  CC

4.  Defoe

5.  Tevez  CC

6.  Kone  CC

7.  Jelavic

8.  Aguero  CC

9.  Giroud

10. Torres

Top 10 chances created all  matches

1.  Suarez

2.  Lambert

3.  RVP

4.  Tevez

5.   Berbatov

6.  Rooney

7.  Aguero

8.  Benteke

9.  Holt

10.  Kone

Last 6 game weeks

Top 10 shooting stats for last 6 games

1.  RVP   CC  2  fe (was 2nd in fixture ease schedule for last 6 fixtures)

2.  Suarez  CC 6 fe

3.  Ba      15  fe

4.  Tevez  CC   13 fe

5.  Kone    16 fe

6.  Aguero  CC     13  fe

7.  Cisse QPR   5 fe

8.   Rooney  CC     2  fe

9.  Torres    18  fe

10.  Defoe  CC  10  fe

Top 10 Chances created in last 6 games

1.  Suarez

2.  RVP

3.  Lambert

4.  Rooney

5.  Tevez

6.  Aguero

7.  Defoe

8.  Cisse Newc

9.  Benteke

10.  Adebayor

Game week 19

Top  shooting stats just for game week 19

1.  RVP

2.  Suarez

3.  Hernandez

4.  Aguero

5.  Anichebe

6.  Lukaku

7.  Defoe

8.  Berba

9.  Adebayor

10  Ba

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    • sorry about that. The players are ranked in order of their shooting stats ie more shots in the box more on target the higher they are ranked. Same with chances created, the more chances created the higher they are ranked. CC next to their name in the shooting stats means that they are also in the top 10 chances created table which means they have an extra dimension to their game. The fe ranking shows how hard their last 6 fixtures were so if it says 20 they probably played chelsea city etc. If they are in the top 6 shooting stats playing those games its obvioulsy a good sign.

      Hope that helps

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