fantasy premier league gameweek 12 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early thoughts on fantasy premier league gameweek 12 and the FFGeek team. We look at gameweek 11, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking



GW11 points: 45 (average 44) Overall Rank: 164k (red arrow 22k) Team Value: £102.0m

Here’s the team points:

fantasy premier lleague gameweek 12

So another disappointing week.  When 4 of your front 6 get attacking returns you think you’d be in for a good week but it was anything but.  If you play 4 at the back and get no clean sheets then it’s always going to be a rough week.

My overall rank isn’t a disaster and I’m still ahead of 7 of the 10 top managers I follow  as you can see from the linked article but I just haven’t built on a good start.  6 red arrows to 4 green arrows.  Only 3 gameweeks under 1m gameweek rank and 3.4 million last week and 2.4 million this week isn’t great

In setting up for the week I gambled with my 3 premium defenders.  Jones and Stones due to tricky fixtures and Davies as I thought he wouldn’t start but couldn’t face seeing him on the bench if I was wrong.

That left the choice between Cedric and Ward.  Obviously I made the wrong one and it’s hard to put into words how much I want Cedric out of my team.

Jesus not starting again was no real surprise and although he scored it does underly the fact that he’s second choice behind Aguero in a system that seems to favour a lone striker.

Salah, Sterling and Choupo Moting were all positives.

Lukaku and Kane were big disappointments although to be fair to Lukaku I didn’t expect much away to Chelsea.


I’ve got 2 transfers for this gameweek as I only used 1 of the 2 I had last week.


To get 1 clean sheet in a run that he was picked for of Newcastle H, WBA H, Brighton A and Burnley H is an absolute joke.  Van Dijk seems to have had little impact and Cedric can’t go soon enough


I’m still in a little bit of quandary over Davies believe it or not.  I totally believe in the Spurs defence and they’re about to get a decent run of fixtures after Arsenal in GW12

West Brom (H)
Leicester (A)
Watford (A)
Stoke (H)
Brighton (H)

So I don’t really want to abandon the Spurs defence and my sale price of Davies is £5.6m.  I could upgrade to Vertonghen if I want to keep a presence but he has zero attacking potential and although he is 5th on BPS for defenders the fact is he’s only earned 4 bonus points to date and that was after 3 at the weekend.  To put it into context Azpilicueta has earned 12 and Zabaleta of West Ham also has 4 bonus points

My instinct is definitely to sell but to what?  It’s either to Vertonghen or to a £4.5m?

Davies will still play,  just not every game.  However is that the new reality for attacking fullbacks in the Champions League?  He has great attacking potential and in that price range for the premium defenders there isn’t much.  Christensen of Chelsea is in the range but that would probably need the fall out with Luiz to last longer and even then it’s not certain.

So one to ponder but my instinct is to sell


It’s one thing to have a £5.6m defender not playing every game it’s another for a £10m plus striker who looks to be second choice in a lone striker system.

He has to go it’s just who to


I’m not planning on getting rid of Kane but that doesn’t mean that there’s any logic in having someone costing £12.7m who can’t be a captain at home to low table sides.  That just makes no sense.  The unfortunate flip side is he can get massive hauls away and will still probably win the golden boot. If you’ve got enough captain options elsewhere maybe??

If everyone dumped him and he went to Sanchez type ownership levels then it wouldn’t be an issue.  You have a load of free cash to spend and he could get whatever score however much he wanted and blank when he wanted and it would be an irrelevance.  I don’t think were there yet.

If I sound all over the place on this it’s because I am.  It needs some time to soak on it.

 He isn’t on England duty due to injury but how real that is we won’t know to the end of next week I suspect.


Firstly here’s how my team looks without any transfers for GW12:

fantasy premier league GAMEWEEK 12

So for Jesus my options are probably a cheapie, say Murray, which allows Sane into the team  or Aguero or Morata

For Davies it’s either Vertonghen or a £4.5m  ish eg Gomez or Simpson

As for Cedric it’s either a £4.5m or Daniels of Bournemouth

 Option 1

Jesus out Morata in and Cedric out and Daniels in

This would look like this

fantasy premier league gameweek 12

In case you’re wondering why Daniels when I have been so anti the Bournemouth defence.  Look at the fixtures

Huddersfield (H)
Swansea (A)
Burnley (H)
Southampton (H)
Crystal Palace (A)

It feels a little like deja vu with Cedric but I am tempted

Morata has been pretty consistent with returns and underlying stats and here’s his fixtures after GW14

Swansea (H)
Newcastle (H)
West Ham (A)
Huddersfield (A)
Southampton (H)
Everton (A)

Morata also gives another captain possibility although I’ve been through the fixtures and there are alternatives in each gameweek but Morata is an option in pretty much every game from 14 to 17

The negative for me here is the move to only 1 City attacking player

Option 2 

Jesus out for Aguero.  Davies out for Gomez and Cedric out for Simpson

If £10.5m feels alot for a player you can’t captain as you don’t know when he will start then how about £11.8m?  He is Aguero though.

Whether you need him as  a captain option when you’ve got Kane, Lukaku and Salah is another question.  At £11.8m is he value when you can’t captain him then becomes the question

fantasy premier league gameweek 12

I would need a -4 to get there in 1 go or I go.  There’s also only £0.2m in the bank on current prices

This keeps 3 City players but does mean you’ve got alot invested in Aguero when it’s going to be difficult to predict when he will start and therefore make him a captain option.

Option 3

A cheapie striker

Jesus out for say Murray and Carroll out for Sane

fantasy premier league gameweek 12

This gives 3 City players but no Chelsea player for the great run.

Option 4

This is the destroying the defence option with 5 transfers over a few weeks

fantasy premier league gameweek 12

This was the best I could do to get Sane and Morata in the team.

It requires 5 transfers and would have to be done over a few weeks by which time price changes could make it difficult.  It does remove the premium defenders apart from Jones but could end up in a 4-3-3 with Mariappa who could easily lose his place.  That’s unless Loftus Cheek becomes an option as a 4th midfielder

Vote for the best option

I thought it might be interesting for readers and myself to see who everyone thought was the best option.  It’s a little unequal to have option 4 over a few weeks but it was an illustrative way of seeing how I could achieve Sane and Morata


The one thing none of these options do is to give me the option for Richarlison who I’ve wanted but not been able to get in so that’s still in my thoughts


I’d like to see the polls but likely to be Lukaku home to Newcastle or maybe even Kane at Arsenal subject to fitness

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8 thoughts on “fantasy premier league gameweek 12 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. I think Morata and Daniels (Both of whom i have personally transferred in over the past 2 weeks) are good options. As you said Bournemouth have great fixtures coming up and did manage to keep a clean sheet on the weekend even if it was a little fortunate. Morata also is a great option, i feel like the United result could be a turning point in their season and with some good fixtures coming up i think we’ll see Morata continue to be among the goals. With option 1 you could also move stones for walker and get a more attacking defender for City? which may ease the pressure if you want to take out Jesus.


  2. You mentioned a cheapie striker option. Any thoughts on going real cheap with either Niasse (4.9m) or Calvert-Lewin (5.0m) of Everton? Would obviously free up a bunch of cash.

  3. Personally I’d go Daniels and Morata if you want to make it quick. But if you wanted to get Sane in then I’d go super cheap on the striker option ie Ayew or Niasse. As that way you’re changing Jesus and Carroll to Sane and Niasse whereas having Murray may mean you have quite a bit of money on your bench if he has a poor fixture. This way you free up 1.2m to go Davies to Azpi and then Cedric to Daniels.
    I know you hate taking hits but personally I would do Cedric, Jesus and Carroll to Daniels, Sane and Niasse this week for a -4, then I’d do Davies to Azpi either next week or week after depending on price rises.

  4. Not wishing to complicate your thinking, have you thought of going for sure game time picks who currently score highly. So rather than the uncertainty of Peps midfielders / attackers and Poch defenders go for surefired defenders such as De Gea instead of Foster and Azpilicueta for Davies. As for a cheap forward Abrahams could well get a lift from being picked for the national squad.

  5. Hi
    Did you consider 5.3m Smalling in your team, he did play fully last 5 games for MU.
    I assume you don’t want DDG which requires to many changes in your team and Elliot is doing well for 4.2 and you will not get the playing
    ( every week )defenders in that price.
    Question is,does Smalling retains his place in starting 11.

  6. Just to comment (correct really) on gw11. Choosing Cedric over Ward was the right decision even though the latter did eventually get the points. He was less likely to.

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