fantasy premier league gameweek 13 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early thoughts on fantasy premier league gameweek 13 and the FFGeek team. We look at gameweek 12, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking



GW12 points:67  (average 56) Gameweek rank 1.26m Overall Rank: 148k (green arrow 14k) Team Value: £102.5m

Here’s the team points:

fantasy premier league gw13

So a relief of a week.  I had felt like I had a really good Saturday but then saw that the green arrow was a mere 2k.  With 2 games to go and only Choupo Moting left and alot of points coming off other managers benches I feared that the red arrow could put me back in the 200k OR range.

Richarlison’s goal took me to 186k and a 200k plus OR was definitely on the cards.  Amazingly Choupo Moting came to the rescue with a goal and 3 bonus points (should have got an assist as well in my view) and I ended up with a small 14k green arrow.

 It’s still 6 red arrows to 5 green and only 3 of 12 gameweek ranks inside 1 million and despite using my wildcard no progress on my opening week rank of 133k

But as I’ve said my overall rank isn’t a disaster and I’m still ahead of 8 of the 10 top managers I follow as you can see from the linked article but I just haven’t built on a good start.

 I made the wrong call with Davies first on the bench instead of Loftus Cheek which was a bit annoying

 Probably the most pleasing bit was the 2 transfers of Morata and Daniels bought me 17 points.


I’ve got 1 transfer this week and a number of issues to sort out


So he looks to be out for between 4-6 weeks so he’s definitely leaving this week.  I’m probably looking to do the straight swap for Otamendi which at the moment I have £0.1m in the bank to do.  Away to Huddersfield is a great entry point.  The prices need to be monitored although I think Otamendi is frozen for the week and Stones is only at 43% on the way to a price drop according to the excellent site FPL statistics.   At least Man City play their UCL match tonight so if I have to go early, although I don’t think I will,  the risk is lessened somewhat.

I do believe in the Man City defence it’s just the price compared to other positions.

Otamendi points per match is 5.1

Choupo Moting in midfield is 4.8 if you only count his starts.  Gross is 5.7 having started each game

Murray as a forward only counting his starts is 6.0

I would probably say that Otamendi’s points are more sustainable and reliable going forward but the other 3 are less likely to be rotated (maybe Murray apart) and I would question whether Gross and Murray can keep up there PPM’s

 The other point is by saving the £1m I then take a big tumble in points per game possibly down to 3.5 or so by getting a £4.5m although it’s hard to say what’s real as you tend to rotate your defence after investing more in midfield.

Needs some thought but my view at the moment is Stones to Otamendi.


 With Rose left out of the squad entirely at the weekend with some speculation of a fall out with Poch it will be interesting to see who plays in the UCL tonight against Dortmund.  I suspect it will be Davies again but if it is Rose then there’s a chance Davies could play home to WBA.  Whatever the case this week he stays due to the Stones problem.  Long term he’s got to go unless there is a Rose Poch fallout and Davies is forced to play most games until the transfer window.  I guess then Rose could leave and someone else comes in.  That’s getting ahead of myself though

West Brom (H)
Leicester (A)
Watford (A)
Stoke (H)
Brighton (H)


 Jones is great value for a Man Utd defender.  He’s also the only realistic option as Valencia is way too expensive.  What’s going on with Bailly who knows as he’s only played 2 PL games in the last 6.  I’m not sure Smalling is nailed by any stretch and would only be an option if Jones is ruled out long term but no one is saying anything at the moment.  Again UCL lineup will be interesting

Unfortunately his injury record could take him into serious rotation areas over the November and December period.  What’s bizarre is that we haven’t heard anything more.  Stones is the priority this week so whatever he stays

2 Man City attackers

With Man City playing Huddersfield next and the next 3 looking like this:

Huddersfield (A)
Southampton (H)
West Ham (H)

1 Man City attacker looks light to say the least.

There’s nothing I can do about it now.  It needs one of the front 3 to be dumped and this week all Kane and Lukaku have great fixtures and Morata after GW14 has fantastic fixtures.

The only mitigation is rotation and the hope that points are spread around sufficiently to not cause too much rank damage


 Where do you start?  As I didn’t captain him at the weekend his poor performance was a relief as I thought it would impact me despite me owning him.  He was poor and just isn’t fit and whether he will play in the UCL tonight remains to be seen

At the moment I’ve got other distractions but the easiest thing to do is to jump off the sinking ship at hopefully the optimum time and if he then starts scoring big it matters little.  It becomes like Sanchez scoring big now.  It’s an irrelevance for the moment.

No Richarlison

Just another one to add to the problem solving list.

Would points deductions solve everything in 1 go?

As you probably know hits aren’t really my favourite thing and like the captain picks I generally use it as a shield rather than a sword.  I’ve taken 2 hits so far and that was to prevent an Aguero captain massacre which actually was profitable

I could take a bunch of hits to sort out all of the above but crucial to that is to get rid of 1 of Kane or Lukaku.  This week I see no point given their fixtures although City at Huddersfield is an incentive.  It’s all just a bit too full on for me to do so I’m using Stones as an excuse for passive management.


 As I said above likely to be Stones out Otamendi in but I’m still debating

 Captain thoughts

Not sure yet.  I see again that Kane looks like he will be the runaway leader.  Needs some thought.  I won’t be putting the captain poll up until Wednesday night or  first thing Thursday morning so everyone has digested the UCL information before voting.

Team lineup before transfers

Pretend Stones is Otamendi btw

fantasy premier league gameweek 13

So Loftus Cheek would come in for Jones if he’s still injured meaning I’ve little choice but to play Davies anyway especially as Carroll was dropped last week.

It’s a Friday night deadline btw

Friday 24 November 19.00 UK time

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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league gameweek 13 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. My squad is quite similar and I can relate myself to a lot off issues you having at the moment.
    I strongly considering Mustafi instead of Stones though (currently have Silva and Jesus and no Arsenal players). Exactly the same position on the field as Ota, fixture difficulty and goal threat are similar, and most importantly Mustafi is cheaper. It is crucial trying to bring in Hazard after next GM or upgrade Chupo or Gross to Richarlison. What would be your thoughts on Mustafi? Thanks

  2. Have you given any thought to Kompany Geek? I too have Stones and currently looking at a like for like replacement with either Otamendi or Kompany. I remember Kompany finished last season very strongly with a few goals and if he can keep fit i think he’s a good option at 5.8 mil.. I guess its just that, CAN he keep fit? History suggests not. I assume this is why you aren’t considering him?


  3. One question. I want to use one free transfer to get either Pogba for Tom Carrol or D Silva for Hazard? What should I do?
    Appreciate advise!
    My team: Elliot, Fabianski
    jones, davies, duffy, mee, Naugton
    Salah, D silva, Sterling, Richarlison, Carroll
    Kane, Morata, Niasse

    • As you already own Morata (And no united players) I would say move Carroll for Pogba as it looks like Niasse will get a ban for diving in the last match, so a 5 man midfield could be advantageous for you at this stage. I think Pogba makes a huge difference to United’s team and style of play, this option also allows you to keep D.Silva which is essential atm to have City coverage.


  4. Hi Geek,

    Don’t you think City’s clean sheet potential wil be largely affected by Stones injury? I know they managed to keep a clean sheet still, but Leicester could have so easily scored. Is Otamendi worth his price? Something to ponder over.

  5. I actually think that the man city defense will be better with Kompany than Stones. Given that Otamendi and Kompany will be nailed as the center back pairing, Otamendi’s fitness and goal threat are for me the deciding factor in his favor. But now that Jones has been ruled out of this weekends clash with Brighton, Is it wise to replace Jones with Smalling To get what very well may be cleansheetcpoints or even go with Christiansen in advance of Chelsea’s good fixtures after this week. Any Chelsea fans want to weigh in on Christiansen?

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