fantasy premier league gameweek 14 tips – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early FFGeek team thoughts in this fantasy premier league gameweek 14 tips article. We look at gameweek 13, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking



GW13 points:58 (average 43) Gameweek rank 424k Overall Rank: 96k (green arrow 52k) Team Value: £102.3m

Here’s the team points:

 fantasy premier league gameweek 14 tips

 Seems a bit ridiculous doing an “early” thoughts article when the gameweek opens tomorrow but I thought it might be useful for others and myself.

So it was a bit a strange gameweek where my gameweek was again rescued unexpectedly by a player in the last game.  Last week it was Choupo Moting in the Monday night game and this week it was Sterling who I was convinced after playing midweek would be on the bench.

Despite a 52k rise and my first 1m gameweek rank in 6 gameweeks I feel a little disappointed.  That’s not the green arrow as I never expected that so I’m grateful.  The disappointment was the 2 defensive players of Davies and Otamendi getting no clean sheet.  They were £1.70 and £1.75 for a clean sheet respectively so to get none with an own goal to top it off was deeply frustrating.

Getting the right captain for all the wrong reasons despite his stats was pleasing.  As was Salah again and Loftus Cheek surprisingly.  Also my reticence about Charlie Daniels and the Bournemouth defence has appeared unfounded and even if he never gets another clean sheet I’ll be pleased with the 2 so far.

I moved back to 5th in the contributors league as Alex and Joseph  or should I say “Alseph” as their teams are pretty much identical, have moved  ahead of me


I’ve got 1 transfer this week but despite the good gameweek there are a number of issues to sort out


 Not getting a clean sheet against WBA plus the fact that he will probably only play every other game and you just hope that co-incides with PL games  isn’t great.  To make it worse he hasn’t posted any decent attacking stats for 3 games either.

He does get forward well and looks good live but hard to keep him in the team when you’re go to formation is 4-3-3


Can we please have some decent information on what’s going on here? I do think he’s great value and with other options in the Man Utd team either uncertain or hideously expensive then he’s a great option.  However as time goes on and if Utd keep getting clean sheets (albeit the Brighton 1 was pretty unconvincing) him walking back into the team has to be uncertain.  However if I knew how long he was going to be out I could at least prioritise my problem solving.  However the last time I looked I don’t think the phrase “proper injury” is a medical term.


With Man City playing these 2 games next

 Southampton (H)
West Ham (H)

1 Man City attacker only in my team looks light

 However the issue of who to get isn’t straightforward.

You have to rule the 2 forwards out as it looks like Pep will play a lone striker each week.  De Bruyne to me is too expensive.  I had pencilled in Sane but the sight of him hugging the touchline for most of the game doesn’t scream goal threat.  Also for the 3rd week in a row he’s posted terrible stats.  Now there’s an element of him setting up tap ins and people not getting to them which obviously makes a big difference but his wide position means he’s failing the “TV test” for me.

So lastly there’s David Silva who I am a huge fan of.  He’s definitely becoming a bigger goal threat and will always be an assist threat but can he finish?  This season and the last 2 he’s underperformed his xG and the TV test suggests he isn’t the greatest finisher.

So I’m not really sure what to do here but I just keep thinking they are playing Southampton and West Ham at home and either game could have any score


Had a great chance with his head that was saved but still to me the game wasn’t a disaster despite the blank.  To me though he’s potentially on his way out for a cheap striker and a premium midfielder.  GW15 away to Arsenal would be ideal but I want to do it as a pair rather than transfer him out and then have £5m or so in the bank until the next gameweek.  If I make a defensive transfer this week that can’t happen without a hit and I’m reluctant to do so.

There is also some talk he could be banned for 3 games for a kick on a Brighton defender. Not charged yet I don’t believe


The idea with a cheap GK is what you don’t get in clean sheets you get back in save points.  Elliot is giving neither.  Another GK has to be added in at some stage


 Just can’t believe I haven’t been able to get him into my team


FFGeek contributor Alex Ball is far more aggressive manager than me when it comes to hits.  While I would procrastinate for days as to whether it’s the right thing, he would take an 8 point hit while having tea and toast with 1 eye on the News in the back ground and another looking after the family.  This season the hits are really paying off as he now has an OR of 42k on the back of a gameweek rank of 25k.  While I use hits as a shield he definitely uses it as a sword and is absolutely slaying whatever metaphor this demands left right and centre.

 It’s just not my way of playing unfortunately which is why the contributor articles are useful to show different strategies


 The likely transfer is either Christensen or Mustafi in for Jones or Davies.  I could also just not make a transfer in prep for 2 transfers out in GW15.  1 being Lukaku.

Chelsea have a great run and with Christensen holding off Luiz for the Liverpool match you have to back his chances of starting.  How much longevity he has is another question an this isn’t really the time for a player with a potential short shelf life.  Mustafi has more certainty and a nailed on clean sheet you would hope with Huddersfield next but not the fixtures afterwards that Chelsea have.  So some cogitation needed there

If Lukaku is banned it’s back to the drawing board.

Team lineup before transfers

Here’s how the team will look like before any transfers

fantasy premier league gameweek 14 tips

So not a disaster although it looks pretty thin if Sterling and Davies don’t play which looks likely.  Loftus Cheek is looking a pretty handy fill in at the moment.


 Not sure yet.  Morata seems the likeliest bet although I could go for Kane at Leicester.  Captain poll will go up soon.


 Tuesday 28 November 18.45 UK time.

The short deadline means a full spectrum of articles won’t be possible.  The player ranking articles which take the longest will be the sacrifice unfortunately

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league gameweek 14 tips – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hey, guys.
    My team is a mess atm.
    Elliot, Speroni.
    Maguire, Otamendi, Jones, Gomez, Ward.
    Richarlison, Choupo-Moting, Silva, Salah, Carrol.
    Kane, Morata, Jesus.
    0.4 ITB, 1FT.
    Willing to take hits.

    • It’s not really a mess. Defence is fine, midfield is fine. Maybe swap Jesus for someone with more guaranteed game time?

    • Funny how people view their teams differently.
      I have:

      Ward, Maguire, Naughton, Moreno, Daniels
      Salah, pogba, Richarlison, Gross, Choupo
      Jesus, Kane, Morata

      0.0 bank 1 free.
      Very similar but I think it looks fine.
      Saving transfer.

  2. I have

    Ddg, elliot
    Naughton, moreno, otimendi, ward, kiko
    Sane, Salah, Loftus, Carroll, richarlison
    Kane, lukaku, vardy

    Thinking I should roll the ft over for the weekend.. Want to take out lukaku for morata, but then I have no utd attacking coverage.. Carroll too isn’t doing much atm.. Kindly advice

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