Fantasy premier league gameweek 29 update

You may remember my article warning about possible postponements for fantasy premier league gameweek 29 which I’ve included a link at the bottom of the page to.    This is just confirmation before heavy transfer activity this evening that, if you already weren’t aware,  2 games have been removed from the fantasy premier league gameweek 29 fixtures.  They also don’t appear to have popped up in another gameweek.  So be wary of transfers in from those teams and for those with wildcards look forward to the possibility of further doublegameweeks. The games that have been removed from fantasy premier league gameweek 29 are

Man City v Wigan

West Ham V Man Utd

United have a European game the week before so it they wont end up in gameweek 28.  Its still possible they could be just put forward in the same gameweek so they  are effectively reinstated in to fantasy premier league gameweek 29 but that does fly in the face of the reasoning to remove them in the first place.  It still pays to be wary in my mind and I will be thinking carefully before transferring in any of the 8 teams affected as mentioned in my earlier article below (copy and paste required).

FA Cup quarter finals March 9/10 – fantasy premier league gameweek 29 potential postponements