fantasy premier league GW1 team tips – Sergio Torija outlines his GW1 fpl team


Sergio Torija finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k the season before.  He’s another of our new contributors and here he outlines his current draft team

fantasy premier league GW1 team tips – Sergio Torija outlines his GW1 fpl team

Delighted to become part of the FGeek contributors team. I am a fantasy manager that pays significant attention to fixtures, this is reflected on my initial team. I’ve set the team with the view of an early wildcard, however not fixed to the first international break (after GW4). I did this last year hoping on building team value but didn’t really pay off. This year the team is more flexible and it could easily reach the second international break (after GW8), which sees a significant turn in the fixtures for many teams that I would like take advantage of to rebuild the team.

The team is also flexible in formations, with a balanced defence, a heavy midfield and a forward line with a God (my namesake Aguero) plus two other playing strikers. As priority, I want to top up on Liverpool and City players, with attack double ups since I expect them to be the two most powerful attacks. In defence, I want to at least cover United, City and Liverpool of the top 6 teams.

Finally, for my initial selection I’ve avoided late comers from the world cup, players who are rotation risks, as well as Chelsea and Arsenal until we see how these teams set up under new managers. Let’s go into the selections:

fantasy premier league GW1 team tips


Ederson (£5.5m) takes the City defensive spot due to security of starts plus it’s cheaper value. He will be starting every week except GW1 away to Arsenal

Foster (£4.5m) is my back up keeper, who will start in GW1. I like to always have 2 starting keepers just in case.


Robertson (£6.0m) is my Liverpool defender of whom I am hoping for 4 starts, at least 2 clean sheets, plus hopefully 2 attacking returns in the opening 4 gameweeks.

Shaw (£5.0m) is my essential United defensive cover, he is the cheapest plus seems the most secured in United defence for the start of the season given late world cup returners, injury doubts, etc., who would think!

I had Cedric in my early drafts, but with him not featuring in pre-season I’ve spent the extra .5 for the other Southampton wing back in Bertrand (£5.0m).

To complete the defence, two cheapies with reasonable fixtures and who seem likely starters based on preseason in Wan-Bissaka (£4.0m) of Palace and Peltier (£4.0m) of Cardiff.


Salah (£13.0m) self-picks himself, at over 50% ownership and most of those surely captaining in early weeks, a big haul of his would put anyone in the back foot if you don’t own him.

Mane (£9.5m) is in for the Liverpool attack double up, I’ve gone him over Firmino because he is already playing in preseason while we haven’t seen Firmino yet. Also, is Mane on pens now?

Mahrez (£9.0m) will make the City attack double up with Aguero, I am hoping for a powerful start at the Etihad.

Richarlison (£6.5m) seems incredible value if he can come close to his start at Watford last season, plus Everton get good early fixtures.

Carney (£5.0m) is my fifth mid, who I expect to lineup for a few gameweeks. He is cheap, the club captain, with good numbers in past-season plus some set piece responsibility.


Aguero (£11.0m) is my main striker to start the season, he seems in top form already as shown in the Community shield, plus good fixtures, Pep talking about 3-5-2, plus a great name.

Austin (£6.0m) gets top striker stats plus usually delivers when on the pitch, however this is usually not even 50% of the gametime. Good early fixtures though.

Gray (£6.0m) is my risk choice for the third striker spot, he’s always had potential but never really delivered in the Premier League. With 3 great opening fixtures, I am trying my luck

To finish, I will share my main regret with the team, which is no Sanchez. All my drafts had him in, however things seem dark and gloom at United and he has a very hefty price. His removal from the team has upgraded 3 of the other positions in the team, which I think is a better spread of funds.

That’s it from my initial team, good luck to all Geekers in the season.

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4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW1 team tips – Sergio Torija outlines his GW1 fpl team

  1. There seems to be a lot Of love for southampton this year despite them being terrible last season and in pre-season

  2. I haven’t watched any games this pre-season to be fair, my interest is because of good fixtures, they are two established players than have consistently returned well over the years, then in Bertrand I expected an advanced role for a defender, while in Austin he has the potential to be best of the cheapie striker army

    ps: sorry for the capitals, no matter what i try, the comment comes in capitals

  3. Sergio,
    I would like to thank you for this article. It helped me to do some changes 1 day before GW1 started.

    I applied some of your recommendations and bought the following players:
    Shaw: got me a goal and 11 points
    Richarlison: scored 2 goals and 14 points

    Thanks again for your analysis and I will start following your blog 🙂

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