fantasy premier league GW1 tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW1 tips article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW1 teams. There’s Pete Allaway, Ori Gal, Harry Vernon and Alon Shamir. Between them they have 7 top 10k overall ranks in the last 3 ultra competitive seasons.

fantasy premier league GW1 tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams

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Ori Gal

Ori’s last 3 seasons have seen him finish an incredible 243rd, 6k and 4k

So after 200 different drafts, I did end up with a very template team. It included Ramsdale: Robbo, TAA, Cancelo, Walker: Salah, Martinelli, 8M, Bailey: Kane, Jesus. But then I realized that this is the same as 80% of people as well as the same as my daughter’s team (her 8M is Mount, she is a Chelsea supporter. She only started to play last year and had a very good year. I need to make sure I beat her this year!). So I decided to change it…

I am going with a somewhat less template team. Not sure it is going to work, but it will be more fun. And fun is a big part of this game for me. and It will be much more fun to have a very different team to my daughter’s :).

Choosing the right captain is incredibly important in my opinion, and when looking at fixtures I want captains from (GW1-6) Liverpool (ful) , City (BOU), Spurs/Arsenal (WOL/bou), Liverpool (BOU), Man city (NOT) , Spurs (FUL). I really don’t like transferring between premium players every week so I decided to go Threemium with Salah, Kane and Haaland. This covers all captain needs and can deliver fantastic results…

But…There are some big risks with it. The main one is that I don’t have Jesus. Yes, I am one of the 25% that won’t have him GW1. I know it can destroy my season from the start, but hear me out – At least for the first 2 games I prefer Kane’s and Haaland’s fixtures to Jesus’s. If I feel I need him for GW3 when their easy schedule starts, I will transfer him in. In addition, as he is already owned by 75%, I can’t see his price go up, and if he blanks in GW1-2, I can see it goes down.

It is a big risk, big reward strategy that is not really my style of play usually but I decided to go for it. I bought a big couch to hide behind for the first few Arsenal games :).

I ended up with 3 Liverpool and 3 City players. It was between Allison+Cancello VS Ederson+Robbo. I went for the first pair to reduce risk due to high ownership of Cancello (I feel I am taking enough risk with no Jesus…)


Alisson. See above


Alexander-Arnold and Cancelo are a given for me.

For the rest, I decided not to go with Perisic/James/Zinchenko. I am sure I will get a few of them around GW3-4, but I want to see formation (Chelsea), How nail they are (Perisic, Zinc) Walker, at 5M, provides a very well priced City defender. There is a risk of no shows, but at least for the first few games I believe he is nailed (I may bench him for the WHU game)

As I am not taking Jesus, I decided to have at least 2 Arsenal players to start with. I like their schedule from GW3 and will definitely need an Arsenal defender. While I like Zinc, Gabriel seems like the most nailed defender for Arsenal. He has some attacking potential as well and served me very well towards the end of last year.

I like the 2 home games of Leicester in the first 3 weeks. Castagne is an attacking defender I am punting on for the first few weeks of the season


Salah is a given for me.

Bailey and Martinelli are great value at 5m and 6m.

Neto/Aaronson has good fixtures to start with and I am going with one of them (will decide close to deadline)
Andreas is a 4.5m starter and will be on my bench.


Haaland and Kane. See above.
A non starting forward on the bench in Archer.

Here is my team. Good luck everyone!!!

fantasy premier league GW1 tips

Pete Allaway

Pete’s last 4 season’s overall ranks are 1k, 5k, 5k and 2k

Follow Pete on twitter here

Since making the decision last weekend to go with Robertson over Luis Diaz and switch to a 532 formation I’ve been very happy and settled with how my team looks.

The only real decision I had to make was whether to start with Kane or Haaland. I did prefer Kane due to him being proven in the league, however, I was impressed by Haaland against Liverpool in the Community Shield and have decided to start the season with him.

I’ve also removed Steele and Greenwood from my bench and replaced them with Ward, who could very likely be Leicesters first choice keeper, and Archer from Aston Villa.

Following Contes comments in Thursdays press conferences I’m now considering removing Perisic for Ruben Dias and reassessing which Spurs fullback I want in a few gameweeks time.

Unless there’s any big news coming out of Fridays press conferences I’ll not be making any other changes to my team. I’ll leave the decision whether to start with Perisic or Dias a little closer to the deadline incase any more information comes out.

Here’s my team for now.


fantasy premier league GW1 tips

Alon Shamir

Alon’s last 5 seasons OR’s are 11k, 44k, 1k, 123k, 4k and 2k

Follow Alon on twitter here

My Final Draft

I have experimented with a lot of drafts since the last one I posted here, including a GW1 BB and many different formations. But as of now I’m back to the old classic 4-4-2.

I got James for the first time this pre season, and Robertson was the one to make way unfortunately. I just decided that the bad pre season form of Chelsea could easily mean nothing and they are a solid team that I expect to start strongly. Especially with a tasty GW1 fixture vs Everton.

Perisic was replaced to Walker because of recent rumors on Conte possibly easing him in plus a difficult GW2 fixture. For now Walker is the replacement.

I also decided that Neto is not a player I really believe in and the 0.5 upgrade to Martinelly is a big deal. Since Ramsdale and Jesus are a lock for me, I had to replace Saka and Diaz stepped in to fill the gap. To be honest I prefer Robbo over him but don’t want the 5-3-2 formation.

I currently have 1m in the bank and no specific urge to use it. I like my team as it is and the extra funds might become handy in the future. Only thought I have is changing James and Diaz to Robbo and Mount, but I’m not sure it’s an upgrade. I also was very into Mahrez but got cold feet because of the Xmins factor.

Left out with a heavy heart





Players I didn’t choose but think should do very well








Salah. Should I say more? I think not.

Good luck and most importantly – enjoy!

Here’s the team

fantasy premier league GW1 tips

Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 6 seasons are 35k, 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

Follow Harry on twitter here

The penultimate day before the FPL season starts has brought some more scraps of information and also some dilemmas. I have not completely finalised my team but I am getting close. With the additional chips, I expect to WC round about GW9. It is a sprint to put points on the board early doors. The first Wildcard will allow me to rebalance my side.

Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea all have great opening fixtures. They are arguably the best 5 teams in the premier League. FPL Towers have been very kind with the price of players, so most my team will come from these 5 teams.


With Schmeichel leaving Leicester, their goalkeeper slot is available for just 4m. The question is whether it will be Ward or Iversen between the sticks.

At present, I believe Ward will get the nod.

Brighton and Leicester have a great rotation at the start of the season which makes Sanchez (4.5m) a great option.

My other candidate is Ramsdale (5m).

Out of the two, I prefer the Arsenal stopper, who picks up a lot more save points and bonus especially when the Gunners keep a clean sheet.

It all depends on whether I need to spend the extra half million elsewhere.


I like to start the season with a 442 formation. It gives great balance when we have the lowest team value. This time out I am going with the Fab 4 at the back.

I have Trent Alexander-Arnold (7.5m) Cancelo (7m) Robertson (7m) and James (6m).

These should be nailed on and can accrue points at both ends of the pitch.

I have been weighing up who is better out of Robertson and Diaz and it is a tough call. I feel the Scot is the safer option and frees up a million.


Salah (13m) does not really need any explanation. I expect him to be captain in GW1. The next 3 midfielders are all potential bargains and gambles.

Rashford (6.5m) had the biggest price drop, down from 9.5m last time. Martial has a hamstring injury and if Ronaldo leaves the club, he could get a chance in United’s attack. Their first two fixtures look promising, home to Brighton and away to Brentford, with a visit to St Mary’s in GW4 too.

Martinelli (6m) has had a great preseason. Arsenal have great fixtures. With Smith-Rowe currently injured, a few good performances and he will keep his place in Arteta’s side.

Neto (5.5m) is an enabler. Wolves have good fixtures. With Jimenez out injured he should nail down his position in their attack


I will get either Kane (11.5m) or Haaland (11.5m) for my side. Man City’s home match against Bournemouth in GW2 looks amazing and I want the Norwegian striker as my captain. If Pep confirms that he will be play I will be delighted.

Jesus (8m) is under-priced, in great form with wonderful fixtures. He is owned by nearly three quarters of all FPL managers. He is in my side.

The Bench

Keeping Ward company on the bench will be Neco Williams (4m) Andreas (4.5m) and Archer (4.5m)

Andreas is the best 4.5m mid in the game. Williams should be nailed on and likes to get forward. I don’t envisage Forest keeping many clean sheets.

Archer is just a cheap enabler.

Here’s the team as it stands

fantasy premier league GW1 tips

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