Sergio Torija with his fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team options

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Here’s Sergio Torija with his fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team options.  There’s also a poll for you to help him choose the best option.  Sergio finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k in 16/17

Sergio Torija with his fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team options

My wildcard was activated on Saturday the moment I saw the 3pm team sheets, with two of my players not on their respective lineups for the second week running (Knockaert and Gray). Before that, I was already considering the wildcard as an option, since I was looking at a triple move to bring in Hazard and Mendy. None of the players pencilled in to go out were Knockaert or Gray btw. So that, added to the many other underperforming players on the team made pretty simple the decission.

Here’s my team as of Monday morning:

fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team

Now, going into the wildcard team, I’ve got a team value of £101.9m, so I’m going to be stretched. The first picture shows the base I would ideally want to have in the team, this assumes that Hazard and Arnautovic will be available for the next game. Also, the mid-priced attackers can be taken as price brackets rather than definite individuals. This leaves £20.3m for the remaining 5 spots, so the maths won’t work here. I would need five £4.0m players. However I am a fantasy manager that likes to have 15 potential starters in the squad, so the question is where to make savings to improve the overall team strength?

fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team

At the moment, I am considering three options to make the savings. There’s a poll at the end to help me decide, and also suggestions in the comments section will be most welcomed.

Option 1: No Aguero

Aguero scored 20 points in GW2, but since then he scores 1 goal at best and gets subbed around 60 minutes. His stats keep being tremendous though, so he could score big any week.

The theory here is that with Hazard and Salah I would have the captaincy well covered, and the savings in Aguero would allow to have a very strong rest of the team. However, if finding a reliable budget striker is a challenge, finding three is close to mission impossible.

So in summary, by dropping Aguero for Murray, I get to keep Ederson, the two mid-priced mids and Ings instead of a £4.5.

fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team

Option 2: Power 3 but budget bench

This is the team that gets to keep the three of Aguero, Hazard and Salah. However this comes at the expense of team depth with all lines weakened compared to the Aguero-less team.

Ederson goes for Lossl, Wan-Bissaka stays, Richarlison/Maddison become a £4.5, and the third striker is also a £4.5.

fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team

Option 3: No Hazard

Here I would miss on Hazard, who has 3 very favourable home games in the next four. But I would substitute with D.Silva, who also has 3 nice looking home fixtures in the next four.

This way, I get to keep Richarlison and Maddison, and there is a bit of cash left in the bank that I could use to upgrade Wan-Bissaka.

Instead of D.Silva I could also bring in someone around the £7m mark and upgrade Success to Murray for a 4-3-3 formation.

fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team

Please participate in the poll and leave your comments with suggestions on how to improve these options. Here is where the comeback starts this season!

Many thanks all

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32 thoughts on “Sergio Torija with his fantasy premier league GW11 wildcard team options”

  1. option 2 but leave out maddison and have 2 decent midfield options . . barkley, capoue?? or something like that and maybe down grade lossl as second gk?

    • Barkley is one I am monitoring, he would provide a million savings, just not sure how long term he is going to be.
      Downgrade Lossl is also on the cards, since it is just a couple of games he would be starting. I generally like having 2 playing keepers just in case though.

  2. I’d go option 2 but Richarlison over Maddison and use the extra 0.2 to upgrade Lossl to Ryan or Patricio!

    • KDB is still too early for me coming from injury I think. While he is cheaper than Aguero, for his price I would want to see him starting for 3-4 consecutive games, including returns to consider

  3. Hi Sergio, option 2 is the most decent one. the problem is that you have only 10 good starters for the next few games (AWB has tough games and I don’t count Success yet), so maybe I would downgrade Maddison maybe to Barkley as a punt or Perrira and upgrade AWB TO Brighton orNewcastle defender for another decent playing starter
    Good luck

    • I agree with that and it is definitely a week point of the team. AWB just stayed for budget, but he doesn’t have a nice fixture run. If I find the cash by using someone like Barkley instead of Maddison/Richarlison, then yes most likely I would go for a Newcastle defender

    • But at £4.1m AWB is such good value to hold if you can carry him through their tricky fixtures. I’m in same position and can’t face dropping him at that price.

      • that is very true, he is real good value in a decent defence for a mid table team. I keep playing with his position though. Because at the cost of £4.5 you can find players that you can rely on for the price over the next 10 gameweeks, off the top of my head, at least Newcastle, Brighton and West Ham. However finding £4.5 attackers that can be called upon for more than 2 points over that period is more tricky. If you do find one, tell me the name please!

  4. Option 2 but downgrade Alonso to Trippier. After gw14 Spurs have incredible fixtures for almost 16 gws. Use that extra cash to upgrade ur bench a little bit. Downgrade Madison to Richarlison also gives u some cash for a decent bench and that might enable u to afford Ings as a third ST

    • From gw14-15 we will all be turning our focus to Spurs, including Kane in my case I am sure.
      For now, I’ll rather go with Alonso who is 50% owned and killing me by not having him. Also his next 4 are really good.

    • yes mate, agreed. As someone else suggested before, probably a small downgrade of Richarlison to Barkley would allow the upgrade of the 11th spot

    • Wilson has been amazing so far, that can’t be argued. His next six though see 5 games were I don’t fancy big returns from Bournemouth. If Arnautovic is healthy, I expect better returns from him than Wilson over this period, so going with that

    • Ryan is a perfectly valid option in goal. I think at the moment it is either him or Fabianski for £4.5 gollies. Being both very good, I like a little more the fixture run for West Ham, so going with Fabianski. If I do go with a 2nd player keeper, it will be one who rotates well with Fabianski, which I don’t think Ryan does unfortunately.

      Duffy a very good option as well. But again, I think he has tough matchups in the gameweeks where I am looking at playing the 5th defender

  5. Something to think about is replacing hazard with willian and upgrade rest of team. Pedro came off, hazard doubtful and willian in hot form. Another i think is doherty because of bad fixtures u can replace him with sub 4.5m def (eg kiko, cedric) play 3-4-3 or else u have imo too much money on the bench.

    • Willian in place of Hazard I’ve thought about, but he has always been bad for me in the past so I don’t trust him. About Doherty, I brought him in at £4.4 before he started scoring points, and I still rate Wolves, so probably I will keep

  6. Maddison is over priced and not a viable option at 7m in my opinion (completely unbalances the template at his price point vs returns), Yes he has the number 10 role and this disaster for Leicester could possibly turn into a massive run of determination from the players to honor his name, with easier fixtures coming up. But, with Pererya, Barkley, Brooks, Milner all decent at lower prices. It just seems wasteful. Aguero for me is still a must, his minutes were dropped due to a lot of games and an ongoing minor injury. Monitor him i say after this spurs game and he is in the perfect spot for the upgrade to Kane when the fixtures turn sweet for spurs. Aguero, Hazard, Salah or (Mane), Alonso…even considering sideways swap for mane to KDB and then kdb back to mane for next 2 weeks as city play home to southampton followed by scouse home to Fulham, are key to current template over next 5 GW’s. /Ryan/Fabianski/Duffy/Lovren/Alonso/Mendy/Trippier/Pererya/Brooks/Mane/Richarlson/Martial/Arnie/Aguero/Wilson , good luck

    • I just brought in Maddison last week as the one week punt before the wildcard. Then I thought about keeping due to his nice fixtures and set play game, but I think I still rather get Richarlison than him. Or as suggested by others and you, a cheaper player like Barkley perhaps if I really need to save the pound
      Aguero I will keep, but not ready for venturing with KDB yet

  7. Hi! I’m 19k right now. I guess you should start from the base. The base is your core players, i.e. who will captian without any doubt. Im my opinion there should be at least 2 and 3 for diversification. They right now are Salah, Hazard and Aguero. Not having one them on a good week may hurt you much, and will hurt twice more if everybody captioned him. They rest of the team is just depend on your preferences. Imho.

    • This is true, and it is where I started, that is why I considered dropping Aguero, since Salah and Hazard cover captain choice until GW15, when I would potentially start looking at Kane. But right now I am closer to having the three of them

    • With Doherty, I am happy to keep as reasoned above. But Robertson out could be an option to raise funds, this week proved that probably all in that defence can be rotated the odd game.

  8. I think Aqib hit it on the head. If you want the fire power from the big three, you have to give up at least one premium attacking defender in favor of a central defender. If you want the fire power from the big three, you have to give up at least one premium attacking defender in favor of a central defender. I would not lose Alonso or Mendy but Robertson to Lovren Seems like a reasonable play and frees up at least 1.3M.

    • Very good idea, I had not considered dropping Robertson yet, but he would indeed free up at least a million going to Lovren/TAA/Gomez. I think TAA would be my pick there

  9. What do you think about a switch from Fraser to Barkley? Bournemouth got Man United next, then will have heavy fixtures with Newcastle and Arsenal… Also, you think hazard will make it for next game week? Looking to swoop in Mane until he returns.

    • Fraser out is definitely not an urgency at this moment, but if you are on free transfers that you don’t know on who to use, then it is an option. Then Barkley, has good fixtures and has returned the last couple of weeks, but there is so much competition for that midfield spot. So worth the gamble if you have no other move to do, but might require a transfer out in few weeks down the line.

      As for Hazard, reports today seem to say he will be available for the weekend. So keep

  10. Option 2 with probably having one non-playing keeper saving 0.5m. Also, isn’t it worth considering swapping Mane for Salah. Leaves so much funds to allocate anywhere else.

    • Mane is a good option, but I would only consider for a double up in Liverpool attack. I don’t want to go without Salah at this point, I think the double digit returns are soon to come.

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