fantasy premier league GW13 – Alex Ball asks the readers to help him decide on transfers for GW13


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW13 article where FFGeek contributor Alex Ball gives some transfer options for his FPL team and asks FFGeek readers to vote for their preference.  Alex has finished 4 of the last 5 seasons in the top 0.5% of FPL managers

fantasy premier league GW13 –  Alex Ball asks the readers to help him decide on transfers for GW13

Alex’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k.  You can follow Alex on twitter here

Ok FF Geek readers, I need your help! I’m a little unsure what to do this week so I’m going to do a bit of a write up with my transfer thoughts and vote on what you think is best for my team. If you have any thoughts, please comment and I will reply to as many as I can.

GW12 points

Ok, lets start with a look back to last week; 64 points and a jump of nearly 200k up to 712k. I’m pretty happy with that as I rolled my transfer in preparation for this week and a reshape of my team. Returns at the back from Pope and Soyuncu and then from forwards Tammy Abraham and captain Vardy who continues to look excellent in a very attacking Leicester attack.

fantasy premier league GW13

View on the current team

On to this week. And the team is not looking great in my eyes. I’ve used one of my two free to free up cash with Boly to Janmaat as Boly is out longterm and Janmaat was meant to rise (although at the time of writing two days later he still hasn’t!). The defence looks good this week and I really don’t know who to bench! Triple City mids now looks unnecessary although I do feel Sterling and De Bruyne were unlucky against Liverpool and both could have had more points on a different day.

Mount still looks good although a number of options in that price bracket are offering super value; Maddison, Tielemans, Martial and Pulisic to name a few. I got on Mount late so am happy to sell. Tammy and Vardy are long term holds up front but Pukki somehow still remains and needs to go with options including going up to Jimenez or going down to a 4.3 dud in order to upgrade elsewhere.

I should also add I am happy to take a few hits to reshape. I’ve taken two hits so far this season but am always happy to take a hit if its for the long term good. I could of course make no more transfers and just go with this team and roll the transfer and play all the Man City mids again.

Option 1 – Carrying over the remaining free transfer

fantasy premier league GW13

This keeps the team as is.  I take no hits, use 2 next week and hope City thrash Chelsea.

Option 2 The balanced one

fantasy premier league GW13

This draft takes Pukki, Sterling and David Silva out Jimenez, Mane and Maddison in -8. It also leaves enough in the bank to do Digne to Robertson or Mount to Pulisic/Martial next week. My gut feel is this will be the winner of the vote and its a sensible, template team although there would be some big benching headaches!

Option 3 – All the heavy hitters plus Ings

So this is Mount, David Silva and Pukki out Hayden, Mane and Ings in -8. The exciting thing about this is it allows me to hold Sterling this week AND get Salah in for Sterling next week. I also like that it it reduces the benching headache as I can play 4 at the back in a 4-3-3.

Option 4 – All the heavy hitters plus Tielemans

So Mount, David Silva and Pukki out Tielemans, Mane and Greenwood in -8 This is similar to the last draft but is a 4-4-2. The issue with this is there isn’t quite enough in the bank to do Sterling straight to Salah so I’d either have to wait another week or take another -4 by downgrading Digne which I also don’t mind.  I also end up with a 1 point reserve in Greenwood.

The Poll

Vote for which option you think I should do


So that’s about it. There are of course combinations where I use my other free transfer to sell Dilva to Maddo, Pulisic, Martial or sell Pukki to Jimmy. If you think that’s best feel free to comment below. Having a poor season last year and not a great one this season so far knocks your confidence a bit so happy for the input.

You can follow Alex on twitter here

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