fantasy premier league GW13 tips – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers


Here’s our  fantasy premier league GW13 tips article where we analyse the teams of 10 top FPL managers. These 10 managers have not finished outside the overall rank of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons. Considering how variable the last 3 years have been this is remarkable consistency and shows an ability to adapt strategy in different seasons. It also gives you a view other than my own on strategy and player selection.  I’ve added a couple of new bits of analysis this week.

 fantasy premier league GW13 tips – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers


This season we welcome back 4 of last seasons managers who were the subject of our article. We add to that a new 6 managers. Stats of these managers are unbelievable and every bit as impressive as last season

1. The overall average finishing overall rank of the top 10 managers in the last 3 seasons is 2,963

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons (ie 30 times playing)

3. All 10 have finished in the top 1,000 in the last 3 seasons


A good week for the top 10 FPL managers. 8/10 had green arrows.

The average score of the managers in GW12 was 69 compared to the game average of 56. That’s 13 points and 23% above the game average score. High score of the 10 was 79. The low score was 52. A high spread of 27 for a fairly high scoring gameweek.

The average overall rank of the top 10 FPL managers saw an improvement to 338k compared to 459k in the last gameweek. An average rank improvement of 121k. The best overall rank is 110k and the lowest 570k.   All 10 managers have overall ranks better than 1 million. 8 better than 500k.

The average points are 668.

The average value improved from £102.0m to £102.4m

If you’re interested my score was ok at 67 with no point hits and resulted in a 16k green arrow from 164k overall rank to 148k . I had a higher score than only 2 of the managers. I’m ahead in OR terms at the moment of 8/10 of the managers. My team value is up £0.5m on the last gameweek to £102.5m. My total points is 686. You can see my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article for GW13 which I’ll be doing next.


Elliot is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Daniels, Mee and S Ward in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Jones in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Pope, Fabianski, Foster, Naughton and Alonso in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Newcastle and Burnley GK/Defs are represented 13 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Swansea GK/Defs are represented 7 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

 Bournemouth and Chelsea GK/Defs are represented 5 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Brighton, Man City and Man Utd GK/Defs are represented 4 times in the 10 FPL managers teams


Salah is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Richarlison is in 8/10 FPL managers teams

Sterling, Silva and Carroll are in 5/10 FPL managers teams

 Sane is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Choupo Moting, Loftus Cheek and Gross are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Kane is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Lukaku is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Morata, Vardy and Aguero are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Kane was the captain in 6/10 of the FPL managers team

Lukaku was the captain in 3/10 FPL managers teams

Morata was the captain in 1/10 FPL managers teams


5/10 managers played 3-4-3 this week

3/10 managers played 3-5-2

1/10 managers played 4-4-2 and 4-3-3


10/10 have now played their 1st wildcard.

None of the 10 have played their bench boost

0/10 have played their triple captain chip.

0/10 have played their free hit chip

In this round 2 managers took a 4 point deduction for an additional transfer

9/10 of the managers made a transfer.

Transfers in

Daniels was transferred in 5 times

Salah was transferred in 2 times

No one else was transferred in more than once

Transfers out

Davies was transferred out 3 times

Cedric was transferred out 2 times

No one was transferred out more than once

Man City Watch

I thought it would be useful to see how managers are dealing with Man City attackers

9/10 of the managers have 2 City attackers in their team. The other was just the 1

All possible combinations have been used.  The only combination that is used more than once is D Silva and Sterling

Team structure of the 10 managers

I won’t go into huge detail here.  You’ll see some examples coming up.

Defence – Most only have 1 premium expensive defender of around £5.5m or above .  3 teams have 2 and 1 has 3

Midfield – generally it’s split between 2 premium (above £8m) midfielders and 3 premiums.  Then cheaper around the £6m and £5m.

Forwards – Only 3 teams have 3 premium (above £10m) up front.  6 have 2 premiums and then either a mid range or a cheapie.

What seems to have gone is the 3 premium strikers and the heavily invested defence.


The celebrity manager we followed last season finished around the 20k mark so he’s not in the group this season. This season were going to focus on the manager each week who had the highest finish last season with an amazing overall rank of 15 believe it or not.

fantasy premier league GW13 tips

 A bounce back score of 71 for this manager. He was the 5th highest scorer of the 10 and his rank is 330k. An  improvement of rank of 63k from last weeks OR of 393k. His points total is 667. He’s the 5th ranked of the 10 FPL managers

It’s worth noting that this is a fairly typical structured team of the managers.  3-5-2.  2 premium strikers, 2 City midfielders although normally you’d then see Salah and Richarlison. 2 premium defenders then £4.5m ish defenders and then Pope and Elliot.


 antasy premier league GW13 tips

His score was 79

Again a fairly typical team.  2 premium strikers.  2 City midfielders plus Salah and Richarlison.  The only difference is that instead of a cheap 3rd striker he’s gone for Vardy and a light defence with no premium defenders


 fantasy premier league GW13 tips

His score was 52.  This 3 premium forwards team is in the minority.  No Richarlison and 1 City midfielder is also uncommon. Hmmm who’s team does that remind you of?

The differences here again totally blow my theories on how teams have different scores through narrow margins

Only 3 of the 11 players were the same plus 2 defenders from Burnley but different players

As I mention above, I’ve often said that differences in scores in a gameweek come down to 1 of more of the following 3 things normally:

Defence – 9 points difference despite 1 less

Captain – 16 points difference

A few attackers – Here 4 of the 7 attackers were different with a net score difference of 2

So very different teams which is unusual but 2nd consecutive week we’ve seen it


Lets look at the differences in the teams

Player 10k OR % Managers %
De Gea 60 n/a
Courtois 7 n/a
Fabiankski 5 30
Pope 5 30
Elliot 5 100
Foster n/a 30
Azpilicueta 39 n/a
Ward 27 50
Mee 23 50
Valencia 19 n/a
Davies 17 10
Stones 15 20
Jones 25 40
Otamendi 15 20
Daniels n/a 50
Naughton n/a 30
Alonso n/a 30
Salah 72 90
Sane 44 40
Silva 30 50
Richarlison 28 80
Gross 27 30
Eriksen 23 10
De Bruyne 22 n/a
Loftus Cheek n/a 30
Choupo Moting n/a 30
Sterling n/a 50
Carroll T n/a 50
Kane 47 100
lukaku 46 40
Aguero 35 30
Morata 31 30
Abraham 25 10
Firmino 15 n/a
Jesus 15 20
Vardy n/a 30

Some huge differences between the top 10 managers teams and the current top 10k.

The top 10 managers favour more than the top 10k (using more than 30% as a significant difference):

Elliot, Richarlison, Kane, Daniels, Sterling, T Carroll

The top 10k favour more than the FPL managers (using more than 30% as a significant difference):

De Gea and Azpilicueta

The top 10k average score was 65 and the 10 FPL managers average score was 69.

All this information is from the excellent site FPL discovery


 Here I’ve tried to replicate a typical structure and players within my budget of £102.5m.

The template is 2 cheap GKs, 2 premium defenders and 3 cheapies.  2 City midfielders plus Salah and Richarlison. 2 premiums and 1 cheapie striker likely to be fluid in terms of it’s formation.  However it would require a playing 3rd striker or 5th midfielder (which some have as Gross or Choupo Moting instead of Carroll) which has varied between managers

fantasy premier league GW13 tips


You may have seen my recent articles on the top 5 overall ranked FPL managers as at GW5 who I contrasted with the start made by the top 10 managers in this article. In this section we’ll continue to monitor their progress

fantasy premier league gw13 tips

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