fantasy premier league GW16 defender tips – Player rankings for Defs and GKs


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW16 defender tips article where we give our defender and GK player rankings for GW16. There’s a comprehensive table of stats and player suggestions to help you make a transfer choice

 fantasy premier league GW16 defender tips – Player rankings for Defs and GKs

If the article is a little stats heavy and long winded then there is a suggested players for GW16 transfers section at the end.

You also might want to see who the top 10 FPL managers I follow have in their team


I’ve firstly ordered the teams by what I think is their defensive strength based on this season’s stats. The stats after that are their:

fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures over a 6 gameweek spell. See our fixture ease article
best cheap secure gametime option and an attacking option so you can compare price.
even potentially cheaper player who needs further explanation which is below the schedule
GK price in as a comparison.
bookies odds for a clean sheet for GW16.
Expected goal information is from the excellent site See our underlying stats article for more expected goals information


 fantasy premier league gw16 defender tips


Here’s the schedule in it’s normal format with the additional xGA conceded home and away rankings. It maybe difficult to make out especially on a phone so if you’d rather have access to the original google spreadsheet click on the link

fantasy premier league GW16 defender tips



 The Chelsea defender offers great value but has competition for his place principally from Rudiger.  Christensen has started the last 5 though.  Will be rotated but go in with your eyes open to the risk of competition for his place

 Man Utd

If you want safe representation go for GK DeGea or Valencia who will be subject to rest rotation only.  The CBs are a difficult one to predict and until all are fit it’s difficult to say who will keep their place longer term


Only Vertonghen and the GK are safe bets here.  The full backs will be rotated as there are 4.


The full backs represent great value but Klopp will likely to a Pochettinho with them as he has 4 plus Clyne as a long term injury.  Moreno seems the best bet but he will be rotated.  Otherwise go for Mignolet


Hegazi is good value and where is the risk? you may ask given he’s started every game this season.  It’s purely to do with a new manager and the fact that Hegazi has appeared a little “accident prone” shall we say.  Dawson is a few weeks off as a possible replacement but McAuley is fit as competition


With Yedlin dropped at the weekend after a much criticised performance against Watford when Richarlison and Zeegelar totally exposed him as a defensive disaster then it’s tricky picking anyone.  The CBs need Lascelles to return to see who the preferred partner is.  Manquillo could soon face competition from Dummett who is coming back from injury.  Darlow looks to have got the GK spot but is only 2 games in


Same issue as WBA really.  Kenny offers great value and has started the last 7.  It’s just new manager risk and competition from Martina and Holgate as potential RBs.  Big Sam just replicated the previous team in his first game so things may evolve as he gets stuck into convincing everyone that they shouldn’t be allowed out of their own penalty area

C Palace

Another new manager although a few games in.  The GK Hennessey looked like he had the number 1 spot until he got injured in the warm up at the weekend. No return date at the moment so Speroni at £4.0m has the spot to himself.


Ideally you’re looking for a £4.5m defender with a team that is good at home and that’s where you plan their fixtures for.

There are 3 candidates which fit that bill albeit on limited data

Liverpool £4.7m Moreno

Burnley £4.6m Tarkowski

 C Palace £4.7m Schlupp

I would also say that Everton should improve over time with Big Sam so Kenny could make a perfect home and away rotation partner for Moreno


Here we look at finding some options for GW16 balancing defensive strength, the next fixture and fixtures ahead.  Only 2 options this week.

Chelsea – £5.4m Christensen or Alonso £6.9m see above for gametime risk

Liverpool  – £4.7m Moreno see above for gametime risk

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4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW16 defender tips – Player rankings for Defs and GKs

  1. My team
    elliot , lossl
    christensen,mustafi,otamendi,davies, gomez
    sanchez,coutinho,gross,surman, cork
    aguero,kane, quarner
    2 transfer and 0.2 in bank…
    Any advice

  2. Wow, a bit surprised at no mention of Watford, as Junior eluded to. #2 in the schedule with some great fixtures ahead of them. They haven’t been all that tight this season, but have shown some resilience recently after conceding 4 to United. Looked sharp against Spurs and I suspect they will pick up a handful of CS during this upcoming run.

    I would still tag Femenia as the one to own. The punt would be on Zeegelaar, but he’s been a bit weak defensively, as Trippier exposed him without much inside coverage that Britos brings when healthy. Kabasele is who I am looking at. Looks more nailed on that Zeegelaar in my opinion, as Holebas could see some time moving thru December. Prodl still isn’t 100% match fit and Kaboul still has no return date.

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