fantasy premier league GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early FFGeek team thoughts in this fantasy premier league GW16 article. We look at gameweek 15, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking

 fantasy premier league GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


GW15 points: 53  (average 44) Gameweek rank 1.28m Overall Rank: 120k (green arrow 22k) Team Value: £103.0m

Here’s the team points:

 fantasy premier league GW15

 So a gameweek which seemingly revolved around Hazard and your captain choice.  If you had Hazard and he was your captain choice you could have easily got 70 points especially if you were also lucky enough to have Otamendi.  If you didn’t have Hazard you could easily end up with 40 points

My team fell in between.  I have Hazard but felt with 3 Chelsea players I was exposed enough to them without a captain choice adding to it.  Unfortunately with a choice of 3 captains in Hazard, Salah and Kane I managed to pick the only 1 that blanked.  Such are the coin toss decisions that govern your ultimate rank.

Returns from 3 attacking players out of 7 which is good but if your captain or defence don’t perform then you consider yourself lucky to get a green arrow.  Which I did but only thanks to Otamendi.

So the season has seen 7 green arrows and 7 red.  It’s also seen only 4 out of 15 game weeks with a gameweek rank of under 1 million.

Still I keep coming back to the fact that my rank at this stage of the season isn’t a disaster


Just the 1 transfer to use this week and a number of issues to sort out over the coming weeks

The GKs

 Elliot was dropped again and Darlow played well I thought so this week I will definitely be bringing in a goalkeeper.  I would be surprised if Elliott lasts the week without a price drop but I think as my selling price is £4.1m anyway that shouldn’t matter.

I’ll probably go for Brighton’s Ryan despite the Liverpool drubbing but haven’t reviewed it comprehensively yet.


Spurs even with their inability to keep clean sheets have an attractive fixture in Stoke at home this week.  If Rose plays midweek that has to give Davies a good chance of playing that fixture which would be helpful until I can get round to exiting him

Choupo Moting

Blanked in his last 3 gameweeks and done absolutely nothing in all 3.  This should have been his exit point with an away game to Spurs but it won’t be happening unfortunately due to the GK situation.  It’s Burnley away after that and then there’s some good fixtures but that’s if he stays in the Stoke team.

Charlie Daniels

2 clean sheets in 4 games and no attacking returns.  That’s better than I expected to be honest.  After this week it’s 3 brutal games where he could easily be last on my FPL teams bench


Calvert Lewin has taken full advantage of Niasse’s suspension and now it seems difficult to imagine he’ll get back in the team, at least in the short term.


If you can’t captain him what is the point of him?  You may have seen my player value evaluation article which showed how poor value Kane is relatively.  Now my model isn’t perfect and if you used it strictly then you would have £6m cash in the bank.  So then you top it up to provide your captain options.  A rough way to do this is points per match.  It may surprise you that Kane is 11th in points per match which isn’t great.

There are 2 conundrums for me though.

1 leaving him last to sort out just means the money saved to improve your team isn’t being used effectively

Secondly Kane now has a blank gameweek in GW21 and a double gameweek in GW22.

Stoke (H)
Brighton (H)
Man City (A)
Burnley (A)
Southampton (H)
BGW21  None
DGW22  Swansea (A)
DGW22  West Ham (H)

It definitely needs further thought but it’s hard to not see him as must have for GW22 and depending on form and rotation risk a possible triple captain option.

BGW21 and DGW22

The double gameweek could effect transfer decisions before then.  It’s 7 gameweeks away but if for example you wanted 3 players from each team you would be starting fairly close to now depending on how many existing players you have. That would obviously be a foolish strategy as it would mean you would not be fielding a full team in BGW21.  Given that both teams have questionable form and West Ham especially very few options it may mean that not much advance planning is needed at all.

Those still holding a wildcard may want to think about keeping it through to just before BGW21 and set your team up for both gameweeks.  That depends how may players you want to have though.  With West Ham away to Spurs in the 2nd game that could negate any West Ham options which would mean just carrying over a free transfer for DGW22 could effectively give you 3 Spurs players if you already hold Harry Kane

These is just my short initial brain dump.  There will be a lot more in the future as we have time to ponder.


Here’s how the team will look like before any transfers

 fantasy premier league GW16

Assume the GK position is resolved. So actually the lineup doesn’t look too bad. Only the Man City players have tricky fixtures


Could be the same 3 player decision as last week.  Prior to recent failures at home Kane would have been the obvious choice.

After seeing how Liverpool killed West Ham on the break Hazard looks attractive .

Salah’s form also looks good against an Everton team that has struggled defensively.  However Big Sam will obviously park the bus and it’s just whether it’s too early or not for him to have had an effect.  Liverpool put 5 against a deep sitting Brighton but had the advantage of an early set piece goal

I’ve got it at the moment on Salah but the Polls could swing it for me.  I’ll be aiming to put up the FFGeek poll on Wednesday night after the UCL matches


Saturday 9th December 11.30 UK time

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

  1. Niasse – who to bring in as a replacement?
    1.3 itb. Do i ditch kane now and pick him up in a few weeks for the double gameweek. His price is dropping.

  2. If you had 3 spurs players in your team at GW21, would you not just use your free hit? Or when do you think is the best time to use this?

    • Hi mate thanks for the comments

      I think there will be a bigger blank week around GW34 which it will be more use for. This has triple captain potential if anything as I think you could use the free hit in the blank gameweek around GW34 and the bench boost in the double gameweek around 34. Kane would need to improve his form for me and with the games so close and following Xmas you’d want to be sure he wouldn’t be rested for 1 game

    • 1 DGW is the best choice for triple captain, 2 DGW is good for free hit but 3 DGW or more is good for bench boost.
      Also Swansea away and WH at home should make you to bring more attacking from Spurs, like Alli or Eriksen.

  3. I’ve been thinking of bringing Chillwell into my team as he’s only 4.3 – does anyone with more information know if he’ll be secure in the leciester back line? Same question for Kenny as they both pose excellent value IF they start week in, week out.


    • Kenny seems pretty secure to be honest, 7 starts in a row, seems well worth the value after this game week. Chilwell less so, seems to be competing with Fuchs in that position.

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