fantasy premier league GW16 team selection – the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW16 team selection article where we talk about the FFGeek team. We look at last week, transfer dilemmas, captain choice and lineup issues


GW15 points: 53  (Av 44) Total points 839 Gameweek 1.3m rank Overall rank 120k green arrow 22k team value £103.4m

 fantasy premier league GW16 team selection

 So a gameweek saved by Otamendi in the end.  3 out of the front 7 returned 2 quite healthily as well.  If your captain fails and your defence fails though it will be a red arrow which is why Otamendi was needed to rescue it even with a good front 7.

I will apologise to anyone who went Kane captain due to my selection.


So with no GK it was time to sort that out this week.

 Unfortunately I  some how lost £2m.

I thought that I had enough to get Ryan without a hit as my GK but I ended up somehow with only £4.3m for a GK if I swapped out Elliot.

That gave me the decision of whether to go for a £4.3m GK or to take a hit with Daniels being the main target given that Choupo is reserved for Richarlison and Davies should play at home to Stoke this week

The £4.3m options were Hennessey, Speroni and Adrian all of who had uncertainty attached to them either in the short or medium term.

So then that inevitably led me to take a hit as if I picked a GK that wasn’t a disaster this week I should at least get 2 points meaning the hit only cost me 2 points net.

I looked at may permutations.  I had Pickford in and Mignolet in with Dunk or Kenney at various stages.

However in the end I went for Ryan and Joe Gomez the Liverpool RB who’s £4.6m.  I would have gone for Moreno if he wasn’t an injury issue.  Gomez didn’t play at Brighton and did play against Moscow so he is a risk for this week but if he doesn’t I have Loftus Cheek to come on  v Bournemouth which is ok.  Also it should mean he plays against WBA in the midweek games

I haven’t actually done the transfers as of yet.  I’ll leave them to tomorrow.

There is a snow risk on Sunday against both derby matches according to 1 report which would put Sterling, Otamendi and Gomez at risk.  Niasse won’t play anyway.  However my bench would be Loftus Cheek and Choupo Moting for 2 of the 3 which wouldn’t be the end of the world.  So I’ll probably go through with it anyway but I’ll leave it to tomorrow and tweet it when done.

Price rises shouldn’t change anything tonight so I’ll leave it


 Davies should play given Rose played midweek so he starts for me.  In the end the choice was Gomez or Loftus Cheek for the bench and I went for Gomez.

It does mean a fairly bizarre 5-3-2 formation?


 Haven’t decided yet.  At the moment it’s on Kane.  I could go to Salah.  I’m still in a place even after last week where I’ve got enough Chelsea exposure without adding the captain risk to it but I’ll evaluate it in my captain article.

I haven’t go to that as soon as I would have liked so it will be tomorrow.

Please vote in the captain poll if you haven’t already


Here’s the team.  Remember Daniels is Gomez and Elliot is Ryan

 fantasy premier league GW16 team selection

Good luck everyone

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  1. I gather you’re not playing RLC because it clashes with Daniels? I would think RLC has a better chance of returning than Ward.

  2. How is having Krul and Ryan going to work out for you? I understand the funding issue, but you could’ve swapped Davies with Kiko in order to fund Krul to Ryan. Spurs haven’t been magnificent defensively, whereas Watford have reasonable fixtures coming up and Kiko has been returning nicely. My team is virtually the same as yours except Choupo Moting (Surman), Davies (Kiko) and Christensen (Jones). I had brought in Gomez a few weeks earlier and this week I brought Ryan in to pair up with Elliot.

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