fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice


Here’s a short form of our fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice article where we look at a number of ways of assessing the best captain pick for the gameweek. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FPL advice site polls and the FFGeek choice.


If the article’s a bit long there’s a summary at the end.


Here’s the fixtures for GW17.

 fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice

The bookies see 5 teams as favourites with the following win odds for £1 invested. It’s likely the fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice will come from one of those teams.

Chelsea £1.44 – Hazard

Liverpool £1.20 – Salah, Mane, Coutinho and Firmino

Spurs – £1.25 Kane, Alli Eriksen

Man City – £1.28  Aguero, De Bruyne, Silva, Sane, Sterling, Jesus

Man Utd – Lukaku


Here we look at one of the bookies anytime goal scoring odds. I’ve tried to only put players in who have some gametime security although that doesn’t apply for Man City. It’s the return for £1 invested. Odds are as of Saturday morning and remember they assume the player starts and don’t count assist potential.

£1.55 – Kane

£1.65 – Aguero, Jesus

£1.67 – Salah, Lukaku

£1.83 – Morata

£1.85 – Firmino

£1.91  – Coutinho, Lacazette

£1.95 – Hazard, Sanchez, Martial, Rashford

£2.05 – Sane Sterling


Thanks to everybody who voted in the FFGeek poll.

It’s also worth noting here that the FFGeek poll asks who you are going to appoint as captain to reflect the reality of the spread of captain choices. Others ask who is the best captain. Others just say captain poll and leave the question up to you.

Firstly here’s the FFGeek poll. Unfortunately it’s only been up around 24 hours so the number of votes is low

 fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice

Here’s the summary of the other main advice polls. It’s worth noting that site 1 is the site with the most traffic and it asks who is the best captain

 fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice


Blanks are where I haven’t had a team this week.

Contributor Capt Pick
Rob Reid Kane
Alex Ball Kane
FPL Word Kane
Mikael Kane
Cesspool Kane
Joe Kane
Daren Lukaku
Geek Kane

You can see their teams in the contributor teams articles part 1 and part 2


Unfortunately time is against me this week so there won’t be any analysis as usual.

The bookies favour Kane heavily with Salah not far behind

The Polls also heavily favour Kane

The contributors have mainly gone Kane

 Hard to see Kane not starting with Llorente not really the quality back up required.  Salah after being taken off when the game was in the balance you would think will start.  Salah has been the more consistent.  Kane can haul big and should have his confidence up.

Not much between the defences overall and away.  In playing the top 6 Brighton have lost 2-0 to Arsenal and 1-0 to Man Utd.  WBA lost 2-0 to Arsenal and drew 1-1 with Spurs.  WBA’s results were with Pulis so you would think they would be worse off defensively after he’s gone.


 I’m sticking with the polls and going for Kane.  Salah’s ownership questions whether it is a shield option ut the polls in this situation I would invariably follow.  Sorry for the brevity but time is tricky in these situations

Transfer in and out Polls

fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice


fantasy premier league GW17 captain choice

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