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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW17 team selection article where we talk about the FFGeek team. We look at last week, transfer dilemmas, captain choice and lineup issues


 GW16 points: 75 -4 (average 43) Gameweek rank 43k Overall Rank: 51k (green arrow 69k) Team Value: £103.2m

 fantasy premier league GW17 team selection

 So with time short I’ll leave you to look at the early FFGeek team article rather than talk about GW16


 So in despite having 5 players who could not play in Davies, Gomez, Sterling, Morata and Niasse I’ve decided to hold off my transfer and will carry it over.  It wasn’t an easy decision.

I did seriously think about Davies to Kenny as I was convinced Davies wouldn’t start.  However resident Spurs support Joe thought that for the City game in GW18 Poch would want Rose playing due to his pace and Davies lack of it.  So having even a sniff that Davies might play has made me hold off.  Joe says I do so at my own risk and this is the first time he isn’t sure who Poch will play etc etc .

I did think about changing Morata for Lukaku but would need to take a hit.  I wasn’t sure about a hit given that Lukaku has struggled for bonus and a pay back is a tricky one although I could justify it by saying at least I will have people playing.  I think my preference for a Man Utd player would be Pogba due to the price so I didn’t make that move.  If I had the funds for a straight swap I think I would have done it maybe?.  It also would have locked me out of Richarlison next week.

I didn’t want a downgrade option as that would give funds for a radical restructure and I needed more time to plan that.

If Morata is out for next week then I’ll put my thinking cap on with a bit more time to properly look forward


 I’ve played Morata in case there’s a miraculous recovery.  I’ve left Niasse last in case of a 1 pointer.  Otherwise nothing to think about.

It’s the old 5-3-2 again but it won’t be as lucky as last week.


 Kane.  See my captain choice article


 fanatsy premier league GW17 team selection

Good luck all.  I’ll need it thats for sure

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