Fantasy Premier League GW17 teams – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 2


Here’s another article where 4  FFGeek Contributors show their Fantasy Premier League GW17 teams.   There’s Harry Vernon, Rob Reid, Kev in Canada and Alex Ball

Fantasy Premier League GW17 teams – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 2

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This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

See part 1 of the FFGeek Contributors teams here

Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 4 seasons are 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW16 points: 58 on WC  (FPL average 37) Total points: 989, Overall Rank: 77k, green arrow: 44k Team Value: £102.7m

Follow Harry on twitter here

GW 16 Review

For the second week running, my defence has bailed me out with 3 clean sheets. Indeed, it could have been 4 if Charlie Taylor (1) had not gone off injured during Burnley’s clean sheet.

In addition to their clean sheets, Dallas (12) picked up an assist and 3 bonus points, Robertson (9) picked up 3 bonus points and McCarthy (9) a save point and 2 bonus points.

With Son and Kane and Dias not playing due to postponements Soucek (3) and Romeo (3) were thrown into the thick of things and to their credit picked up clean sheet points. As did Mo © (6) and Bruno (6), the latter also returning an assist.

Up top, Bamford (8) had a brace of assists and Adams (1) who only lasted 57 minutes.

All things considered, it was a good Gameweek for me and has propelled me into the top 100K for the first time this season.

My plan is to play the Free Hit chip in GW18 and then Bench Boost in GW19. Last season I was in the top 10K with one GW to play but went for an extremely risky Free Hit in a bid to win £500 for charity. It backfired spectacularly and new team scored over 20 points less than my original team and my rank doubled. This year I am playing it safe and using when I will have more players on the pitch and a guaranteed improvement. Likewise, with the Bench Boost, I will have more players playing more minutes. There is no need to over think this.

I have 12 players who are due to play twice in the DGW and just Dias, Son and Kane with one fixture. Originally, I wanted to swap Vardy for Kane in GW17 and then Rashford for Son in GW19. I was happy to have Dias playing just the once so that he is in place for Man City’s great fixtures after GW19.

As I write this, news has just broken that City will now play twice in GW19 too, which is great news for my team. The bad news is Taylor is injured. This leaves me with 3 transfers to make in 2 GWs.

Looking Forward

With the fast-moving nature of FPL this season, I am adopting a wait and see approach and will make transfers, as close as possible to the deadline. As we go to press, I am waiting for more news about Taylor’s injury and of any rescheduling of Tottenham’s fixtures.

My options are as follows:

Taylor -> Balbuena or Lowton

Kane -> Vardy

Son -> Rashford

Taylor looks favourite for the chop, as Spurs have an enticing fixture against a porous Leeds defence.


There is not a single stand out captaincy this GW. I fortunately have many of the better options. Kane, Son, Bruno, Salah or even Robertson could score big this GW.

As usual I will let you know of my decisions on Twitter.

Transfer summary:  Probably going Taylor to Balbuena and Kane (c)

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made:

fantasy premier league gw17 teams

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW16 points: 44  (FPL average 37) Total points: 974, Overall Rank: 139k, red arrow: 15k Team Value: £104.8m

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW16 Review

I’ll not talk too much about GW16 shall I?! A little bit of a bullet dodged I guess in that I only managed to get 10 players out with the 2 cancellations, lost out on 2 cleans sheets with the Taylor injury and Coufal not starting and only managed 4 returns with a Captain blank. Oh and I only had 1 player in the Leeds demolition of West Brom! Yep, a relatively mild 15k red could have been far, far worse.

Robertson was my star player this week, his 9 points versus Newcastle salvaging some pride and securing me a place in Round 1 of the FPL Cup. Bamford, Fernandes and Walker-Peters were the other returners – good work lads! Onto GW17 then with much to ponder moving forwards.

GW17 Team

1FT and £2.0m in the bank. I’ve got Taylor flagged and likely out with a hamstring injury. Cancelo is also likely to be out as he’s rumoured to be one of City’s Covid positives so I’ve got some problems.

The plus side is that 2 fixtures have now been rearranged into GW18 & 19 – looking at it, this works out ok for me as I’ve now got 3 more double gameweek players for GW19. I have considered whether I could negotiate GW18 without my Free Hit – I have 6 players + the injured Taylor and 2 Free Transfers to play with, but I think the week still looks better as a Free hit option for me with the addition of the United game enhancing the pool of players for the week somewhat and raising the points ceiling. I also suspect a number of managers will now be happier going with 8 or 9 players so that gives me a head start on them too.

So for this week, it’s about trying to negotiate through and get a team out. Priority therefore I think is to sell the injured Charlie Taylor, bringing in a replacement double gameweek player in the process who hopefully also has some game-time security this week. I’m going to wait as late as possible to make this move (probably around 3.30pm on New Years Day I reckon) to gather as much information as I can. Likely candidates to come in are: Dallas, a Man United defender or Justin. I’m favouring the latter at the moment for his good fixture this week, but I’ll see if any other news comes out before committing.

Further forward, it’ll then be Free Hit in GW18 and then in GW19 I’ll likely bring in a second playing keeper for Forster and possibly take a minus 4 to change either Son or DCL for another double gameweeker which would give me a grand total of 14 double players.

For my captain this week, it’ll be Son versus Leeds – this looks like the kind of game that might suit the South Korean.

Good Luck this week folks – a very Happy Hogmanay to you and all the best for 2021!

transfer summary:  to be confirmed.  Possible Justin in for C Taylor

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made:

fantasy premier league GW17 teams

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 6 seasons overall rank were 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW16 points: 63 on WC  (FPL average 37) Total points: 974, Overall Rank: 141k,  green arrow: 114k Team Value: £102.0m

Follow Alex on twitter here

A pleasing week post-wildcard. A score of 63 has seen rise to a season high 141K. The news around the games going into 18 and 19 loses the edge on those that had WC16, FH18, BB19 planned but I’ll carry on with this plan. My move this week was planned to be Pope to Johnstone but after their 5-0 thrashing that doesn’t feel so great. With the Villa news, I’ll likely move Pope to Martinez this week (as FH18 means I’d lose a transfer if I don’t make one) and then move Son to De Bruyne for their now DGW19. I may also move Wood/Adams to Watkins for a -4 in 19 but I’ll decide about that later.

Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!

transfer summary:  likely Pope out Martinez in

Here’s the team prior to any transfers taking place

fantasy premier league GW17 teams

Kev in Canada

Kev finished 48k last season 6k in 18/19 and 195k in 17/18 

GW16 points: 50 on WC  (FPL average 37) Total points: 949, Overall Rank: 323k,  green arrow: 48k Team Value: £102.7m

Follow Kev on twitter here

Lots to ponder now with the new MUN/BUR GW18 and MCI/AVL announcements have come out.

The Taylor injury is annoying but it is going to keep happening with so many games. This game isn’t easy. Will wait on news for a week I suppose.

If you make a transfer this week, I would focus on MUN. Wait till the deadline. Lets the 0.1’s go. They aren’t important right now. More information is more important.

If I don’t Free Hit I will probably swap Taylor to Lawton if injury news is confirmed in presser.

Transfer summary:  likely C Taylor to Lowton

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made

fantasy premier league GW17 teams

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You can also follow Joe’s  transfer planner team which finished with an overall rank of 32k last season currently in 19th place with total points of 926 and an overall rank of, 590k.

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