Fantasy premier league GW18 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll


Here’s our late fantasy premier league GW18 captain poll due to the EFL Cup matches for you to say who will be your captain this week. There are also the polls for who you are planning on transferring in and also for who you are transferring out in the gameweek.

Fantasy premier league GW18 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll

A late Poll this week due to the EFL Cup matches. There’s 3 polls. These are the normal captain and the transfer in and out polls return. Again just to remind you there is a rolling over and chips use part of the transfer poll.

Unfortunately on all 3 polls there’s only 1 vote. That makes sense on the Captain Poll. On the transfer polls I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only. Just do your primary transfer.

Add any comments below on your reasoning.

The fixtures

 fantasy premier league GW18 captain poll

The anytime goalscorer odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.37. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential. There’s some confusion over starting related to rotation at the moment so I’ve gone wider than usual

£1.53 – Aguero

£1.60 – Jesus

£1.70  – Lacazette, Aubameyang

£1.80 – Sterling

£1.85 – Hazard, Kane

£2.20 – Mkhitaryan

£2.25 – Ings, Lukaku

£2.30 – Wilson

£2.37 – Chicharito

The EFL Cup quarters gametime implications

I delayed the poll as Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea were all going to be a factor in our captain thinking so the lineups were going to be important.  Here’s some brief gametime notes.

Aubameyang played the full 90 minutes on Wednesday

Lacazette came on in the 58th minute

Kane came on in the 58th minute

Hazard came on in the 68th minute

Wilson played the 90 minutes

Aguero played 76 minutes and was subbed by Jesus

Sterling came on in the 66th minute

Leroy Sane was not in the squad

Mahrez played the 90 minutes

The polls

I have had some issues with the polls taking a while to load. Apologies if this is still the case but please be patient. Thanks for taking the time to vote.

Remember the question is who is going to be your captain?

Also I’ve continued to randomise the answers to the captain poll as I was getting some feedback that the order was influencing people.

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW18 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll”

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on below? I’m in a quandary over my 2FT:

    Patricio and TAA out
    Fabianski and Digne In

    TAA and Wilson out
    Robertson and Ings in

    My defence is weak and for this week in particular is awful.

    Patricio. Duffy, TAA, WB, Bennet, Alonso

    Any ideas?!

  2. First option looks better to me for the short to medium term at least. West Ham and Everton have very good fixtures over the festive period while Liverpool and the Saints have a few sticky ones. You could then reassess after the International break.

    Hope that helps.

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