fantasy premier league GW18 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early FFGeek team thoughts in this fantasy premier league GW18 article. We look at gameweek 17, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking



GW17 points: 38 (average 48) Gameweek rank 4.3m Overall Rank: 86k (red arrow 35k) Team Value: £103.5m

Here’s the team points:

 fantasy premier league GW18

So it was fairly depressingly predictable that my best gameweek this season would be followed by my worst.  I can’t actually ever remember getting a gameweek rank in the 4 millions.  After the gameweek finished I was sure it would be the 4th time into the top 100k and then the 4th time straight back out again.  However I just escaped that after the overall rank came at 86k

The late Morata injury threw me and I struggled to decide how that would effect my team and decided to carry over the transfer.  In the end 5 players didn’t start and Ward went off injured after 40 minutes.  In some ways it could have been worse

That drops me to 5th in the contributors league out of 15 and in the 5 team alternate FFGeek team league I move to 3rd after  the expected goals team had a great 62 to go to an OR of 29k and the Shots in the box team got a 59 to move to 36k OR.  There will be a post on these this week btw


 2 transfers this week and I have a ton of problems to sort out.  As I said 5 players didn’t start last week and 1 went off injured.  I have 4 transfers to use before a carry over of 2 for DGW22. I’m not sure at the moment who I’m going to prioritise.


Whether he stays or goes depends largely on his injury status.  If he is injured then I need to sort out who to transfer him for as I currently am not sure.


Injured and went off after 40 minutes.  I will probably have to leave him due to other concerns which isn’t great given that he’s got Brighton away next,  one of the worst attacking teams.  I would like to get a United defender Jones back despite his rotation and related injury risk seems to be the Mourinho favourite.  However you take a big ranking risk to ditch a Burnley defender s most active teams will have 1.


I gambled that Davies would play and Rose would be spared to play against Man City which I got wrong.  I also thought that his likely replacement of Kenny of Everton was unlikely to get a clean sheet.  How wrong was I.  Away to City is finally a good time to get rid of him

Choupo Moting

On the bench after blanking in his last 4 starts and produced nothing in his last 5 starts underlying stats wise. The idea was for Richarlison who is now an injury risk but at home to Huddersfield.


Didn’t come on v Newcastle and needs to go.  Calvert Lewin is the obvious choice but I could take Okazaki who has great underlying stats and just take the rotation.

 The GKs

The West Ham selection appears settled for Adrian so my thinking at the moment is to transfer him in for Krul for DGW22.


At the moment it’s looking like a West Ham GK and Kane will be my only double gameweek players but there are 3 gameweeks to be played before that for things to change.  I will carry 2 free transfers over though whatever.


It will either be Hazard or Salah I suspect.  The press conferences could be important pointers to any rotation issues.  Certainly Klopp’s words make Salah a risk.


Here’s how the team will look like before any transfers although I do have 2 which I’m not sure how to use so I’m not sure how useful the picture will be

 fantasy premier league GW18

So looks like it could potentially be a tough gameweek again.


Set your team up as is asap in case you forget or don’t have the chance due to real life or pre Xmas Friday night over indulgence.

Hope you had a good gameweek

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4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW18 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

  1. Tough game week last week has left me with a host of injury problems too.
    I also have Ward but think I will leave him be and hope he plays against Brighton .
    Anyone know if Morata will befit for the weekend or not ? Also is Moreno fit again or is he looking at a long layoff and any news on Richarldson?

  2. As to Moreno he is showing up as NoReturn Date on Physioroom dot com. I replaced him two days ago with Robertson. Others have gone for Jonjoe Kenny. Do not expect him to play this GW or next.

    Morata is unknown. I have him but will be sending him out unless Conte says he will play.

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