fantasy premier league GW20 – the bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s my take on the GW20 bandwagons and sinking ships in fantasy premier league if seeing me doing a transfer has given you an itchy trigger finger

Just to remind you that the bandwagons are the 3 most transferred in players for the game week at the time of writing the article.  The sinking ships are the 3 most transferred out players for that game week at the time of writing.

The Bandwagons



This is an easy one – BUY

The best midfielder in my view.  Consistently in the overall,  last 6 and current shooting stats as well as both chances created tables he’s a must have in my view.  As well as that Spurs have the 6th best fixtures.  I’m still getting over the shock of not buying him back in time for his hat trick after selling him when he got his hamstring injury.


After a 2 goal performance against Liverpool this is not unexpected.  5th in the season shooting stats and 6th in the last 6 shooting stats with mixed schedule and handily priced at £6.4m as well as playing in an advanced postion its not a bad play.  Only thing is after the Saints game the fixtures are just not good.

Here they are:

Sout  H
ManC  A
Chel  H
Swan  A
Wign  H
Arsn  A

Personally its an ignore for me and I would go for Nolan who has the best fixtures and is only £6.6m


Don’t get me wrong everyone should have a Stoke player in their team but £5.8m for Huth is just way too pricey for me.  Cameron may be suspended for GW20 but he’s  £1m cheaper.  Paying extra for an attacking premium is one thing but Huth has yet to register a goal or assist and hasnt fatured at all in the defensive players attacking stats to give any hint its coming.  After GW20 go for Cameron.

The Sinking Ships



Out for 2-3 weeks according to SAF.  I agree with the sale.  Use it to buy RVP.  You can always get him back with the January Wildcard.  Sell


Injury, a porous defence and the fitness of Smalling and Jones increasing rotation plus a bloated price from his early season form and monopoly on the RB position means its no surprise he’s been sold.  Phsyio room have him back this weekend though so I personally wouldn’t be selling.  His attacking instincts will give him the easier games plus Vidic returning will increase the clean sheets.  Its a hold for me.


Really a 1 game suspension and you’re selling? Unreal! HOLD




9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW20 – the bandwagons and sinking ships”

  1. Hi was going to sell Nolan & Defoe to get in Bale & Le Fonte/Di Santo its a 8pt hit I’m falling behind at the moment & getting Cpt wrong each week.
    Gibbs Cameron Gunter Rafel Davis
    Mata Mitcu Cazorla Schneiderlin Nolan
    RVP Suraez Defoe
    Got RVP in this week only

    • personally I dont see anything wrong with your team. all the teams rankings are squashed up so when you ave a bad or good week you move around alot. Nolan is away to Reading and starts good fixtures so I would try and keep him in your team. I understand the bale thing but maybe put him in after the Sunderland game as cazorla is home to newcastle otherwise go for a straght aswap if youre desperate. 8 point hits are never worth it in my mind. Rafael out for a budget defender such as o’brien would give you funds

  2. Hey. For this week is puncheon or Morrison a better midfield bet? And RVP captain? Gotta be a massive game risk? Tevez or Suarez a better bet? As per usual thank!

    • RVP will have to play as Rooney/Welbeck out
      Tevez scored hat trick away to Norwich last season so…
      Rotation risk maybe but…

      Puncheon/Morrison NO
      Why not try Kacaniklic? Good player and Ruiz is back so fancy a fulham home win against Swansea especially with Michu out.

      • Hi Mo, Im hoping tevez doesnt repeat as i just sold him. Lambert last season was far more attacking than hughton this season though so hopefully not for me.

        I like kacaniklic its just hes played in 3 of the last 7 and hasnt played more than 61 minutes in those 3 so too much of a game time risk for me

    • Hi Tommo, RVP should play in my mind with Rooney out and the team needing goals with the defence not performing. He will be my captain.

      I would probably go for morrison over puncheon. Stokes 2 suspensions do make it tempting but morrison gives you hope of a assist or a goal

      Good luck

  3. Why isn’t Baines on your list of sinking ships. Baines has been a huge fantasy fail as far as I am concerned this season. The Wigan game was his last chance saloon and I have promptly shipped him out!

    • Hi, you make a very good point in that I haven’t defined what a bandwagon and sinking ship is. The bandwagon is the 3 players with the most transfers in in that game week when the article is done and the reverse for the sinking ship in the 3 most transferred out. Baines wasn’t one of those although I agree with your points. its a good call and I will update the article to clarify

      Thanks for the comments


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