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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW23 tips article where we analyse the teams of 10 top FPL managers. These 10 managers have not finished outside the overall rank of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons. Considering how variable the last 3 years have been this is remarkable consistency and shows an ability to adapt strategy in different seasons. It also gives you a view other than my own on strategy and player selection.


If the article is too long there’s a template team for the top 10 FPL managers analysed towards the end of the article


This season we welcome back 4 of last seasons managers who were the subject of our article. We add to that a new 6 managers. Stats of these managers are unbelievable and every bit as impressive as last season

1. The overall average finishing overall rank of the top 10 managers in the last 3 seasons is 2,963

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons (ie 30 times playing)

3. All 10 have finished in the top 1,000 in the last 3 seasons


This week is the culmination of 2 weeks scores as I didn’t do an article for the last, very short,  gameweek.

A mixed week for the top 10 FPL managers. 6/10 had green arrows.

The average score of the managers in GW22 was 59 compared to the game average of 45. That’s 14 points and 31% above the game average score. High score of the 10 was 68. The low score was 49. A spread of 19 for a fairly low scoring gameweek considering it was a double.  Every manager, except 1, took at least a 4 point deduction this week for extra transfers so that does distort the position somewhat.

The average overall rank of the top 10 FPL managers saw an improvement of rank to 286k compared to 350k in the last 2 gameweeks. An average rank improvement of 64k. The best overall rank is 22k and the lowest 925k.

The average total points are 1,238

The average value improved to £104.0m

If you’re interested my score was pretty ordinary at 51 although I didn’t take any points deductions.  It resulted in no OR movement with my overall rank staying at 26k as it was in the last gameweek. I had a higher score than only 1 of the 10 managers. I’m ahead in OR terms at the moment of 9 of the 10 managers. My team value is slightly higher at £103.8m up £0.1m from the last gameweek. My total points are 1300 pts. You can see my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article for GW23.


This includes the 1 free hit team

Elliot and Jones are in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Jones is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Ogbonna is in 5/10 teams

Alonso, Kenny and Mee are in 4/10 FPL teams

Adrian, Masuaku,  Otamendi, Christensen and Dunk are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


West Ham GK/Defs are represented 11 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Newcastle GK/Defs are represented 10 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Man Utd and Chelsea are represented 8 times in the 10 managers teams.

Burnley GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Brighton GK/Defs are represented 5 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Everton GK/Defs are represented 4 times in the 10 FPL managers teams


Sterling is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Son and Arnautovic are in 8/10 FPL managers teams

Alli is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Salah is in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Richarlison is in 4/10 FPL managers teams


Kane is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Calvert Lewin is in 6 FPL teams

Aguero is in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Firmino is in 4/10 FPL teams


Kane was the captain in 10/10 of the FPL managers teams

The top 10k Overall rank captained Kane 63% and Salah 10% (provided by FPL Discovery)

The FFGeek poll was Kane 77% and Son 9%


6/10 of the FPL managers played 3-5-2

3/10 FPL managers played 3-4-3

1/10 FPL managers played 4-5-1


0/10 have now played their 2nd wildcard.

None of the 10 have played their bench boost

3/10 have played their triple captain chip.  All in this gameweek

1/10 played their free hit chip. This was in this gameweek (see below)

In this round 2 managers took a 12 point deduction for additional transfers and 2 took an 8 point hit.  3 took a 4 point hit..

10/10 of the managers made a transfer.

Transfers in

Son and Arnautovic were transferred in 7 times

Alli was transferred in 4 times

Kane was transferred in 3 times

Aguero and Adrian were transferred in twice

No one else was transferred in more than once

Transfers out

These transfers don’t include the 1 managers free hit transfers

Hazard was transferred out 5 times

Salah was transferred out 4 times

Richarlison and Morata were transferred out 3 times

Loftus Cheek was transferred out twice

No one was transferred out more than once

The Free Hit team

fantasy premier league GW23 tips

It was an interesting time to do the free hit and it resulted in a good score of 62.  Crucially it seemed that Aguero and Sterling were nailed on to play against a poor defence in Watford and also Spurs had good fixtures.  Harry Kanes illness put the triple captain chip as a doubt as well as an alternative chip use.  Personally my thoughts at the moment are to use it to fill a big FA Cup related postponement week rather than have to plan transfers in weeks ahead


The celebrity manager we followed last season finished around the 20k mark so he’s not in the group this season. This season were going to focus on the manager each week who had the highest finish last season with an amazing overall rank of 15 believe it or not. The 3 years before that his ranks were 5,529. 1, 550 and 759.  Unbelievable.

 fantasy premier league GW23 tips

A very good score of 67 for the manager  achieved with no point deductions. He was the 2nd highest scorer for the gameweek and his rank is now 199k. An improvement of rank of 55k over 2 gameweeks from 254k. His points total is 1,237. He’s the 6th ranked of the 10 FPL managers.


fantasy premier league gw23 tips

His score was 68 and takes him to 56k OR


 fantasy premier league GW23 tips

His score was 49 and takes him to 583k

Lets look at the differences

Defence – 19 points difference

Captain – 3 points positive to the lowest scoring team

1 or 2 attacking players – 5 attacking players are the same and only 3 points difference between the 3 different players.

As one of the contributors, Rob the FPL Vet says, defence is the real differential


Lets look at the differences in the 2

GKS TOP 10K 10 FPL managers
de Gea 40 n/a
Adrian 13 30
Courtois 9 n/a
Pope 7 20
Lloris 5 10
Elliot n/a 70
Otamendi 73 30
Alonso 35 40
Jones 32 70
Azpilicueta 30 10
Ogbonna 18 50
Mee 16 40
Vertonghen 13 n/a
Christensen 11 30
Masuaku n/a 30
Dunk n/a 30
Kenny n/a 40
Sterling 80 90
Salah 67 50
Son 38 80
Arnautovic 32 80
Eriksen 22 10
Coutinho 21 20
Gro? 19 10
Loftus-Cheek 17 20
Kane 75 100
Firmino 60 40
Calvert-Lewin 31 60
Aguero 17 50
Vardy 14 n/a
Morata 14 n/a
Rooney 10 n/a

The top 10k favour more than the FPL managers (using more than 30% as a significant difference):

De Gea and Otamendi

The top 10 managers favour more than the top 10k (using more than 30% as a significant difference)

Elliot, Jones, Hazard, Ogbonna, Kenny, Son HM, Arnautovic and Aguero

The top 10k average score was 53 and the 10 FPL managers average score was 59.

All this information is from the excellent site FPL discovery


This is the template team for the top 10 managers if you like

 This team is well over anyone’s budget and is just here as a player suggestion tool.  Remember these were also players put together for the double gameweek

fantasy premier league GW23 tips

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