fantasy premier league GW25 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW25 tips article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW25.  We review GW24 so far after Mondays games and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW25

fantasy premier league GW25 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW24 after Monday

GW24 points so far: 81 (FPL average 52) Total points 1,551, Overall Rank: 44k, no rank movement.  Team Value: £104.3m

I’ve used my Free Hit Chip

Here’s the points after Mondays games:

fantasy premier league GW25 tips

So no rank movement and Pope plus the 3 City players still to go.

GW25 transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.8m in the bank

Leeds and Southampton both play twice

Leeds (Wolves A) and Southampton (H)

Southampton (Chelsea H) and Leeds (A)

DGW26 and BGW29 thoughts and effect on DGW25.

You may want to read last weeks article on the FPL doubles and blanks. 

In essence a number of games have been removed from GW29 due to FA Cup quarter final clashes.  A number of those games should go into GW26 mainly because teams in European competitions may have difficulties in scheduling postponed games in any other midweek.  There are also a few other postponed fixtures from other gameweeks which need a home.

Hopefully those new fixtures will be announced this week and things will be clearer but that’s not guaranteed.

What does seem likely is that Villa v Spurs will go into GW29 and they will be the only 2 teams with doubles in GW26 and GW29.  So if you have 3 players from each of those teams to make 6  plus 3 transfers before GW29 then you have 9 players for BGW29.  The question is then around the bench boost.  If you want to use it for GW26 then you have to wildcard in GW25 as you are not allowed to use both in the same gameweek.

Depending on how many players from Leeds and Southampton you have with your DGW25 that will effect the ability to maximise your bench boost with double gameweek players although it is possible Man City v Southampton could be in GW26 which would be helpful.  You could just go Bamford from Leeds in DGW25 and then transfer him out for GW26 to have a full compliment of DGW players for DGW26.

What is obvious is that if the fixture postponements are announced then that will make things alot clearer

That is why for now I’m holding my transfer and my wildcard until the last minute and then deciding what to do.  If I don’t wildcard in GW25 I’m likely to do so in GW26 and just use the Bench Boost elsewhere.

At the moment my likely doubles players in GW26 are Martinez, Cancelo, Dias, Gundogan, Salah,  Fernandes, Son and Calvert Lewin.  That’s 8 plus 2 free transfers which makes it 10.  I’m not sure I’d wildcard in that scenario

For GW29 then I would have Coufal, Soucek/Raphina, Son, Bamford and Antonio plus 3 transfers which is 8 players which wouldn’t be the end of the world

You would then wildcard in GW30 to get your team back to some normal.

It’s worth noting that Man City could have a double in GW27 to catch up on postponed games as they have no Euro match that week.

I hope that all makes sense.  Please correct me (constructively) if I’ve got anything wrong.  I’m no expert just trying to think through things logically.

A few contributors have activated wildcards in GW25 and at the moment just capturing price rises.  I hope to get articles from them soon and other contributors


If I just concentrate on GW25 then I will probably change Soucek for Raphina.  I am £0.1m off Calvert Lewin for Ings as another possible transfer.  I’m no longer a fan of Ings but Leeds are the resurrecter of strikers with their very open style of play as we saw from Aubameyang at the weekend.  If I’m determined to wildcard GW26 I could just resolve it by removing Son but this is still a way off happening.


I’ll probably wait until Thursday to put a poll up.  That’s for anyone still thinking of a Man City captain.  I’d like to wait to Friday after Man Utd play but that’s difficult.  As usual I’ll probably go with the polls but Bamford is what it is on at the moment.


A few decisions to make.  Pope vs Martinez is an uncomfortable one.

Calvert Lewin vs Coufal vs Antonio is another

Walker Peters with a double if fit is another in the mix.

At the moment I’ve just given it my best guess

Here’s the proposed team assuming no wildcard

Assume Soucek is Raphina

Good luck for the rest of the gameweek!

fantasy premier league GW25 tips

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13 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW25 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hey Geek,

    if you had your Free Hit still available, when would you be using it in the next few weeks and what kind of team would you put together?

    • Jeez are you people seriously asking Geek to sit down and work out a nice little team for you, he is busy enough without all that to worry about!!!!!!

  2. Hello Geek,

    If you had a to pick a team this week and stick with it until the end of the season, are there a few players that you would consider to be must-haves?

    (One of the leagues that I play in doesn’t allow any further transfers after this week!)

  3. What’s the best tactic with this team? Two free transfers also. No WC or FH.
    Martinez, McCarthy
    Coufal, Targett, Dias, Stones, Lowton,
    Salah, Fernandes, Soucek, Son, Gundogan,
    DCL, Antonio, Bamford.

    How do I navigate to GW30?

  4. I have McCarthy and Martinez for goalkeepers. I stuck with McCarthy instead of Pope this week for all the doubles McCarthy has coming. I have to say, with Saints’ form, I can’t see choosing McCarthy over Martinez even for GW25. Even 4 points might be a stretch for him! I was planning Dings as well, but I can’t see that now either, even though he scored. Lots to think through!!

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