fantasy premier league GW26 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW26 tips article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW26.  We review GW25 so far after Mondays games and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW26

fantasy premier league GW26 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW25 after Sunday

GW25 points so far: 48 (FPL average 40) Total points 1,606, Overall Rank: 45k, no rank movement.  Team Value: £104.3m

I’ve used my Free Hit Chip

Here’s the points after Sundays games:

fantasy premier league GW26 tips

So a pretty nothing start with me staying on 45K overall.  I’ll presumably go back somewhat tonight with no Brighton or Palace players.  What happens on Tuesday in Leeds v Southampton probably rests on what Ings does.  Unfortunately I was £0.1m out from getting him unless I got rid of Son which at the time I didn’t want to do.  You can see more if you want in my GW25 team selection article

This is the 2nd time that I’ve made a transfer ostensibly on the basis of worries about players not being fit and all the transfer has done has kept players on the bench who scored points.  Shaw blanks after what looked like a pretty dismal United performance and it keeps Dias and Antonio on the bench.

Anyway not point in crying over spilt milk as my mum would say.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.2m in the bank

In case you’ve been living under a rock over the weekend you’ll know that all the postponed fixtures have been rearranged apart from Aston Villa v Everton which could just go into GW28 I guess.  Most have gone into GW26.  Man City v Southampton is in GW27

First of all it’s probably worth looking at the team prior to any transfers being made:

fantasy premier league GW26 tips

Not really looking like a wildcard or bench boost is it?

So 9 of the 11 players have a 2 games and with Bamford and Raphinha having an ok fixture as well.  Ignore the captaincy for the moment.

Having 9 of 11 players with 2 games hardly screams that a wildcard is necessary and Antonio and Coufal on the bench plus a Leeds defender hardly screams bench boost either.

I haven’t ruled out wildcarding but I won’t activate it early.  The last few seasons I’ve done it on the last day and I can see this happening again believe it or not if I do choose to do it.  I’ll know if I need it when I do if that makes sense) and I’m not activating it early just to make £0.3m in price rises.  I won’t activate it without an article though.

The Harry Kane conundrum

For the moment my only thoughts are focused on Harry Kane.  Spurs have the better fixtures of those teams housing the premium players as Man Utd and Liverpool both have Chelsea.  Even Leicester have a pretty solid defensive Arsenal.  City have a reasonable pair of fixtures but do you really gamble on Gundogan or Cancelo playing both games.  Dias appears 2 x 6 points at best.

Spurs have Burnley and Fulham and Kane and the Europa League has seen him given a rest.  Despite Spurs’ form and Kanes number 10 type position no player has better shots per game stats in the league and having a penalty taker as your captain in the double is a big plus.  He looks the logical captain favourite despite Spur’s form.  Maybe by fixture default but still.  I haven’t put a poll up yet but the one poll I’ve seen has Kane way ahead over Fernandes after reasonable voting numbers.

Getting him is easier said than done.  Realistically I would have to swap him for Son for a -4.  At the moment I could do that by taking Antonio out  and get Lookman but only with the exact money I have. I don’t think looking at FPL statistics that I’ll be priced out tonight but it could be close. A -4 is one thing.  A minus 4 early in the week for an injury prone player added to that, during a European week when anything could happen injury wise to other parts of my squad.  It’s enough to get you reaching for the head exploding emoji.

After Lookman there really is little choice with only Jorginho’s penalty duties at £4.7m looking anything like an attraction.  The problem is Tuchel is probably the only manager less predictable than Pep so he could easily only get the 1 game and without a penalty, even with 2 games, that’s likely to be 2 x 3 points at best.  Taking Calvert Lewin out would make things far easier but a fixture v WBA in GW26 plus another potentially in GW28 rules that out for me.

The easy way out 

I could just do Antonio for Watkins if I took the Harry Kane risk.  Watkins would give me a DGW26 and a GW29 plus a potential DGW28. The problem is that I could be priced out of that at some stage soon as well.  That sounds easy but stressful due to Kane if you can put both in the same sentence


This now has 4 fixtures with Villa v Spurs added to it.

I have 7 players (Martinez, Coufal, Dallas, Son, Raphina, Bamford, and Antonio) plus 3 transfers to get to 29 from GW27.  It’s hardly a disastrous position even if GW26 amends that somewhat.  Taking Antonio and Raphina out for Lookman and Kane would still give me 7 plus 3  for GW29. I could then use my wildcard at GW30.

So it’s a hold tight 

I’m going to watch the prices but I may end up taking the -4 tonight believe it or not.

When would I use my bench boost and triple captain?

I’m relaxed about the bench boost I’ll wait until the fixtures look good for whoever my natural boost is.

Triple captain could even be Kane this week assuming I get him in.

These are things low on my agenda as I write this though so apologies for the lack of detail here.

Captain issues

Just when you think I haven’t discussed it enough…..

I don’t trust Son with it. As I’ve said.   Fernandes and Salah have Chelsea and who knows whether Gundogan will play both games.  Kane seems the natural captain favourite and certainly that is backed up by the 1 poll I’ve seen

I’m not sure when I’m going to post the poll.  Spurs play on Wednesday and Man Utd Thursday but Spurs are up 4-1 and Man Utd 4-0 so both Kane and Fernandes could easily not play so I may put it up after this article even if it’s before the last game of the gameweek.

I’ll pontificate for a little while on that

Lineup issues

What ever is left from Leeds and West Ham will make the bench.  I’m going for Martinez I think over Pope.

Here is a possible lineup.

Assume for the moment Kane in for Antonio and Lookman in for Son

Excuse the writing I’ve put on there.  You aren’t reading the ramblings of a 5 year old who can’t use a pen yet it’s just that I haven’t really mastered the pen on the graphic with a mouse.  Hopefully you can read it though

Hope your gameweek is going well!

fantasy premier league GW26 tips

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17 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW26 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. I have similar quandary to you Geek, except 2 FT’s – wanting Kane in and having enough funds to also bolster my defence (to replace Justin – currently thinking Aina really for GW26 and 29) and whether to transfer now to beat price rises or wait till after europa game.

    What about Vardy as another option to consider? The extra million would come in handy as well?

  2. are you sure you’ve got the funds for antonio>kane and son>lookman?
    I’m sure i got Antonio and Son in the exact gameweeks as you did so our sell price should be the exact same, you’ve got 0.1m banked but it costs 0.2m to do the transfer now

  3. I think I can ride out the transfers tonight without losing it to price changes for Son to Lookman and Antonio to kane so going to leave it for tonight.

    • I’ve still got free hit to cover BGW29 so not too bothered about transferring in players with a game in GW29 so who would you consider over Lookman???
      got 5.7m in the bank, I’m thinking Pereira WBA

      • I’ll do a midfield player rankings this week which should help you decide cheers and good luck for your players tonight

  4. What do you think about TC on Harry Kane? As I watched next potential DGWs (summing up the FA cup and rest of unscheduled games), seems like the these two Spurs games are the best combo this season. With City’s two this week also, I must add, but City rotations are mindblowing (except maybe Raheem). So, what do you think, TC on Kane or maybe on Sterling this week?

    • I am definitely doing this, Triple captain Kane with Sterling vice in the unlikely event Kane picks up an injury Friday night

  5. You lot nit-picking at the geek, when you can break top 100k with no help come back and criticise, you bunch of ungrateful spoilt millennials, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

  6. @Arnie hahahaha let’s help look for your patience. Seems you lost it.
    But seriously, the only acceptable attitude is gratitude for every article that’s put out…..except for Costas. I get heart palpitations just reading on what he’s planning.

    • HA! NG you are a walking contradiction! ‘only acceptable attitude is gratitude’ so where is yours? you do not speak up for the geek you let him take all this crap from prawn sandwich eaters.

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