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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW27 forwards tips article in our player rankings series. There’s a range of stats plus commentary on each player and their next 6 fixtures. This will help you choose the best transfer for your team


First it’s important to remember that each player is ranked as a transfer target for this week. So while we generally look at fixtures form and underlying stats a player who’s away to Man City is going to be ranked lower than someone home to Huddersfield for example. If possible a transfer should have a good fixture first up.

Firstly there’s a table of stats. Then there’s a bit of brief commentary on each player and their next 6 fixtures.

This is the 4th player rankings article. There’s a defenders player rankings article, a budget midfielders article and a premium midfielder player rankings article . You may also find it interesting to see who the 10 top FPL managers I follow have and who the GW27 bandwagons are

You may also want to read my most recent blanks and double gameweeks article as that may influence your decision


Fixt Ease: The ease of the mentioned fixture range from an attacking perspective. See our GW27 fixture ease article. I’ve gone to GW31 with the fixture ease as that’s where the fixture schedule could drastically change due to the FA Cup quarter final clashes with PL matches.

Mins per FPL Pt. The amount of minutes a player takes to earn an FPL point. The shorter and obviously lower the number is the better

ATGS – the bookies anytime goalscoring odds for GW27.

xG and xA per 90 – the expected goals and assists per 90 minutes played from the better than excellent site I’ve used the forward underlying stats ranking for the top 100 midfielders in our expected goals article.  You can see last weeks results in Joseph Crilleys GW26 review

The schedule

Player Price £m Mins per Fixt Ease ATGS xG and xA 90
    FPL pt 4 games GW27£ ranking
Kane 12.8 13.2 5 1.75 3
Aguero 11.9 12.0 15 1.53 2
Firmino 9.2 14.4 9 2.15 15
Aubameyang 10.5 15.0 19 2.30 4
Lukaku 11.3 18.5 17 2.15 8
Wilson 6.0 15.7 10 2.62 17
Niasse 4.8 13.0 4 2.62 6
J Ayew 5.4 24.8 3 3.00 37
Deeney 6.3 23.0 13 2.90 32
Benteke 7.6 28.1 20 3.20 13



A good set of fixtures after the Arsenal game for the Spurs striker.  You could also argue that Arsenals away form also makes it a good fixture.  22 goals and 1 assist says it all.  Fantastic underlying stats and can really score big.  Has been inconsistent but 5 returning games in his last 7 has helped address that.

The FA Cup match v Rochdale next weekend gives him the chance to rest and if there was any miniscule chance of rotation for this match due to midweek UCL that should end it.

Arsenal (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Bournemouth (A)


5 goals and an assist in his last 5 and returned in 4 of those games.  Also fantastic underlying stats including very good creating chances stats surprisingly.  With Pep looking to win the quadruple and the number of matches that involves he could be a rotation risk this weekend.  However like Kane he also has a chance to rest with Man City away to Wigan in the FA Cup.  Some thought from Pep’s press conference that Jesus could be ready for GW28 in some form

Leicester (H)
Arsenal (A)
Chelsea (H)
Stoke (A)


2 goals and an assist in his last 5 starts making it 11 goals and 6 assists for the season.  The attraction is a good run of fixtures and the bridge he is between the £10m + FPL forwards and the cheapies.  Has a guaranteed fixture in the potential blank GW31.

Southampton (A)
West Ham (H)
Newcastle (H)
Man Utd (A)


It’s hard to think of many fixtures that could have been better than Everton at home for your debut.  What’s interesting is that he played as the lone striker with Lacazette on the bench.  That would mean chances created by Ozil and his old Dortmund mate Mkhitaryan will be mainly for him.  Has a good record v Spurs due to his pace and Spurs’s high line as you’ll see from a tweet I retweeted.

Spurs (A)
Man City (H)
Brighton (A)
Watford (H)


Lukaku has scored 12 goals and 5 assists in 23 starts plus 1 as sub.  He’s returned a goal or assist in 65% of his games.  That all sounds positive until you hear that he’s only managed 10 bonus points which is partially the reason for the fact that we have only seen 2 double figure FPL point hauls.

Newcastle (A)
Chelsea (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Liverpool (H)


Still for me probably the best of the cheapie strikers.  Has started the last 8 playing 90 minutes in 6 of them.  In that spell he’s scored 4 goals and 2 assists.  Has benefitted gametime wise from the loan out of Afobe and the injury to Defoe.  Defoe is closing in on a return though which may limit minutes.  Howe was waxing lyrical about Wilson in the press conference today so make of that what you will.

Huddersfield (A)
Newcastle (H)
Leicester (A)
Spurs (H)


Niasse has started the last 2 games after Big Sam started to talk about PL adjustment issues and difficulty holding the ball up with their record signing of Cenk Tosun.  Now the interesting thing about Niasse is that pretty much when he starts he posts good underlying stats and when on the pitch his underlying numbers are excellent.  His actual numbers when starting though are ordinary, 2 goals in his 7 starts and none in his last 4 starts.  That plus the risk that the Everton management don’t like the fact that £27m in Tosun is sitting on the bench makes him a gametime risk.  However we are talking about FPL £4.8m and some good fixtures going ahead.

Has a guaranteed fixture in the potential blank of GW31 if he can stay in the team for that long.

Crystal Palace (H)
Watford (A)
Burnley (A)
Brighton (H)

J Ayew

Jordan Ayew has started the last 7 Swansea PL games scoring on 3 occasions in that run.  He has benefited now from Bony injured for the season and from the managers criticism of Abraham.  How much Abraham did to counter that by scoring in the FA Cup remains to be seen but at £5.4m and with a good run of fixtures he remains decent bench cover

Burnley (H)
Brighton (A)
West Ham (H)
Huddersfield (A)


Rather surprisingly and unfortunately for Andre Gray owners escaped a ban for his 1 finger gesture in the Chelsea game.  Made no attempt to do it subtlety either as it was done with both hands.  He is a somewhat injury doubt but the consensus seems to be he’s likely to feature.

Started 10 games for 3 goals and 2 assists including the last 3  plus 7 as sub and seems to be the new managers first choice striker. A total aversion to bonus points though as he’s only picked up 1 and his underlying stats are pretty ordinary.  Has the advantage of penalties though.

West Ham (A)
Everton (H)
West Brom (H)
Arsenal (A)


Afetr a horrendous start the Palace striker has returned in 5 consecutive games for a goal and 4 assists.  The interesting thing is that his underlying stats have been very good, especially so in the last 5 games or so.  It’s just most of the time he looks like he couldn’t hit a barn door.  Now he does have some moderate history of that but nothing like this season.  If you believe in regression, believe in Benteke.  Unfortunately the fixtures are diabolical

Everton (A)
Spurs (H)
Man Utd (H)
Chelsea (A)

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